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12 Ways To Improve Your Home If You're On A Serious Budget

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Emre Can

As homeowners, it's natural to want to update our dwelling every now and then. But renovations — no matter how big or small — can often require dishing out plenty of cash. Fortunately, there's a glimmer of hope and it's in the form of crafty DIYers who have mastered the art of improving their homes affordably. And lucky for us, we can learn from their clever ways. Below you'll find some of the best hacks for revamping your home on a limited budget.


Repurposed Pallet Wall

Just A Girl

Why create an accent wall crafted entirely of repurposed pallet boards? Well, the answer's quite simple — it's dirt cheap. So much so that many DIYers are able to snag pallets for free. And that's exactly what Chris of design and lifestyle blog, Just A Girl, was able to do. After bringing the pallets home, she disassembled them and then got to work creating her accent wall. 


Paint Your Floor Tiles

Remington Avenue

Ripping up your existing tiles and installing new ones are costly for both your wallet and time. Instead, give any tiled room of your home a simple, yet effective update with paint. For more intricate designs, a stencil may be needed, but the result is completely transformative. Just take a look at the entire makeover by Remington Avenue.


Board and Batten Wall

Board and Batten Wall
Holly Grace

Want to zest up a plain entryway into a stunning foyer complete with board and batten walls? But wait, there's a kicker — you have to complete the project with a budget of $17. Sounds pretty impossible, right? Well, not for one nifty DIYer, who did just that using only MDF boards and paint. Don't believe us? Check out her entire step-by-step tutorial.


Give your Shower Fixtures an Update with Spray Paint

Bless'er House

If they ain’t broken, don’t fix ‘em has never rung more true. But, hey, a spritz of spray paint never hurt anybody! The difference paint makes in completely transforming this shower (without the need for replumbing!) is so impressive. Take a look on Bless'er House!


Revamped Doorknobs

Thrifty Decor Chic

Here's another super simple and extremely budget-friendly DIY to update doors — both inside and out — using, you guessed it, spray paint! 


Fireplace Makeover

Jen Gilday
Jen Gilday Interiors

Since we're in the spray-painting spirit, feast your eyes upon another cheap hack using only a can of high heat spray paint that you can buy for as little as $5. You read that right, five bucks! Finally, you'll be able to give your fireplace that update it's always needed without even coming close to breaking the bank. 


Updated Staircase with Runner

Young House Love

Let's face it, when we're so focused on updating just about everything in our homes, we can sometimes forget that our stairs need some love too. The DIY couple of Young House Love prove just how simple revamping a staircase can be. With a fresh coat of paint and a brand new runner, the pair was able to completely transform their stairs for $283.


DIY Shaker Style Door

DIY Shaker Door
Jennifer Squires

A quick and super affordable way to update your entire home is by modernizing your doors. Using only plywood and white paint, you can transform a plain solid door into an ultra-chic shaker style. You won't believe how much contrast such a simple fix can make, check it out on Jennifer Squires Productions.


Faux Shiplap Backsplash

Sarah Lemp
All Things With Purpose

Who would’ve thought you could create faux shiplap out of vinyl flooring painted white? We sure didn’t! But fortunately, Sarah Lemp of All Things Repurposed did. She was able to create what looks like an entirely new kitchen with a $20 box of vinyl flooring, faux marble countertops, and a fresh coat of paint on her upper and lower cabinets. Take a gander through her complete makeover.


 Subtle Vanity Makeover

Jill Nystul
One Good Thing

Replacing your bathroom vanity may be way out of your home reno budget, we get it! But that doesn't mean you can't still give your sink an affordable facelift. By simply updating the hardware and giving the cabinet doors a refresh with paint makes all the difference. See for yourself on One Good Thing.


Mailbox Refurbish

Don't Disturb this Groove

A new stained post, coat of spray paint, and some greenery were all it took to bring this sad mailbox back to life. 


 Lamp Shade Turned Pendant Lighting

Grey House Harbor

Updating your lighting fixtures can completely alter the look of your space. Take it from Hayley of Grey House Harbor who replaced her flush-mount light with a shade pendant she DIYed for $39. The new light made all the difference in her daughter's bedroom. Venture through her step-by-step process here.