a water spigot connected to the exterior wall

Water Spigot

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Jeff Butler

Having the ability to access water on the outside of your home is almost a necessity if you want to keep your garden well hydrated. One of the first things we do when spring hits is get out the old garden hose and connect it to the… faucet? Spout? Sillcock? Water spigot? Hose bib? Call it what you will, it’s the tap on the outside of your house that you connect your garden hose to, and it can come in all shapes and sizes.


The term water spigot, also often called a hose bib, typically refers to an outdoor water faucet or spout. These useful little sources of water are usually found attached to an exterior wall on the side of the house but can be located in other areas, as well. A water spigot can go by many names, including garden spigot, sillcock, or water tap. However, it is sometimes improperly called a water spicket. Regardless of its name, it is designed to open and close with the turn of a handle to allow or prevent the flow of water. They are typically made from brass or galvanized steel and usually have threaded nozzles for garden hose attachments.

What Causes A Water Spigot To Leak?

Having to repair or replace an outdoor water spigot is more common than you probably think, especially in areas with big shifts in weather. That being said, outdoor faucet repair is usually quite simple, requiring little more than adjusting or replacing seals and screws. But, if the problem is serious enough, you may need to know how to replace your whole hose bib:

  • If you’ve got an outdoor faucet that’s leaking, start by checking for any loose nuts or screws. Then replace any washers or seals that may be worn. If it’s still leaking, you may need to go one step further and replace it.
  • If it’s time to replace your outdoor faucet, you should start by purchasing a frost proof faucet to prevent further problems down the road. Make sure you shut off the main water supply and drain the water before you start switching it over. Remove the old hose bib and replace it with the new one.