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7 Wall Painting Ideas For Living Rooms

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When looking for ideas for your next living room painting project, it isn't enough to look for color inspiration. You also have to think about how you want that color to go on your wall.

You could play it safe with a flat accent wall, or a striped border here and there. Or, you could really think outside of the box, and find ways to add lots of texture or detail to your home's walls.

There are all sorts of different techniques to try. If you think that adding a little bit more intrigue to your space is the way to go, then this list of wall painting ideas for living rooms is totally for you.


Floral Stencil Wall Painting For The Living Room

Believe it or not, there are rollers that you can buy that apply stencil-like designs. Just like a regular paint roller, they take paint and apply it to the wall, but an additional roller is included that has raised designs on it that transfer to the wall.

The basic roller keeps applying paint to the other, so it sort of acts like one big rolling stamp. This is a really good way to get that wallpaper effect without the tedium that is trying to apply wallpaper.

And depending on what kind of stencil you use, it would look good as an accent wall, or even in the entire room. It would also be a great way to some color to your living room without having to commit to solid colors.


Geometric Shapes Painted On Living Room Walls With Tape

There are a lot of things you can do with some simple painter's tape. You can make stripes, checkers, squares, or literally any geometric shape you can think of.

The triangles painted on this geometric accent wall make excellent use of tape, since it would be nearly impossible to get such straight lines otherwise. Plus, mixing and matching complimentary colors like this creates a lot of depth.

From certain angles, the triangles could almost look like they're creating 3D prism shapes coming out of the wall, and that's honestly such a cool effect. This is definitely a great idea for someone who isn't afraid to get a little quirky, or who loves to play with different wall painting ideas for their living room.


Brush Stroke Textured Living Room Painted Wall

The texture on this painted wall is so cool. The subtle marks on the wall show that this was created using a paint brush, and probably by using a bunch of different green, gray, and purple tones together.

The end result is this sort of abstract, watercolor effect that looks amazing. It has a little bit of texture to it as well, but it's nothing that looks overly busy or out of place alongside the color scheme.

This kind of project may take some patience and a little bit of practice, but the end result is something truly creative. This would look amazing in a living room as an accent wall, or if you're daring and patient enough, as the main motif throughout the room.


Living Room Wall With Faux Textured Gold Sponge Finish

When people talk about faux texture on painted walls, the most obvious thing that probably comes to mind is sponges. It's true; sponges can be used to create so many different effects on walls. They're are kind of like the DIY enthusiast's secret weapon, since they can be used for so many different things. 

On this wall, the sponge is being used to sparingly apply a shimmery gold paint to the wall, giving it a crackled effect.

Though most of the time, cracks in the wall aren't a good sign, we can't help but admit that they look perfect in gold. And they would look great in a living room as an accent wall, too.


Creative Faux Textured Living Room Wall Using Plastic Wrap And Paint

Another really cool way to add texture to your walls is by using plastic wrap. This one seems a little bit out of the box, but bear with us. Since plastic wrap has a habit of crinkling up and clinging to itself, it's actually really great for creating texture.

When you apply plastic wrap to a freshly painted wall, the different crinkles and folds in the wrap will lift paint in some places and push it in others. When you take the wrap off the wall, what you're left with are cool, abstract lines that create a lot of texture.

Like any faux texture idea, this would look great as an accent wall or even around the whole room if you really wanted that.


DIY Faux Living Room Painting Texture Using A Cloth

Using a cloth is another really neat way to add texture to your wall. You'll definitely want to start with a clean cloth here. Cutting up an old t-shirt is a great option, since it won't leave lint in the paint, and you won't miss it after you're done.

The idea is to bunch the rag up, and then move it around along a freshly painted wall. Like the plastic wrap technique, this one relies on the different folds that naturally appear on the cloth when it's bunched.

The texture on the wall will be less subtle than with other wall painting ideas for living rooms, so it would make for a great accent wall.


Faux Wood Paint Texture On A Living Room Wall

Wooden wall planks? Those are a thing of the past. Painting your walls to look like they have wooden planks on them? Definitely a thing of the future.

This technique involves using a dry artist paintbrush — that is, the kind that you use for painting canvases, not walls — and just dry-brushing a darker color over the one already on your wall. It helps if the colors you're using colors that resemble wood, like warm brown tones or light grays.

But you could do this with any color. It doesn't have to resemble wood. A pattern like this would work as an accent wall in a living room, but you could probably get away with using this technique on every wall as well.