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12 Victorian Style Living Room Ideas

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Jennifer Latuperisa-Andresen

Queen Victoria made a lasting impression on style and design. So much so that we’re still drooling over Victorian style, especially in our common spaces.

The style has a sense of luxury and opulence that’s missing from today’s fast and furious lifestyle. Whether you'd like to put a modern spin on this most traditional of traditional styles or only add true antiques to your living room, we’ve got Victorian living room ideas worthy of royal favor. 


Victorian Seating Ideas

EVG Culture

It’s the nooks and crannies of the living room that give it character. This beautiful wingback chair turns an empty corner into a reading nook.

Each piece brings a distinct character, which makes it feel like you’ve stepped into another era. Everything from chair fabric to the lampshade's shape help set the tone in a Victorian living room. 


What Is Victorian Interior Design?

Colonel Robert J. Milligan House Parlor, 1854-1856 - CC-BY-3.0
Brooklyn Museum

If you want an interior design inspired by the real deal, look no further than this opulent parlor. Can’t you imagine well-dressed lords and ladies gathered around for an evening of genteel discussion?

The Industrial Revolution made the mass production of home goods achievable and so Victorians loved their stuff. The more ornate, the better. Brightly patterned wallpaper and textiles, carved and gilded woods, they loved to show them all off at once.


Victorian Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Clay Banks

You don’t need a grand ballroom to add a Victorian touch. Think Victorian cottage style to make your small parlor feel cozy. Two accent chairs with beautiful woods and natural fabrics offer an inviting place to relax and read.

Don’t forget the power of framed artwork. Any room can take on a Victorian flair with ornate frames in different shapes and sizes. 


Sofas For The Victorian Living Room

As one of the largest furniture pieces in the living room, the sofa makes a big impact on the look and feel of the space. This sofa isn’t one to be ignored, making it an excellent statement piece in a Victorian-style home.

Curves, carvings, and elaborate tufting are all Victorian couch features. Your choice of textile is important too.


Victorian-Style Living Room Vs French Country

Jennifer Latuperisa-Andresen

Sometimes the line between Victorian and French Country get blurry in the interior design world.. This living room’s neutral color palette and soft florals lean toward the latter, but the ornate mirrors and furniture design helps bring back inspiration from the Victorian period.

Neutral palettes give Victorian-style modern sensibilities and help it blend with pieces not of the time period. 


Accessories For The Victorian Parlor


Yes, the Victorian style is ornate with bold patterns and colors. However, Victorian accessories can give that sophisticated feel without the clutter of a full-on Victorian parlor.

A mirror, easel, or dress form hints at the style for a subtle touch of the past. A neutral color palette can also keep the look clean and fresh for the modern era. 


Pink Victorian Living Room

Give the living space a feminine, romantic feel with a few pink furniture or accessory pieces. The Victorians filled their homes with dark, bold colors, but a sprinkle of pink keeps the room from feeling too heavy.

A pink wingback chair, settee, or lampshade rings true to the era and gives the room a cottage look. 


Patterned Victorian Living Room Ideas


Bold patterns kept common rooms lively in the dark days of winter. If you want the true Victorian experience, your own living space will be a mix of patterns in different scales and designs.

Don’t be afraid to mix large wallpaper patterns with contrasting rugs, drapes, and pillows. Stripes and florals mixed with a few solids (to give your eyes a rest) makes a space anything but boring.


Mix And Match Victorian Living Room


The Victorian style easily mixes and matches with other design styles. The floral sofa in this living room hints at Victorian design yet blends well with the otherwise traditional styling.

The curvy floral couch gets balanced with the more masculine accent chairs for the right mix of hard and soft. It’s an excellent example of how to incorporate the Victorian style into different home and design aesthetics. 


Dark And Moody Victorian Living Room Ideas

Sand Atkinson

The smart use of dark walls and light furniture builds contrast and moodiness into this living space. The Victorians weren’t afraid of dark colors, and this room takes that design aspect to the extreme.

Yet the dark walls get balanced with modern Victorian furniture for a moody living room that’s perfect for reading and relaxing on a cold evening. 


Side Tables For The Victorian Living Room

Polina Kovaleva

Use side tables to support the Victorian look and add functionality to the room. The distressed colors and relief work of this side table bring character to the living room.

Pieces with a distinct style get bonus points when they add storage and display space, too. 


Victorian Style With Distressed Pieces

Polina Kovaleva

The Victorians themselves may not have wanted distressed furniture, but if you’re going for aged authenticity, distressed pieces bring it.

Whether you get an antique that’s naturally distressed or update an old piece and distress it yourself, you’ll get a more casual Victorian feel that’s ideal for a modern take on the style.


Victorian Style Living Room With Contrast

When light and dark come together in the right mix, they sing. Well, as much as a design style can sing, that is.

This room leans more toward modern, but the beautifully ornate details gives a nod to the Victorian style. The mix of crisp whites and dark shelving brings a contrast of which Queen Victoria herself would probably approve. 


Modern Victorian Living Room


Alone, these pieces don’t necessarily say Victorian. It’s the combination of the Bridgewater sofa in a deep shade of purple, the ornate frames, and printed accent chairs that blend into a modern twist on the Victorian style.

The deep jewel tones, mix of prints, and mix and match gold frames could all be at home in a Victorian house. Yet, they create a sophistication of a forgotten era while accentuating the modern home. 


Another Modern Take On The Victorian Style Living Room

Charlotte May

Rich jewel tones in luxurious velvet elevate this living from functional to fabulous. This living room definitely fits with a modern aesthetic, but it pulls inspiration from the deep mix of colors that started in the Victorian era.

It goes to show that the Victorian living room style fits with today’s trend of blending two or three styles in a single space.