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29 Unique Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

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Roman Mager

Most of us have faced the challenge of dealing with space limitations at home. Small spaces can cause a lot of grief for many people. But because of these challenges, we are forced to organize better and develop smarter storage solutions.

Whether you're organizing the kitchen, laundry room or bedroom, we are sure you will find this list of small storage solutions a breath of fresh air.

Some of these storage ideas are straightforward and easy to accomplish, while others may take a bit more of a crafty hand.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember that every little nook or cranny can serve a purpose!


Metal Basket Wall Shelf

To start our list of unique storage ideas, repurposing metal baskets into floating wall shelves is practical and easy.

Simply fasten the basket to the wall, and you have instant modern, yet rustic storage space!


DIY Phone And Charger Holder

This is brilliant. Taking plastic toiletry bottles and repurposing them for storage is good for clearing clutter in our homes and on the planet! All while taking up none of the real estate a tabletop charging station would.

The phone and charger holder really comes to life with a quick paint job using a decorative stencil pattern.


DIY Bath Products Storage

Thinking about getting rid of an older dresser? There still may be ways to get some more life out of it yet!

With a coat of paint and some casters underneath, dresser drawers make for a charming and unique way to store things under the bed.


DIY Scarf Hanger

A wooden clothes hanger and shower curtain rings can become the ideal way to stash your scarves.

Unique storage ideas for small spaces like this are all about serving a specific purpose. That purpose, in this case, happens to be a better way to store your scarves!


DIY Circular Wall Shelves

Circular floating shelves can make a space feel modern, trendy, and truly one-of-a-kind.

They're great for storage, and they're even easy to make yourself. Use old buckets, plastic containers, or even piping. Then paint them to match your decor.


Bathroom Shelving Storage

For many of us, bathrooms can be a challenging space to decorate, especially when it comes to storage solutions.

Try mounting a towel bar underneath a floating shelf for a multipurpose, space-saving storage option. It looks great, and it's a perfect home for your towels!


Multifunctional Storage Solution

This may look like a regular cabinet at first glance, but it's far from ordinary. In fact, it's a wonderful and unique storage idea for small spaces.

The darker wood flips up into a table for eating or a desk to get some work done. Then after a delicious meal or a productive day, fold the table down and reveal the hidden murphy-style bed for some relaxation time!


Narrow Pantry Shelving

The kitchen is commonly the area where we often say to ourselves, 'we need more space!'

Perhaps we just need to better utilize the space we do have. A narrow pantry in the gap beside appliances works wonders. Put it on casters to hide it when it's not in use!


Kitchen Appliances Storage

Speaking of appliances, smaller units like coffeemakers, SodaStreams, toasters, stand mixers, and blenders might have a better home option than the countertop.

Free up food prep areas by placing these appliances in a cabinet, but don't stop there. Add a DIY movable shelf for easy access and an outlet to plug it in.


Create A Floating Nightstand

Unique storage ideas are special because they approach decor in a less traditional manner — all while remaining highly functional.

Sure, you could purchase a nightstand that sits on the floor. But by using floating shelves, there's now extra, unencumbered room underneath the nightstand. You can even have the shelf slightly above the bed if you're really short on space.


Keep Pens And Papers Organized In Style

Thought picture frames were merely for holding photos or displaying artwork? Think again!

That's right, with a little ingenuity and a DIY attitude, extra storage can be found even in the most unlikely of places. Easily transform a simple picture frame and some fabric into a desk organizer. No more pens and paper lying around!


Store Shoes Inside A Foot Stool

We rest our feet on footstools and ottomans; it makes sense that we could also use them to store the things we wear on our feet.

A footstool with a storage compartment can be an ideal place to store extra shoes and free up some closet space.


Bold Hexagonal Shelving

What's that old saying? Six sides are better than one? Okay, maybe not, but they can be when it comes to contemporary storage solutions. Enter: the hexagon.

Using sturdy hexagonal gift boxes, these colorful floating shelves are positively groovy. Step it up another level by placing HÖNEFOSS mirrors from Ikea behind them.


Office Wall Organization

If you haven't noticed already, walls are well suited for so much more than hanging art on. If you don't have space anywhere else, look to the walls!

If you have a lot of clutter on your desk or want to be more organized in general, a customized wall organizer is for you. It's easy to make yourself, and that way, it's tailored to your specific needs!


Baskets Above Cabinets

One of the unique storage ideas for small spaces that we love is baskets above cabinets. The textures and patterns on the baskets are a great supplementary design element too.

When the cupboards don't go all the way to the ceiling, baskets are an inexpensive way to utilize the space and stay organized.


Toys Stored Under The Bed

Toys often find their way under the bed anyway, so why not make use of the space purposefully.

Sliding drawers keep everything looking neat and tidy. They also help prevent your little one's favorite toy from getting lost. Seriously, how cool is this wooden train set storage idea!


Easy To Make Sofa Organizer

A place for everything and everything in its place. That's the motto that this DIY sofa organizer lives by.

With a little bit of sewing know-how and some extra fabric, your remote, book, glasses, and whatever else will have a new home. Couch arms + fabric = additional storage space!


Makeup Organizers From Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles easily organize and display cosmetic collections. This DIY project also doesn't require any hard-to-get materials or specialty tools.

To construct makeup organizers, all that's needed is a knife, scissors, iron, and a fun-colored plastic bottle!


Jewelry Organized In A Frame

Jewelry is art. So why aren't we displaying it like other artwork? This project shows that we really need to start!

With a decorative metal screen, an upcycled frame, and paint, jewelry has a designated space and becomes a charming decor item.


Store Movies In Boxes

For movie or video game collections, labelled boxes can keep everything orderly.

You can purchases boxes to go with the other colors in your home or even make your own custom movie containers.


Dresser With Built-In Bookshelves

Yes, dressers are fabulous storage solutions on their own. However, that doesn't mean you can't modify dressers to make them even more functional.

Try attaching extra shelving on the sides as an ingenious way to arrange books.


Plywood Box Bed Storage

There are certainly bed frames available that come with storage at the foot of the bed, but they tend to be a little pricier.

Using plywood, you can easily hack additional storage space to make your bed a winner for sleeping and keeping your home in order. Take advantage of that awkward space!


Pull Out Kitchen Island

Chances are that we've all had to deal with limited counter space in the kitchen at one point in our lives. But there are options to create extra room.

A moveable kitchen island with a cutting board on top and storage underneath is good. A kitchen island that does all that and can be stored away when it's not in use is better!


Elevated Floor Storage

Unique storage ideas for small spaces don't get much better than this elevated floor storage.

If you're really tight on space, consider adding levels to your home. The step is ideal for drawers, while the hidden doors are better suited for the things we don't need access to every day.


Washer Side Storage

Not all of us are lucky enough to have custom cabinets in our laundry rooms. In a perfect world, perhaps.

For those of us who have gaps beside the washer and dryer, it may be just enough room to fit a small bookshelf. It can hold linens, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and even hide those unsightly water pipes and vents!


Under Cabinet Drawers

Most kitchen cabinets don't go all the way to the floor. This means there are a couple of extra inches of space available

These under cabinet kitchen drawers easily store baking trays, cutting boards, and other larger items. You know, the ones that normally take up way too much cabinet space — if they can even fit at all!


Versatile Furniture For A Teenager’s Room

Loft beds are just cool. It's as simple as that. They take the concept of beds to an entirely new level. Pun intended.

If there's no room for a bed and a desk, why not put the bed above the desk? Every little bit of loft-style beds has a plethora of storage opportunities!


DIY Desk Organizer

Next time you see something in a store, think to yourself, 'is this something I can make?' Take this desk organizer, for example.

The homemade version looks just as beautiful as the retail option, and yet it costs a fraction of the price. Paint, glue, jars, and a piece of wood and you've got everything you need!


Funky Adjustable Shelving

Unique storage ideas are best when they can easily adapt to our day-to-day needs. These adjustable shelves illustrate that notion perfectly.

Okay, yes, they look awesome, but they're more than just looks. The fan-like shelves can be easily moved to face the needs of the day and then folded up when not in use. How cool is that!