a modern pop up trundle bed set up next to a matching bed.

Trundle Bed

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Whether you’re looking to save on space or you just want to put a stylish twist on an additional sleeping arrangement, you may want to consider something a little out of the ordinary. Modern trundle beds come in a wide range of styles and designs, and can really add a splash of style and function to any bedroom situation. However, they may not be for everyone as they are typically meant more for the occasional guest than an every-nighter.


The term trundle bed refers to a hideaway bed frame and mattress, typically on wheels or a track, that stores away when not in use in the space under a main bed. These hideaway beds come in various designs and sizes, with a full or twin pop-up trundle being a fairly common option. Trundle frames and mattresses often come together, as a part of a set, with the main bed frame and mattress. However, trundle frames and mattresses can also be purchased separately and added to a standard bed, as long as there is enough space under the main bed to store it away. Trundle beds are considered popular with children, especially for sleepovers or as an alternative for bunk beds. However, more sophisticated and stylish options are also trendy with fashion-forward adults.

What Is A Trundle Bed Used For?

Trundle beds are a great way to add an extra spot to sleep without always taking up the space of a traditional bed. If you’re looking to make room for the occasional overnight guest or a regular weekend sleepover, this might be an excellent option. However, these hideaway beds do have a couple of small downsides that you may want to consider:

  • Because trundle beds are typically lower to the ground and have thinner and less supportive mattresses, they may not be suitable for long term guests or for people suffering from pain or injury.
  • From a consumer's point of view, trundles beds that are purchased as part of a set or unit are typically more expensive than traditional beds. And, if you’re assembling it yourself, these hideaways are often more difficult and time consuming to put together than traditional beds.