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11 Traditional Style Living Room

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Solomon Rodgers

Traditional style living rooms are anything but boring. Their neutral palettes, classic furniture designs, and materials never really go out of style.

The personality comes from each piece’s form, design, and the mix of materials you choose to express your own aesthetic. Take a look at a few of our favorite traditional living rooms to get inspiration of your own. 


A Modern Traditional Style Living Room

Alex Qian

Mixing your traditional sensibilities with modern colors and pieces is a great way to update your living room’s look. This example features dark, dramatic walls that are more modern than traditional, but pairs them with furniture in traditional designs.

The camelback couch, nailhead accent chair, and rug all feel familiar and grounded in well-established style. The brightly-colored ottomans have a traditional tufted design in modern colors, completing the blend of styles.


Different Living Room Styles With Traditional Flare

Alex Qian

Beautiful symmetry and stunning architecture elevate this traditional room into a formal gathering place. From the fireplace to the marble table, the design features pieces that have been part of living room design for centuries.

The French doors framing the fireplace solidify the classic appeal. However, we love the heavy drapes that can block out light, transforming the space into a cozy evening retreat. 


Farmhouse Meets The Traditional Style Living Room


The modern farmhouse style still resonates with many people and blends well with traditional architecture and pieces. In this living room, a painted fireplace fitted with a rustic beam looks beautiful with a classic nailhead chair and coffee table.

The farmhouse accents and display elements look at home in the room’s traditional layout. Plus, mixing and matching lets you customize the look and feel of your home.


Couch Styles For Traditional Living Rooms

Andrea Piacquadio

Sofas come in a whole lot of styles, and several of them can technically be classified as traditional. Structurally speaking, sofas like this Chesterfield with its tufted back and rolled arms usually fall on the traditional side of style.

Camelback, Bridgewater, and cabriole sofas all bring a traditional look to a room, too. But so, too, can English rolled arm sofas and sectionals.

However, don’t get too caught up in technicalities. A sofa can have a classic design but be covered in funky modern fabric, which would definitely not be traditional. 


Small Traditional Living Room Interior Design


Small living rooms get extra points for coziness. This one’s blend of a traditional sofa with bright fabric choices and bold patterns add a cheeriness into that cozy mix.

For small spaces, sometimes less is more, and this living room shows it. This room’s sparse but well-chosen accents and decor balance well with the room’s size. 


 Traditional Style Living Room With Mixed Textiles

Vintage Revivals

Textiles add depth and texture to this living room, making it visibly interesting with subtle details. The mix of faux fur throws, cotton fabrics, and a natural fiber rug add layers to the room.

The smooth texture of leather offsets the fabric couch, showing why it can be better to mix furniture rather than opting for a matching set. The mix of light and dark colors keeps this traditional style interesting, too. A dark wall contrasts the art, couch, and textiles pieces, making them pop.


Fireplaces In Traditional Style Living Rooms

Francesca Tosolini

Fireplaces naturally take center stage in any room, especially when the facade extends to the ceiling. Many traditional fireplaces feature materials taken from the surrounding landscape, such as lava or river rock (in this case).

While the actual fireplace in this living room might be a little dated, the face fits perfectly with the traditional style. It’s complemented with a neutral palette that feels like it could be just as in style in ten years as it is today. 


A Classy Traditional Style Living Room


This living room blends a traditional style with coastal colors, mixing beiges with pops of blues. The neutral color palette and classic furniture styles fit a wide range of aesthetics, and they’ll be stunning for years to come.

The traditional style isn’t one that hits you over the head when you enter the room. When it’s done right, like in this example, it feels familiar while still offering a pleasant surprise. 


Glammed Up Traditional Living Room Interior Design Ideas

What is glam, exactly? A little something that takes a style up a notch. This living room’s color palette definitely says traditional, blending neutrals with muted blues.

The glam comes from the giant chandelier and large art in a gilded frame. An unexpected feature is a perfect way to put a personal twist on the traditional style.


Traditional Basement Living Room With A Twist

This is Our Bliss

Basements don’t have to be the dungeon of the house. This well-lit traditional style living room transforms a basement into the house hotspot. Here, it’s the right balance of neutral colors in light and dark.

The light walls, ceiling, and carpet expand the space. However, it’s grounded with neutral, but dark furniture. The contrast keeps it interesting while the modern black and white artwork builds visual interest.


Traditional But Different Living Room Styles


So many styles come together in this example. It’s a mix of traditional with hints of boho and mid-century modern. Say goodbye to the usual neutral palette.

The tufted couch strays from the traditional norm with velvety green fabric, but it connects with a mid-century modern chair and a traditional ottoman.

Boho sneaks into the room through the wall hanging and rug, but the rug goes traditional in color. It’s an interesting mix that feels familiar but fresh, definitely a different take on traditional. 


Fireplace Focal Point In A Traditional Style Living Room

Solomon Rodgers

Oh, the drama of a fireplace. This traditional space features built-ins, a neutral color palette, and stunning beams. The natural stone fireplace looks beautiful, but when it’s taken skyward in a two-story living room, it’s awe-inspiring.

Anything but the traditional style could easily overwhelm the space because of the sheer size of the room. The decor is grand enough for the room without becoming gaudy.


Traditional Style Living Room Built-Ins


Built-ins just feel right in a living room. Whether it’s a collection of books or of artful display pieces, they look classy and provide ample storage space. This living room falls on the traditional but sophisticated side.

The neutral palette sticks with the solids and florals, which never really go out of style. It’s homey and inviting. The perfect mix for the room you live in most.