a toilet flange with a toilet wax ring seal on a bathroom floor

Toilet Flange

Originally contributed by Jeff Butler • last updated 1/13/2021

If you’ve got toilet water on the floor around your commode (and we’re not talking French perfume) or your throne wobbles when you sit on it, you’re probably going to need to inspect your toilet flange and your toilet wax ring.


A toilet flange, sometimes referred to as a closet flange, is a special pipe fitting that does two jobs. It both mounts the toilet to the floor and connects it to a drain pipe. During installation, a toilet flange is mounted on top of the floor and fused to the drain pipe. A toilet wax ring is then placed between the flange and the bottom of the toilet to create a strong seal. The toilet is bolted to the flange to keep it sturdy and in place.

Got Leaks? It Might Be Time To Replace A Bad Toilet Wax Ring

If you’re noticing leaks around the base of your toilet, and it’s not the typical sweaty condensation that many toilets are prone to, there is a good chance you’ll need to replace your toilet wax ring:

  • Toilet wax rings can get old and lose their pliability. When this happens, the seal can fail and water can leak out from the base of the toilet.
  • Replacing a toilet wax ring is a relatively simple DIY project and it’s a good time to check the toilet flange for any damage and repair it as necessary.