12 Teenage Girls Room Paint Ideas

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Teenage girls room paint ideas are as varied and wide-ranging as the teens in question. Because self-expression is rapidly changing and developing during this stage, it’s important that the design of the room feels authentic but can also be easily changed. 

Enter paint, which comes in a range of colors and finishes so that you can customize it to create the look your teen prefers. This guide highlights both trendy and timeless paint ideas so you can get a head start on your room design. 


Painted Arches And Circles

Teenage girls room paint ideas can include a bevy of fun and whimsical shapes. Take the painted arch in this room or the rose-colored circle in this one, which both add a creative touch to the walls.

You can use your design to frame a piece of furniture or wall art, or choose to paint over architectural details like a door — just ensure that you read a few tips and tricks first since the process takes a bit of finesse.


Frame Your Frames With Paint

If you’re on the lookout for a stylish way to highlight a collection of photos, consider painting the wall behind them with a shape and color, like the neutral square in this room.

This is a simple interpretation of the idea, but there are a number of other ways to get creative. For example, you could create line art behind the photos or merge a few different shapes for an abstract effect.


Painted Faux Headboard

Sense of style changes often during the teen years, so it’s wise that any teenage girls room paint ideas you consider allow you to easily reverse the aesthetic.

Enter the painted headboard, which is a unique way to frame your bed and can also be swiped over with a fresh coat of paint to start anew. You can invent different shapes and designs, or even use metallic paint for a glam touch.


All In The Painted Details

If you prefer a subtle aesthetic, why not paint the back wall within a set of shelves or bookcase? This design uses abstract shapes, but you could go for a number of effects, like a stenciled herringbone pattern, mandala design, or even Dalmatian spots.

Just be aware that if you plan on stacking a bookshelf full of books or decor, it may be best to choose a simple color or design to maintain harmony in your aesthetic.


Painted Geometric Lines

Geometric lines are creative, stylish, and they work especially well in rooms with angled ceilings. That said, there are many ways to customize this idea to fit your preferences.

For instance, you could fill the negative space with a stenciled pattern, or create a composition by using a collection of shapes, colors, and wall art.


A Splash Of Watercolor Paint

Watercolor has an effortless appeal that brings a sense of fun and femininity to a space. What’s more, you can easily DIY this look by following a tutorial, which provides you more flexibility with the style and colors you choose than if you were to go with a wall decal.

Select colors that contrast like blue and pink, or just one color and simply vary its intensity.


Pretty Painted Corners

The best teenage girls room paint ideas don’t just involve design, they involve placement. These colorful arches add a playful touch to this corner setup. To create the right vibe, you’ll want to balance the look of both your decor and your painted design.

For example, the mirror in this image mimics the shape of the arches, while the bubblegum pink of the dresser contrasts their cool green color.


Create Sections With Paint

This accent wall mixes both color and texture for a unique yet understated look. Of course, you can emulate the style of this room but you can also take this concept in several directions.

Consider using brick instead of wooden panels or reversing the aesthetic by wallpapering the top and simply painting the bottom section.


Flow With it

If you enjoy the laidback vibe of this room, an accent wall with a free-form paint design may be the right choice for you.

To begin, draw inspiration from art that emulates the style you’re aiming for and then sketch out various designs before committing to the one you’ll paint on your wall.

Tie your space together by installing a shelf filled with funky decor, or hanging a triptych of prints.


Painted Bedside Beauty

This creative design brings attention to the bed as the focal point of the room. In this image, the painted stripe mimics the simple shape of the headboard, but you can also opt for a number of other styles.

For example, you can take inspiration from any patterns found on your throw pillows or rugs, juxtapose both stenciled patterns and colored shapes, or even try ombré paint on for a subtle, dreamy effect.


Landscape Painting

There’s a timeless, soothing quality to nature, so why not paint a landscape on your wall? The bedroom in this image features a painted mountain range, but you can also get inspired by the ocean, night sky, or even the clouds.

To plan the rest of your room, think of what materials, plants, and cultures are naturally found in the sort of landscape you’ve chosen. For example, the mountains in this room are reminiscent of the desert, so the Southwestern-style rug and macrame wall hangings blend well with its overall design.


Globe-Trot With Paint

Some ideas for how to paint a teenage girl's room are for the free spirit. This world map wall mural inspires a sense of adventure and brings an eclectic element to the space.

You can try a sponge-painted look, an ombré effect, or even just trace an outline. If you like the idea of a more changeable, interactive map, consider creating a chalkboard wall instead.