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Take The Monstera Trend To The Next Level With The Gorgeous Albo-Variegata Variety

Originally contributed by • last updated 4/16/2021

Joyce G

Monstera's have remained one of the most popular plant varieties for their gorgeous foliage, unique leaf patterns, and potential for large growth.

As if there weren't enough reasons to love them, we found these completely next level Albo-variegata monstera that have colors unlike we've ever seen.

While they're similar to traditional monstera plants, there are some notable differences, in both looks and in care.

Monsteras are generally easy to care for.

Also known as the swiss cheese plant for the holes in its leaves, monsteras are easy to grow, but also take awhile to peak in size. Native to Mexico and Panama, they enjoy warmth and humidity.

Albo-variegata monsteras need a little extra care.

While they share many similar needs with the traditional monsteras, this variegated variety has trouble absorbing sunlight.

So dim lighting simply won't do for them to thrive. They need lots of sunlight to support their limited ability to photosynthesize.

They are climbing plants.

Monsteras enjoy climbing up stakes and being guided in their growth. They can even grow along wide trellises.

They aren't very forgiving of overwatering.

While they enjoy light moisture, overwatering could be tragic for monstera. Their roots need to be aired out properly to avoid rot and other diseases.

The gorgeous Albo-variegata monsteras are available on Etsy for a pretty penny but can also be spotted at local nurseries for lower prices.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you plant to grow one of these monstera varieties.