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17 Small Shower Ideas For Tiny Home Bathrooms

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Olivia Silk
Lust Living

Whether you love them or hate them, tiny houses have been growing in popularity for their affordable nature, relatively low maintenance, and small carbon footprint. While their compact style is often attractive to minimalistic homeowners, there remains one big dilemma — less living space. 

This is especially true when it comes to the coveted tiny house bathroom. Designing a functional yet appealing space for when nature calls can be a bit of a challenge. But these clever small shower ideas prove just how simple optimizing every inch of your miniature lavatory can be.


Shower And Toilet Combo


If you don’t want to compromise on the size of your shower but your bathing space won’t allow all the amenities of a traditional washroom, why not get creative!

This semi-wet room that sees a compostable toilet positioned in the shower is one of the many clever small shower ideas to optimize your tiny living. And if that’s not impressive enough, the toilet is removable to allow more leg room when the shower is in use.


Low Profile Vanity 

Wind River Tiny Homes

Choosing a bathroom vanity with a low profile and narrow base is a great way to save square footage in a small space. The slim unit allows for more lavish features like a full-sized fiberglass shower with built-in shelving.


Inner Shower Storage

Installing a blend of niches, floating shelves, and towel bars is perhaps one of the most effective small shower ideas that make even the tiniest of showers ornately organized and storage-friendly.

House shampoos, cleaning products, and even greenery in your functional tiny space — the storage possibilities are endless!


Narrow Shower With Stall Doors

This tiny house shower makes the most of a narrow space by creating a slim shower stall with a large circular window concealed behind rustic barn doors.

Not only do the doors tie in with the farmhouse chic style that runs throughout the entirety of the mini home, but they also create a visual design element that lets in plenty of sunlight.


Ditch The Shower Curtains

Rewild Homes

If your tiny bathroom is feeling cramped and dingy, consider opting for an open concept shower with a thin base instead of one closed off with doors or curtains. The result is a room that feels so light and airy, you’ll completely forget you’re in a tiny house.


The Hybrid Bathroom

New Frontier Design

Don’t know where to fit a laundry room in your tiny home? Why not combine it with your bathroom and fit your washing machine under the sink. This two-for-one solution means you’ll have more square footage for a spacious washroom complete with a chic shower and bath duo. 


All White Shower

Designing a wet room is a great way to help a tiny bathroom feel spacious while blending each section of the space into one. To take the washroom up another level, consider wall-to-wall white subway tiles for a bright finish that makes the entire room feel bigger.


Partial Wall

Tiny House Swoon

The partial wall in this bathroom that divides the tiled shower from the toilet is a clever use of a small room that helps separate the two spaces. The half-wall not only makes the bathing quarters appear larger than it really is but also provides the option of installing wall mounted storage units and floating shelves.


Corner Small Shower Idea

Small square footage in a tiny home bathroom can limit many bathing amenities cherished in larger spaces, such as a full-sized, elegantly tiled shower. But the solution can be as simple as installing a corner shower that maximizes every inch of the tight nook. Plus, the compact design of the angled base leaves ample surrounding room for a toilet and vanity.  


 Take It Outside

The Tiny Canal Cottage

If your tiny house bathroom has just enough space to house a compostable toilet and narrow sink, it’s time to think outside of the box. Literally! Instead of attempting to squeeze a shower into your miniature space, consider showering in the great outdoors.

Depending on if your tiny home is on permanent foundation, you can DIY an exterior shower fixed to the ground with a privacy enclosure. A home on wheels can still have an outdoor shower, you’ll just have to get creative with ways to be secluded.


Small Shower Idea With A View

What’s better than showering under the open sky? Showering under the sky in the comfort of your home, of course! Installing a skylight above a tiny house shower is a great way to let in plenty of natural light, which in turn makes your dainty space feel like a spacious heavenly oasis.


Wine Barrel Shower

Arguably one of the most unorthodox showers for small spaces on the list, this tiny house shower is crafted from a wine barrel that’s been sealed and waterproofed. The innovative design is as practical in its compact size as it is rusticly charming. 


Monochromatic Area


A monochromatic design for a tiny home bathroom can not only make the small space seem bigger, but also create distinct coherence. This petite room tiled from wall to wall maximizes every square inch with a teeny shower tub, toilet, and low profile sink built into the wall.


 The Pull-Out Shower

Sometimes having a shower stall in your tiny home just isn’t an option. But this ultra teeny wet room that houses a toilet and floating vanity might be the shower hack perfect for your tiny home. The wash basin features a pull-out faucet that converts the petite waterproof room into a functional shower. And the best part, the faucet extends so far that it can be protruded out the window for outdoor showering.


Glass Wall Dividers To Add Light

The glass wall that separates this full-sized shower from the small vanity is a great addition to any tiny home bathroom. The see-through wall lets in an abundance of sunlight from the large window making this chic wet room feel much more light and airy. 


Corrugated Metal Shower

This open concept shower showcases its rustic roots through the use of corrugated aluminum, copper piping, and reclaimed wood. The result is a spacious tiny house bathing area with a half wall enclosure complete with saloon-style doors for easy access. The private space can also be the perfect spot for a portable toilet to create a fully functional bathroom.


Stock Tank Tub

Turning a stock tank once used to feed horses into a charming shower and tub duo may be one of the more unconventional small shower ideas. But the result is a chic bathroom that makes the most of its compact size. Finish the space off with a pop of color from a patterned wallpaper sure to add to the wow factor of your petite space.