A child's closet with items from Ikea's Pax line in it to establish wardrobe organization in a small bedroom.

17 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas By Ikea

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The Pink Dream
The Pink Dream

Picture this, it’s been a long day and all you crave more than anything is to cozy up in your nice warm bed. You walk into your bedroom and are frightened by the sight. Clothes are scattered, your nightstand is scraping against your bed frame, and your succulent, George, is sulking on the floor. “Maybe it was a home invasion,” you suddenly think. Nope. It’s just the daily reality of your tiny, unorganized room.

But here’s the good news! Your sleeping quarter doesn’t have to be in a constant state of disarray. With these Ikea small bedroom storage ideas, you can turn your tiny room into a stylish and functional space sure to drift you off to dreamland.


Kitchen Cabinet Fold-out Bed

If your room has just enough space to house a twin bed, this Ikea storage idea for small bedrooms that transforms kitchen cabinets into a custom wall unit is calling your name. The largest of the built-in wall cabinets conceals a murphy twin bed, converting the space into an office by day and bedroom by night. Regardless of what you choose to use your room for, the dual-functioning space can be a perfect setup for any tiny chamber.


Tiny Desk With Lots of Storage

Add style and functionality to your tiny room with this Ikea desk hack. Crafted from two Ikea shelves held in place with a fiberboard tabletop, the desk has ample cubby storage to help keep your sleeping space roomy and organized. Use it as a mini work office, makeup vanity, or even crafting station — there are so many possibilities!


Floating KALLAX Nightstands

Feeling cramped in your sleeping space? This floating nightstand hack crafted from Ikea KALLAX shelf inserts and laminate shelving offers a handy solution that makes your miniature space feel bigger. With lots of storage both on top and within, the wall-mounted bed stand leaves plenty of room underneath for additional small room storage ideas like rustic wooden baskets or even DIY shoe racks.


Vertical IVAR Ladder Storage

Ladders have long been an innovative addition to home decor and even more so as a staple in small bedroom storage ideas. Their slim build means they don’t take up much space, but their ranging heights can offer an array of storage possibilities. From wired baskets to hanging succulents, this Ikea IVAR shelf side unit used as a ladder provides organization and rustic charm to your mini oasis. 


Wall-Mounted Shelving Unit

Shelving units above a desk or headboard are a great way to add plenty of storage without taking up virtually any floor space. Using the Ikea ALGOT system (since replaced by the similar BOAXEL system), you can transform your sleeping room into a chic and decluttered area you’ll never want to leave. And the best part, you can rearrange your shelves on the unit whenever you feel the need for a small but mighty change.


DIY Headboard With Shelf Storage

Ragnar Ómarsson | Livet Hemma

Storage in a tiny room doesn’t have to be overbearing or bulky; sometimes it can be simple or even hidden. Take this DIY headboard with a spacious top ledge and discreet shelving units. Using Ikea MOSSLANDA picture shelves and an MDF sheet cut to your bed’s height and width, the result is a custom-looking headboard with abundant storage concealed within.


DIY MALM Workspace

Crafted out of two Ikea MALM drawers and a kitchen countertop, this DIY wall-to-wall office desk is the perfect addition to any tiny bedroom. Not only is there plenty of built-in storage, but the custom desk also adds elegance to the space. Finish the project with lots of baskets, memo boards, and other office accessories to create the spacious work area of your dreams.


Ikea Pegboard Hack

While this pegboard DIY is perhaps one of the most orthodox small bedroom storage ideas on the list, the project is a perfect solution for adding plenty of storage to a small room. Using as many pegboards as can fit in your chosen area, the relatively inexpensive hack maximizes any wall space, allowing you to store items effortlessly. Hang work supplies above a desk to create a functional, cohesive unit. Or take this small space Ikea hack up a notch and create an entire pegboard feature wall.

This version used paint to really glam up what might be a boring office wall.


Behind-The-Door Spice Rack Shelves

A Girl And A Glue Gun

When it comes to tiny rooms, every inch should be optimized for storage and functionality. Even the nook behind a bedroom door can be transformed into a cohesive wall unit with this Ikea spice rack-turned-accessory organizer. A few of the racks are installed upright to house makeup and beauty products securely, while others are inverted to create spacious top shelves and hanging jewelry bars


Spice Rack Shelf and Lamp Duo

Take your spice rack DIY up another level with this simple shelf and pendant lamp duo. Begin by installing the spice rack upside down to create top-shelf storage. Next, drill a hole through one side of the wooden board large enough to thread the lamp wire through. Finally, attach a bead onto the wire to hold the bulb in place. Whether you use this Ikea bedroom storage idea to display succulents or hang sweaters, this shelf is completely customizable to your personal storage needs.


Plant Display Shelf

Ctrl & Curate

Adding greenery to your tiny space has never been simpler with this Ikea display box hack. After deciding what you want your box to house, secure the feature to the wall. From there, you can customize the inner shelves of the box for your indoor garden needs. Pretty easy, right? But if you don’t have a green thumb, you can use the wall feature to display other items, like picture frames, dainty jewelry, or even makeup products.


DIY Open Wardrobe Hack

The Gem Picker

Ditch Mom’s bulky hand-me-down wardrobe for an open concept closet. Mixing shelving units with closed dressers creates the perfect Ikea-hack bedroom storage for those with minimal closet space. Not only is the chic open wardrobe organized, Marie Kondo-style, it also helps make your tiny space appear more spacious than it really is. Talk about a major two for one!


Under-Bed PAX Toy Box On Wheels

Medina Grillo
Grillo Designs

Under-bed storage is a great way to declutter even the tiniest of rooms into a spacious and organized sleeping area. Take this DIY project that saw an Ikea PAX drawer turned into a toy box on wheels. The painted unit is perfect for little hands to pull out for playtime. And if that’s not handy enough, the compact toy box allows for an easy clean up that slides back under the bed and out of sight.


VOXNAN Kitchen Bar Shoe Storage Hack

Nina Holst

An Ikea rail like the VOXNAN is an innovative way to add plenty of storage to a tight space. The metallic bar traditionally used to display culinary utensils can be installed anywhere in your room, turning the space into a minimalist shoe organizer. 


KALLAX Dressing Table And Wardrobe Duo

Tired of having to shimmy around your tiny room because it has just enough space to house a double bed? This custom dressing table and open wardrobe unit is the DIY project your miniature sleeping area needs. Crafted out of Ikea KALLAX units, MDF boards, and clothing rails, the wall feature is slim in depth and long in height to maximize storage capability without taking up too much of its surrounding space.


BILLY Floor-To-Ceiling Storage Unit

If you’re looking to maximize floor area in your room, a DIY floor-to-ceiling storage unit is the Ikea hack made for your tiny space! Crafted entirely out of BILLY bookcases, this wall feature unobtrusively provides sleek organization to the compact area. Whether you house novels or folded sweaters on your plethora of shelves, this handy small bedroom storage idea alleviates the need for bulky cabinets and wardrobes.


Raised KALLAX Bed Storage

Jules + Chelsea Mason
IKEA Hackers

Is there barely enough legroom around your bed for extra storage units? This raised shelving bed frame might be your tiny room’s saving grace! Constructed out of four KALLAX shelves and supporting planks of timber, the loft-like bed will help you catch some Zs while simultaneously providing plenty of storage. And the best part, the under-the-bed cranny is perfect for any use, even a home for your furry friend!