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15 Shower Designs

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Armin Rimoldi

Your bathroom’s shower is possibly its most important feature, because its function also makes it the natural focal point of your design.

When choosing between shower tile ideas or designs you’ll want to consider the usual things (like your budget and aesthetic), but also other factors like how much light your bathroom receives or the shape of its walls.

For example, if you want a high gloss tile but your shower doesn’t see much light, you may be disappointed once it’s installed.

Or if you like the look of a small tile but your shower has a lot of awkward nooks and crannies, you may find it easier to cut larger tiles to fit. To this end, remember to consider your whole design when browsing these inspirational showers.


Marble Shower Ideas

Adding a marble finish to your shower imbues it with an understated luxury that’s always on-trend. Marble comes in a variety of colors and appearances, with some having strong veining patterns and others, more feathered.

Balance the cool look and feel of marble with warm touches, like flowers and tarnished metallic accents. 


Honeycomb Shower Tiles

Some shower tile ideas are too sweet to pass up, like the honeycomb pattern in this bathroom. Its neutral tone and small size create a refined, delicate vibe, but honeycomb tile is available in all sorts of sizes, colors, and finishes so you can truly customize its look.


High Arches In Shower Design

Instead of cutting a perfect shape into your wall to match the silhouette of your shower, why not build an arch, instead?

Arches create a picturesque view of your shower and it’s a fun shape to work into the rest of your design. For instance, this bathroom uses an arched mirror, arched faucets, and even the subject of its wall art creates an arched outline. 


Etched Shower Tiles

To add a unique feel to your shower, invest in drawn-on or etched tile. The example in this bathroom features emerald tile, inspired by the landscapes of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Incorporating this style of tile is also a great way to carry-over a theme found elsewhere in your space, like a farmhouse, art deco, or coastal vibe.


Mix And Match Shower Ideas

If you can’t decide between shower tile ideas, don’t. Instead, choose at least two types of tiles and strategically mix them in your bathroom.

For example, one style could cover the floor and another on the walls. Just be sure you’ve chosen two styles that contrast in shape and size so your design appears purposeful.


Color-Blocked Shower Tile

Color blocking your tile allows you to create a unique look that can range from funky, to dramatic, to sophisticated. If replicating this idea appeals to you, keep in mind the rule of thirds.

Humans naturally enjoy the way something looks when it’s divided into three, or when it comes in sets of three. For example, you’ll notice the bathroom in this image has placed its tile stripes on roughly the lower third of the wall.


Terrazzo Shower Ideas

Terrazzo is a wonderfully customizable material, made from chips of stone or glass and bound together with either concrete or an epoxy resin.

Generally speaking, epoxy resin terrazzo comes in more colors and styles, which frees you up to create your desired aesthetic in your shower. To this end, it’s wise to install your terrazzo last to ensure it matches the rest of your bathroom decor.


Mermaid Scale Shower Tiles

Amongst shower tile ideas, this fan pattern is one of the more glitzy and playful.

For example, the shower in this image uses fanned tile in a single shade of buffed gold, but you can also lighten the mood and choose multiple colors for a mermaid scale effect.


Bold Shower Ideas

I believe the adage is “go for the bold,” right? Well, this bathroom certainly doesn’t hold back. If bold-colored shower tile lures you in, a cerulean blue, emerald green, or a dramatic black are great places to start.

To balance your design, choose warm-colored, soft materials for the rest of your decor.


Herringbone Shower Ideas

With its delicate pattern and versatile look, herringbone tile is a timeless option for the shower. The bathroom in this example matches the grout to the veining in its marble tile, which is not only a unique statement, but also a method to emphasize its pattern.


Similar But Different Tile Ideas

The bathroom in this image certainly has panache but look closely and you’ll notice it uses the same tiles from floor to ceiling.

Though what would be boring in theory looks lovely in practice because the colors of the tile contrast and because they’re arranged in a neat pattern. Sometimes, stylish shower tile ideas can be as simple as that.


Shower Floor Tile Ideas

Cool tile patterns are made that much more interesting when installed on the floor only. This bathroom features stark white on its walls and ceilings for a greater contrast, but there are also plenty of directions you can take this idea.

For example, you could carry over one of the colors from your tile pattern onto your walls or even intersperse the occasional tile from your floor onto your walls.


All In The Details

When you’ve chosen two tile patterns or colors, try using one of the tiles in your shower niches, the borders of your shower or tub, or on the edges of your walls. Doing this not only communicates attention to detail in your design, but also makes it appear more cohesive.


Geometric Shower Ideas

Shower tile ideas that incorporate geometric patterns create a cool, eclectic accent in your space. The shower in this example uses a diamond motif for a pattern that feels inspired by Navajo textiles.

Many cultures all over the globe have their own geometric patterns, so feel free to sample several styles to see which you like best.


Concrete Shower Ideas

Concrete gives off a chic, minimalist vibe that’s hard to resist. When it comes to emulating this look in your shower, ensure the concrete you plan on using has been sealed to protect it from water.

Otherwise, there are stone alternatives that look and feel similar to concrete, like granite or slate.