A bright bathroom with a beautifully tiled open-concept walk-in shower with curtain.

7 Shower Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Originally contributed by • last updated 3/30/2021

John Petersik
Young House Love

Whether you’ve been longing to renovate your dingy shower or simply want some inspiring shower bathroom remodel ideas before you make any permanent decisions, you’ve come to the right place. Remodeling your shower is no easy project, and there are so many things to consider before you start gutting the shower stall and its surrounding area. 

Do you have enough space for a walk-in shower? Would you benefit from a shower and tub duo? Is natural light being maximized in your bathroom? All these design contemplations can be overwhelming, especially when working with a tiny room.

Hence we’ve gathered seven shower bathroom remodel ideas for both big and small spaces to help you narrow your bathing needs and plan a layout perfect for an en suite, guest washroom, or shared family lavatory.


Embrace Natural Light

Tessa Neustadt
Lark & Linen

While large windows may not always be the optimal choice for a bathroom (unless you’re comfortable baring it all in front of your neighbors — we won’t judge), they are a great way to pour plenty of sunlight into your lavatory.

Installing a window that spans nearly an entire wall is one of the shower bathroom remodel ideas popular among DIYers and designers alike.


Shower And Tub Duo for Small Bathrooms

Form And Balance

Set on having both a shower and tub in your bathroom but your tiny space won’t allow it? This bathtub and shower duo is the perfect solution. While the tub may be narrow, the contrasting shower wall tiles add interest to the slim area, making it feel airy and light.

For an extra pop of color, the design features speckled pattern tiles on the floor, up the tub side, along the back of the vanity, and in the shower niches.


Go Bold With The Shower Tiles

Mr. Kate

Ceramic tiles are among the many shower bathroom remodel ideas that add flair to your bathing oasis. Choosing a tile with an eccentric design is key to creating a space that’s bold and unapologetic.

From traditional Spanish Talavera tiles to Turkish Iznik, let your creativity be limitless while exploring different patterns, styles, and colors.


Relocate The Shower

Tessa Neustadt
Emily Henderson

When remodeling a washroom, sometimes simply relocating the placement of the shower can completely change the space.

In the design of this stunning bathroom, style and design blogger Emily Henderson shares her process of rearranging the layout of her master en suite, particularly her cramped shower. The small but mighty change allowed her to build a larger bathing area, complete with niches and gold fixtures. 


Do Away With The Shower Door

John Petersik
Young House Love

One of the shower bathroom remodel ideas that seem to pit designers against each other is of a simple yet heated debate — curtains or glass doors? While there are pros or cons to both, curtains create an open concept walk-in shower with no permanent barrier standing in the way.

Choosing curtains also means you can routinely refresh the space by replacing your current fabric with a new design without the need for an entire reno. 


Maximize Every Inch With A Corner Shower

Gail Owens
Kim Grant Design

Let’s be real, a 12 x 8 foot luxurious double rain head shower doesn’t work for average bathrooms. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a smaller shower that fails to deliver the wow factor.

Instead, a corner shower, complete with monochromatic subway tiles and glass enclosure, can make the most of every square inch and transform even the smallest of bathrooms into a private, relaxing retreat.


Arched Shower Entry

Old Brand New

Arched entryways have a rich history in architecture and have long been a popular choice among professional designers. Homeowners are also hopping on the arched entryway bandwagon by turning toward half circles in place of sharp edges.

The shower is one such place these arches are flourishing, and with one glance at the archway in this bathing area, it’s not hard to see why. Not only does the mustard arch add character to the bathroom, it also helps the tiny shower feel much more spacious.