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6 Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

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Thanos Pal

Scandinavian design is so clean, modern, yet timeless. It’s all about minimalism with an emphasis on function. There’s no room for clutter in these designs; it’s the kind of style that really makes you think hard about what you have versus what you actually need.

Also, it just looks really nice. You can pretty much make any room look high-end with a bit of Scandinavian influence. It’s also a pretty budget-friendly style. And it’ll look good in any room, no matter its size.

If you’re looking to give Scandinavian styles a try in your bedroom, or you want to update what you already have, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at this amazing interior design inspiration.


Bright White Scandinavian Style Bedroom Design Idea

If you’re looking to brighten up your bedroom, then the clean, white, minimalist look of Scandinavian furniture and accessories may be just what you need. This room, for instance, looks so nice and clean, and has such a minimal color palette to boot.

All of the whites, off-whites, beiges, and wood tones work so flawlessly together in this room. There’s just enough warmth to make the space look and feel ultra cozy. And yet, it’s still really cool and bright.

The minimal accents and accessories do just enough to keep the space from feeling boring, but not too much as to distract from the overall style. It’s all about striking that perfect balance.


Rustic Scandinavian Bedroom Design

It’s amazing how one space can have so much going on, and yet really not that much happening at the same time. It’s chaos, but in a very minimal, controlled way.

This whole room combines rustic and Scandinavian styles perfectly. It has those really sleek, minimalist features, like the bed sheets, wall art, and white shelving. But the wooden bed frame, mason jar lights, and abundance of plants are what really make this room shine.

This kind of bedroom shows how easy it can be to combine two or more different styles. At the end of the day, it’s all furniture. There are so many right ways to put pieces together to make a cohesive design.


Scandinavian Minimalist Bedroom Design

Though there are textured lines and features to this room’s design, it’s definitely a minimalist space. The furniture in this room is exactly what it needs to be. But it’s also not overrun by different accents and accessories.

I really love the trend of using lamps that attach to the wall rather than sit on a table. Not only does it free up side table space, but it just looks so cool. And in a space like this one, the wall lamp isn’t too distracting, but it’s still a nice and functional accent that adds a bit of extra intrigue to the room.


Modern Scandinavian Bedroom Interior Design

There’s a very definite eye-catching feature in this room. It should go without saying, but it’s the headboard/feature that runs up from the wall and along the ceiling. It’s probably the best part of an otherwise amazing room.

Those wooden planks are a minimalist and modern dream. They do a really good job of contrasting the white tones in this room. They look really nice against the black tones, too. They’re just so sleek and stylized.

Everything else in this bedroom is really well done, too. The wall mirrors are such a nice touch. The black and white rug that sits underneath the black and white bed. Even that plant is in the perfect spot.


Scandinavian Small Bedroom Design Idea

It’s amazing how a room can be so simple, yet at the same time be so complex. It’s not like there’s too much going on here; there’s a bed, a side table, a bench, and some plants. Yes, there are a couple of framed art pieces, but they hang on an otherwise very bare, white wall.

But there’s still so much happening. The subtle, wicker texture that’s on pretty much every piece of furniture and accessory in this room is really simple, but works really well. There’s also really good use of negative space pretty much everywhere, but especially on the walls. It’s just so fresh and unique.


Scandinavian Bedroom Design With Unique Wooden Furniture

Wooden panels in rooms is such an underrated design choice. As long as it doesn’t look obnoxious (which it doesn’t in this case) then it’s bound to be a really bold yet unique look.

This bedroom also has really nicely designed cabinetry along the walls. This is honestly such a smart way to maximize space. Not only do the cabinets look good, but there are so many of them. You can probably store a lot of clothes and other items in there.

The fact that they’re against the wall also means a lot more floor space to work with if you wanted.