A person who has nails that are shaped to look like molars.

11 Questionable DI-Whys That Just Leave Us Shaking Our Heads

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There is perhaps one rule we should all learn to live by: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Sure, there are plenty of things you could do in theory, plenty of projects you could decide to tackle. But there are times when you should stop and think, “Is this a good idea?” If you answered no, or answered yes but can’t properly justify why, you may be about to make a huge mistake. 

The people who created these incredibly questionable DIY projects could’ve benefited from a more discerning eye. They just go to show you the importance of stopping to think before you commit to a project.


Spaghetti Shoe


This doesn’t only have us asking why, but it also has us asking how. As in, how did anyone decide to put these two very different things together?

Hopefully, it’s only meant to be some sort of display and isn’t slated to be the next fashion trend.

Shoes like this don’t look terribly comfortable, and would probably pair better with a side of garlic bread than a dress and jewelry.


Mounted Microwave


The idea of a mounted microwave is pretty popular these days. You won’t find many high-end kitchens that don’t have the microwave up in their own little cabinet or built into the kitchen island.

But there may be better ways to go about it than this. You know, ways that are somewhat more stable. This could definitely benefit from a bit more planning if they wanted it to be stable and long-lasting. The bungee cord at the back is especially concerning.


Deer Skate


Someone had a little too much fun with an old skate and ended up with, well, this. It’s a deer head statue thingy that just doesn’t look quite right for some reason.

What would you even do with something like this in your house? Yes, you could (and probably would) display it, but would you actually want to?

We can safely say that this unsettling creation has no place on any of our display shelves.


Skirt Stool


We’ve seen tables and chairs with human-like legs before, but none quite like this stool.

It’s a lot fancier than others that float around on the internet, but the one thing that sets it apart is the skirt. The stool is wearing a skirt.

As if sitting on a pair of legs isn’t weird enough, this stool had to make it even weirder. There really isn’t a lot more to say about this absolutely strange piece of furniture except for the obvious: why?


They Must Really Like Domino's...


You should definitely decorate your home’s exterior any way you want as long as it makes you happy. But this might be taking a love for Domino’s Pizza a little too far.

Sure, their pizza is pretty good and most people will agree to some degree. But, is it really so good that you’d paint your entire house to look like a Domino’s?

The answer to that should be pretty obvious, but apparently not. You really have to wonder what the neighbors think of this place.


Tooth Nails


You’ve got to love teeth. We all have them, after all. And they’re so important in terms of our abilities to eat and communicate.

But there’s only one place in your body where teeth should be, and that’s in your mouth. They’re much less appealing on your fingernails, regardless of if they’re real or fake (we’re assuming these are fake at the very least). And while these finger-molars look pretty convincing, they’re still having us scratching our heads.




These aren’t jeans. They aren’t boots, either. They are, in fact, a baffling hybrid of jeans, boots, and flip flops. And honestly, it’s the flip flop element that’s throwing us for a loop.

If you thought the gladiator sandal trend was bad, imagine the kinds of tan lines you’d get wearing these babies around for a couple of hours. Though you’d probably get too hung up on how they look to even think about tan lines.


How To Yalp


We know it’s supposed to say, “work hard play hard.” We know this. But we can only see, “work yalp hard.” And then we keep wondering what a 'yalp' is. That’s how much of a miss this sign is.

Beyond that, it’s really just a few boards of wood slapped together with some letters and a maple leaf glued on top.

The whole thing just seems a little poorly executed. Or maybe there’s a joke we’re missing here. We tend to work hard, but we don’t have as much time to yalp as we used to.


LED Lawn Chair


We previously thought that a string or two of LED lights could automatically improve any piece of furniture. As it turns out, that assumption is wrong. LED lights do not, in fact, improve plastic lawn chairs.

There are probably very few things that improve plastic lawn chairs. They’re generally ugly and uncomfortable. And now, this one is ugly, uncomfortable, and covered in a string of LED lights.

Somehow, it’s even worse than it would have been without the lights.


Ski Mask Of Nightmares


Ski masks are pretty handy when you’re skiing, or even when you’re not skiing but it’s really cold outside.

And while it’s pretty hard to pull a ski mask off in certain contexts without looking like you’re poised to rob someone, there are better ways to execute them than by making them out of yarn that matches your skin tone.

Frankly, this is kind of terrifying. It elevates the look, if only to take it from bank robber to movie monster in one fell swoop.


Egg Cake


This is actually genuinely upsetting. Yes, it’s just twelve eggs and it’s going to taste like eggs and nothing else. But it’s the fact that it’s twelve eggs baked in the shape of a bundt cake that’s throwing us off. It’s supposed to be cake, not eggs.

It’s actually really hard to articulate how horrifying trying to eat this would be, especially if you were expecting it to taste like cake. The eggs don’t even look like they were seasoned or touched in any way.