A person painting a white clay bowl with streaks of black paint.

12 Pretty DIYs We're Totally Pinning For Later

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Homey Oh My
Homey Oh My

The best thing about creativity is that it literally has no limits. There are so many different ways to express yourself, through art, music, crafts, and of course, DIY.

DIY projects can come in so many different forms, and each can be made to look as unique as its maker. When it comes to DIY, the world is yours.

Of course, we may not all be able to come up with amazing ideas out of thin air. Sometimes we need a little inspiration or a reference to create our own unique projects. And that’s perfectly fine; the world is better when we share our talents with others, after all.

So check out these beautiful, inspiring DIY projects if you need a little inspo-boost.


Copper Mirror Refresh

Idle Hands Awake

Even the simplest of DIY projects can create something beautiful.

Like this mirror, for instance, which is an Ikea mirror that’s been transformed using some copper leaf. It’s quick, easy, and most importantly, quite beautiful.

It’s taking something functional and elevating it into a piece of wall art and decoration. And to do it through such a quick and easy project is just an added bonus.


Wire Basket End Table

Making Home Base

Mismatched tables that combine materials through upcycled items are really cool and can actually be fairly easy to build. They also leave a lot of room for customization!

Take this table for example. A block of wood is polished and sanded for the top, but you could go even further and use stain or paint to personalize it even more.

Instead of regular table legs, a metal basket is used, turned upside down on its head!

If you don't like the modern design of this particular table, you could easily use a basket that feels more rustic. Either way, it’s definitely a good starting point for anyone looking for some inspiration.


Quilt-Like Side Table

DIY Beautify

Refurbishing furniture is another great way to get your DIY fix while also making use of something that's already in your home.

But it’s the extra touches that really make furniture refurbishing projects unique.

This cute table has a stenciled design on the top that resembles a quilted pattern, despite the fact that it’s all paint. It really adds a bit of extra coziness to it and gives it so much more character. Sometimes, it’s as simple as that!


Make Your Own Bowl

Homey Oh My

Decorative bowls are really pretty and can go almost anywhere in your house. But have you ever tried making your own bowl?

A pottery wheel and kiln are nice to have, but not needed depending on the kind of clay you use.

But the best part about a handmade bowl is definitely getting to decorate it. You could put streaks of paint on it like this bowl here, or anything you want! The sky's the limit.


Starry Champagne Flute

Ruffled Wedding Blog

If you love to entertain, you probably have all sorts of glassware on hand.

The thing is, regular glasses can be kind of plain and lack some of the 'pizazz' you're looking for on special occasions.

So why not customize your own glassware and make something like these starry champagne flutes?

Not only are they easy to make, but they make quite the statement. And they’re just so cute!


Table To Laundry Basket

Mother Daughter Projects

Refurbishing furniture doesn’t just mean you have to transform one table into a nicer table.

You can get creative and transform a piece of furniture into something completely different!

Take this clothes hamper, for example. It’s so cute and stylish, and it’s kind of unbelievable that it used to be an old bench! The transformation is crazy.


Industrial Initial Sign

DIY Beautify

If you’re into that rustic, industrial look, then you may love this initial sign.

It would be a great piece to hang up on a wall, dresser, or end table to let everyone know whose house they're in.

It’s a really simple and quick project, but that doesn’t mean it looks cheap!

It just goes to you that you don’t have to undergo a huge, involved project to make something incredible.


DIY Lantern

Wooden lanterns are just so cute! They go well with pretty much any style (depending on how you dress them up) but they’re definitely a rustic staple.

They’re also not too hard to make if you know what you’re doing!

This lantern even uses small picture frames for the sides so the glass was pre-included! And since you can get some decent picture frames at the dollar store, it’s really easy to make this project without breaking the bank.


Modular Kitchen Cart

Better Remade

If you're up for taking on a project that’s a little more time-consuming and takes a little more effort, then try making yourself a modular kitchen cart!

It’s on wheels so you’ll be able to put it anywhere, both inside and out!

You could use it for storage, prep space, or a bit of both. And it’ll be perfect for entertaining, whether you’re having a dinner party or an evening outside with the grill!


Wooden Anchor

Gina Michele

This wooden anchor decoration is perfect for anyone who’s into the nautical decor theme.

It may take a little bit of work, considering how many intricate cuts it needs, but the effort is well worth it considering the result. Plus once you get through with making the initial cuts the rest is smooth sailing!

Just sand it down and paint it white (or any other color of your choosing) then hang the decoration up on your wall!


Clay Earring Holder

Almost Makes Perfect

It’s always great when a storage unit can double as decoration.

This earring holder not only looks super pretty, but it organizes your jewelry as well!

It’s not even that difficult to make; all you have to do is mold some clay to the right shape and poke some holes in it. It’s super easy, yet super pretty!


Tie-Dyed Pillow Covers

Indigo Mud Cloth
Not Just A House Wife

Tie-dye is more than just a t-shirt trend that's made a comeback. You can tie-dye literally any fabric you want, like this gorgeous pillow!

And it’s even as easy as it sounds; you just tie the pillow cover up wherever you don’t want coloration, then dunk it in the dye. That’s all there is to it!

You may also want to make sure you wear gloves to keep your hands protected (but that should go without saying).