Interior main floor of Home Depot's Tuff Shed tiny home featuring renovated living room and full sized modern kitchen

People Are Turning Home Depot Tuff Sheds into Affordable Two-Story Tiny Homes

Originally contributed by Ali Carroll • last updated 1/15/2021

Tiny homes have attracted a great amount of interest in recent years. They embody the philosophy that living sustainably means learning how to achieve more with less, and that when you pare down your life you're able to find greater fulfillment.

Even beyond that, the cost of buying a home has only continued to increase, causing millions of people to live outside of their means and spend a lifetime swimming in a river of debt. Danielle Hale,'s chief economist predicts that house rates in America will rise another 5.7 percent in 2021 following 2020’s record high. 

With buyer-demand continuing to grow, an affordable housing solution is desperately needed. That’s where tiny homes come in. No longer are tiny houses only for construction-handy DIYers building their home from scratch. 

Home Depot builds Tuff Sheds that provide expertly crafted pre-made structures, completely finished customizable exterior, and on-site installation.

Starting at just $14,506, the Sundance Series TR-1600 is a two story shed with a gable style roof, optional front porch deck, customizable paint color and roofing, as well as a complete 5 year warranty. The smallest size stands at 16’W x 20’L x 21’H and has 8’ tall main floor walls, as well as a 36” wide staircase. 

If that seems a bit snug, the TR-1600 is available in sizes up to 18’W x 36’L x 21’6”H costing approximately $25,198 fully painted. 

Giving Home Depot’s Sundance Series a go, Beth Smith and her husband Barry bought a 3-acre property in Georgia and turned a TR-1600 Tuff Shed into their own perfect tiny house. 

After already having gone through one from-scratch tiny home misadventure, they decided this time around to go with Home Depot’s ready made version, claiming that it removed a huge amount of frustration and stress from the building process. 

Opting for the second smallest model in the TR-1600 series, their Tuff Shed tiny home is 16’W x 24’L x 21’H, at approximately $17,255 before renovations. 

With the structure and exterior already complete, Beth and her husband pooled their efforts and concentrated solely on the interior. After adding their own insulation, drywall, electrical, plumbing and decor they were finally able to call the place a home. 

The interior looks modern and spacious, with Beth’s clever choice of white paneling helping the rooms feel comfortable and airy. They have a full sized working kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath, with clever storage cubbies littered throughout.

For a very low price, the happy couple has managed to create a home that offers everything they could ever need without having to compromise on property size. They can now freely enjoy their 3 acres of land without having paid the skyrocketing price of pre-existing housing. 

Does tiny-home Tuff-Shed living sound like something you’d be interested in? Not only is it cost effective, but it may end up making your life feel a whole lot simpler. There are hundreds of resources available to people looking for information on tiny house living, and beyond that, there are many helpful tools and tricks to paring down your things and organizing your space. 

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