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5 Outdoor TV Enclosure DIY Plans

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Champion Brick
Champion Brick

Nothing beats being outside on a nice day with a cool drink and some friends and family. Except, maybe, doing all of that while watching TV. As outrageous as that may sound, you actually can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to television in the great outdoors. Just like with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor living spaces are a thing that can be achieved in any backyard. Adding a TV enclosure to your outdoor space will be a great addition for parties, family time, or even spending time by yourself outside.

Of course, it’s not as simple as hanging your TV up and plugging it in. There’s, unfortunately, a small thing called weather, and even smaller things called insects that may wreak havoc on you and your outdoor electrical equipment. And if you’re living in a colder part of the continent, then you’ll have to combat the long, cold winter months too. Luckily, the human race is as innovative as it is resilient, and there are plenty of workarounds to keep your TV safe and functioning year-round. This means getting creative, and while that does sometimes come with a hefty price tag, it’s also something you can do yourself.

Here are six outdoor TV enclosure DIYs, some of which you can make right now, and others that are sure to give you ideas for your outdoor living space.


Screened Porch With TV

Champion Brick

The closest thing to having an indoor space in the outdoors is a screened porch. Though they may not all look as amazing as this one, they’re bound to give you a great amount of extra living space. This screened porch is essentially a living room that’s outside, complete with a TV atop the fireplace. The retractable screens offer protection from bugs and weather.

This doesn’t seem to offer too much protection from the cold, though, so it probably wouldn’t be the best setup for a colder environment. But just imagine watching TV in a place like that. It almost doesn’t seem real.


TV Under A Pergola


Here is something a bit more attainable for the average DIYer or homeowner. This outdoor TV enclosure is attached to a pergola, which is a very common piece of outdoor furniture nowadays. The pergola itself is open, making it great for a sunny summer afternoon. And when the TV isn’t in use, you can close the doors to the hutch to keep it safe from a surprise storm (or one that you knew was coming).

While this particular setup doesn’t come with DIY plans, you could always make something similar. And if you already have a pergola, you could always just, you know, attach it to the pergola.


Outdoor TV Enclosure DIY Stand That Swivels

Nexus 21

Probably the most incredible kind of enclosure is the kind that retracts when not in use. A lift stand does just that; it will lift the TV up when you want to watch it and retract it when you’re done. When not in use, the lift stand just looks like a piece of furniture. It’s not only discreet, but well-protected against the elements too.

This outdoor TV enclosure DIY is built into an outdoor kitchen, so it was designed to blend in with the countertops. The TV itself can swivel so that you can view it from different angles. It is truly a marvel of outdoor living.

Because of its mechanical nature, enclosures like this are a bit more difficult to DIY. They’re also pretty expensive. But that won’t stop us from looking respectfully and from a distance.


Outdoor TV In A Box

The Cow Spot

Here is an outdoor TV enclosure that you can actually DIY! It’s sleek, with doors that open and fold to minimize how much space they take up, a shelf for consoles and cable boxes, and a slanted top to keep water from pooling. It’s made of wood, but it’s also in a semi-protected part of the porch, which should act as pretty good protection from the elements.

While this one doesn’t come with precise plans, it does recount every step that it took to make the enclosure so that you can at least understand how it’s done. If anything, you’ll get some inspiration on how to make a great DIY TV enclosure for your outdoor space.


TV Enclosure In A Tub


This outdoor TV enclosure is made using a large tub, which is the main feature that protects the delicate electronics inside from nasty weather and such. It comes with a wooden cover when not in use (not pictured) so that nothing can get in when you can’t get out. The best part, you can DIY this one for cheap!

There are some solid plans for this enclosure on Instructables. You’ll find all of the materials you need, including what you can use to seal and waterproof each component, as well as measurements and detailed instructions of every step. It’s made for a relatively small television in a relatively small outdoor space, but it will still make a huge impact on your outdoor living!