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13 Outdoor Pizza Ovens DIY

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Janice Lin

Even before lockdowns, outdoor wood-burning pizza ovens were popular. What better way to entertain friends and family in your own backyard than by building your own pizzeria in the great outdoors?

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars for a ready-made stainless steel version. Make your own old-world version out of brick, cement, or take advantage of kits that take the guesswork out of the project.

Here are our picks for outdoor pizza ovens DIY-style, including building from scratch to popular kits. It's time to ditch the pizza delivery!

Ever wonder why a pizza oven is domed? A domed oven is ancient cooking "technology." The heat from the fire gathers and becomes stored under the stone or clay dome, which is perfect for long baking sessions.


A Tidy Outdoor Stone Pizza Oven 

Would you believe that this stunning pizza oven was made by a novice who had no previous experience with cement? It took a lot of patience and failures (broken molds, for one) to arrive at this thoughtful masterpiece.

Note that the entire design of the oven fits in perfectly with the patio pavers.


A Small Outdoor Countertop Pizza Oven For A Corner

The DIY plans for this cute, rustic outdoor pizza oven are customized to fit a very narrow corner in the maker's garden. It sits on a tabletop base that's tapered toward the back to fit the nook.

Because it's a small oven, you'll only need 68 paving bricks, 20 cinder blocks, nine lintels, and plenty of cement and sand — just to give you an idea of what it takes to build a petite version.

Since it sits close to a structure, the builder urges anyone who takes on a similar project to consult your local building code for permissions and best practices.

After building a pizza oven, you'll need to patiently cure it from the inside with a series of small fires. Rushing the oven by lighting a large fire may crack the structure.


An Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven Made By A Novice


It's fun to know that many people who build outdoor pizza ovens have never done so before! Here's another one, made by a fellow who nervously embarked on the project.

Their best advice? Read the plans over and over and over again before laying one brick.

To further customize and finish this pizza oven, the builder painted the outside using paint made specifically to eliminate the possibility of cracking and flaking.


Temporary And Cheap Outdoor Pizza Oven Anyone Can Make 

The builder of this pizza oven admits that it's as simple as stacking blocks and then make some out-of-this-world pizza.

The draw? It's low-cost for anyone who wants to test the waters (or fan the flames) of whether or not a more permanent outdoor pizza oven is right for them. This can be built in an afternoon--as long as you can find the firebricks.


A Customized DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit 

BrickWood Ovens/The Hollenbeck Family
BrickWood Ovens

If you aren't keen on building an outdoor pizza oven DIY-style from scratch, there is a fantastic option: kits. This beauty is actually made from a kit designed by BrickWood Ovens.

A kit takes the guesswork and mystery out of building a DIY outdoor pizza oven, but will likely cost more.

When using a kit, you will have the correct oven depth, height, width, and chimney placement for precise and proper airflow.

You'll also have the right temperature refractory materials designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 1,200 degrees F. With a kit, you can get a pre-fabricated oven design that you can make yourself, but looks just like the ones that sit in the backyards of million-dollar homes.


An Adobe-Style Outdoor Kitchen With Pizza Oven

Brickwood ovens
Brickwood Ovens

Hard to believe, but this outdoor kitchen is also a BrickWood Ovens kit. This model is the Mattone Barile outdoor pizza oven, aptly located in Arizona.

One of the company's most popular kits is based on an oven form that's over 4,000 years old. The design, a half barrel, has been used for centuries to cook vegetables, meats, and breads with firewood.

The kit comes with a foam template perfectly shaped for delicious pizza. Stack your bricks around the form, mortar, and then remove the foam. Easy as (pizza) pie.


Tiled Modern Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

Forno Bravo

When you love the idea of an outdoor pizza oven, but brick or cement just isn't your style, there are modern options from manufacturers such as Forno Bravo, which offers DIY kits and fully assembled ovens.

Wondering where to place a pizza oven? As with any outdoor kitchen, it's best to build one closer to your home than further away. That way you can quickly dash into the house for more seasoning or cheese when needed.

However, local building codes may dictate how close to your home a oven can be.

Choose smaller and modular wood, gas, or combo pizza ovens with vibrant, colorful tile exteriors. A pizza oven kit typically includes the oven dome, cooking floor, integral vent, floor and dome insulation, stovepipe, mortar, oven door, and thermometer.

It can easily integrate with other elements of your outdoor kitchen. Plus, each piece can be lifted and carried by a team of two people. A modern pizza oven kit puts that "wow" factor into your outdoor kitchen.


How To Build An Outdoor Pizza Oven That's So Incredibly Easy

Kelly Ballard
City Girl Meets Farm Boy

Build an outdoor pizza oven DIY-style with a streamlined and minimalist aesthetic and all for about $150 as this blogger did.

DIY enthusiast Emily Ballard and her husband searched for a modern square pizza oven but couldn't find many online. So, they designed their own using concrete pavers.

It's super sturdy and heavy-duty because of the heavy materials. Besides the material, the key to success is in creating the right amount of airflow within the oven (note there's no chimney). You can learn more by heading over to the duo's comprehensive tutorial.

Emily researched what type of bricks and pavers are best for pizza ovens. Some materials can experience significant damage so she recommends using fire brick or clay brick for best results.


One Of The Most Unique Outdoor Pizza Oven Ideas


If you're looking for a backyard conversation piece — or just an eclectic outdoor pizza oven in general — try making one from an oil drum. This low-cost project is domed and deep, so it fits the criteria needed for a pizza oven.

The builder of this pizza oven was able to get his barrel for free, but he put great care into cleaning the inside. Though the cooking doesn't take place on the metal, it's still important to clean out the inside so that the insulating material has a decent foundation.


Traditional Domed Small Outdoor Pizza Oven

Lachlan Ross

Did you ever wonder why some pizza ovens have chimneys while others don't? Fuel-burning appliances generally need a vent. If the fumes aren't able to vent upward, they may vent outward from the main opening.

In the traditional domed pizza oven above, the vent is a vertical chimney located on top of the oven and above the main opening. It helps to pull the hot air and smoke out of the chamber (and out of your food).

Drawing out smoke and hot air helps the oven to maintain its natural convection properties inside the dome which also results in even heating. It also prevents flames shooting out the door and singing your eyebrows as you cook.

You will see some pizza ovens without vertical vents. They may be built with airflow tunnels, flush vents, or vents located where they can't be seen. Not all vents are metal--some integrate into the brick or cement dome.

You'll also come across people who have built pizza ovens without a vent because they wanted to keep as much hot air in the oven as possible.

But some builders forgot to add a vent. When building a pizza oven, carefully consider the venting issue as you plan.


Tiny Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven From Clay

A Piece of Rainbow

This earth oven is another version of an ancient way of baking and cooking, and it's a bit more portable than the larger versions. Making an outdoor oven like this one is the ultimate in living off the grid. You'll be able to cook and bake even when the electricity goes out.

It's made from clay, plus other natural additives and insulation all meant to delay heat loss. You can expect results that hold the temperatures quite well in order to make pizza after pizza, plus breads and meats, as well.


Italian Outdoor Pizza Oven With Exquisite Lighting And Detailing

This absolutely precious outdoor pizza oven looks like it could double as a gatehouse to this home's West Virginia property. That's because the oven is customized with details to match the main house.

Built by Steve, an outdoor pizza- and bread-making aficionado, the accent lighting under the "eaves" also makes the stone pizza oven outstanding in its design. There's even matching shingle siding towards the back of the oven and roofing to finish it off!

You can find inspirational photos of all types of pizza ovens made from plans via Traditional Oven.


Tips And Ideas For Building Outdoor Pizza Oven Tables And Bases

Alejandro De La Cruz CC-BY-2.0

Pizza ovens are architectural gems in themselves, but old-world pizza makers are known to build exquisite oven platforms made out of tree trunks and branches for stunning sculptural works of art.

The table or base for your pizza oven is half the fun. You can make or buy one, just as long as they are sturdy. We have a few pointers for you:

  • Make sure the ground is sturdy and level before placing your table or base.
  • Use a cement pad as the foundation for your base or table.
  • For a pure old-world and rustic look, build a base with cinder blocks, concrete blocks, or brick. They may be heavy enough without concrete, but if you want added stability, attach with concrete.
  • Lay a tabletop material over the base. Use a concrete form for best results.

You could also go mobile by making a base for a small clay oven that has wheels on it. Just be sure to secure the oven in place before setting a fire inside.