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15 Original Designs That Take Home Decor Up A Notch

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Aquarium Sink
This Is Why I'm Broke

Whether you're a first-time homeowner or serial mover, you'll know that no dwelling is complete without the integration of beautiful decor custom to the space. That's why we've rounded up 15 of the most original interior design pieces sure to help make your place feel like home.

Some of these designs are moderately attainable, where others are a little outlandish. But hey, there's nothing wrong with dreaming every now and then! Take a look at the one-of-a-kind designs below.


Wavey Lights

Happy Pendant Light
1st Dibbs

Channel the ocean with these hand-blown glass pendant lights. When all is dark the pendants appear to be simple glass spheres with subtle etches and crevices. But once lit they reflect shimmering waves all around the space. It's truly a sight to see!


Hand Drawn Design Furniture

Oak & Melanin

One line drawings have been immensely popular in the art world, so it's no surprise that the style has seeped into the interior design realm as well. And what better way to incorporate the minimalistic art technique into your home than by hand drawing it onto a piece of furniture.

It can surely be a fun project you DIY over a weekend. But if producing the design from scratch isn't something you're comfortable with, you can also consider purchasing a line drawing decal — like the many offered on Etsy — that can be applied anywhere in your home.


Slide the Way Down

Let's be real, if we had the option of walking down steps or gliding down a smooth slide, we'd all probably lean towards the latter. It's such a fun idea that is still modern in its design!


Recessed Living Room Seating

We admit this isn't the most practical of home designs for the average homeowner but it's undeniable how stunning this living room is — from the indoor pool to the open flame and surrounding recessed seating.

Can't you just picture yourself spending one absolutely tranquil afternoon in this chic space with a novel in one hand and cocktail in the other? We sure can!


Quaint Outdoor Office Pod

Working from home during the pandemic has proven to be quite a challenge. But even after our lives go back to whatever normal looks like, it could be assumed that many will continue to work out of home offices.

That's why it may be a good idea to invest in a long-term office solution, much like this cute outdoor office pod. You'll be able to enjoy nature while talking to your boss on a Zoom call.


Spiral into Nature

Sure, having an outdoor pool is nice. But having an outdoor pool with a spiral slide that's built into greenery is even better!


Artful Floating Staircase

Is this floating staircase the most practical in a typical home? No, definitely not. But does it effortlessly combine three different materials into one innovative design that is sure to wow your friends and family? Absolutely!


Neon Gaming Station

With gaming streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube taking the Internet world by storm, it's probably more common than not for millennials to have a gaming station in their homes.

But these technology-filled rooms don't have to be limited to the younger generation. Gaming stations can be an innovative design for any homeowner!


Bold Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplash can completely make or break a kitchen. In the heart of this home, the tiny burgundy and copper-toned tiles bring eccentricity to the space. It's an unusualness that works so well when paired with the floating wooden shelves and pale yellow appliances.


Floral-Framed Mirror

Amy The Mermaid

Here's another DIY project that takes a simple mirror to a whole new level. Isn't it just the cutest? We sure think so! You can find the tutorial by Amy The Mermaid on YouTube.


Rustically Chic Pergola

From the string lighting and drapery to the comfy seating and surrounding greenery, there are so many charming elements in this pergola that make us swoon. It's truly the perfect backyard space that'll make you never want to leave the comfort of the outdoors!


Piano Bookshelf is a Hit

Alyssa S
Den Garden

What do you get when you combine a love of reading with the admiration of piano playing? The answer: a bookshelf that's surely the most imaginative around.

Paperback novels, home decor, and picture frames are just a few of the many items you'd be able to display on the crafty shelves installed into the top half of this grand piano.


See-Through Wine Seating


Calling all wine lovers! You totally need these see-through chairs in your life. The seat features red translucent seats that resemble the last bit of merlot in the bottom of a glass.

Okay, so they're probably not the most comfortable kitchen seating on the market but they sure are a conversation starter.


Aquarium Bathroom Sink

Aquarium Sink
This Is Why I'm Broke

Washing your hands just got so much friendlier with this aquarium bathroom sink that's completely functional. Sure, this may be an odd placement for your fishes but at least they'll keep you company every time you use the loo.


Stairs with Ample Storage


Being low on storage space in your home often comes with the need for creativity. And there's nothing short of inventive in this wooden staircase packed to the brim with hidden storage.

Every single step features either a cleverly discreet pull-out drawer or disguised cranny. It's so brilliant, and presumably, such a lifesaver.