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12 New Bathroom Designs

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New bathroom designs are all about encapsulating your unique style. Done are the days of flipping through catalogs and picking out cookie-cutter looks because now more than ever, you can customize your interior.

This guide will provide you with some points to consider when designing your bathroom, as well as some inspiration for the many directions you can take.


A Fresh Look At Bathroom Interior Design

When approaching the topic of new bathroom designs, it’s helpful to browse through a variety that truly push style boundaries because even if you don’t emulate one precisely, each design will help to get your creative juices flowing.

Take this bathroom, which combines a confetti of colors, quirky details, and design influences to make its statement. Such a busy space allows you to more easily understand which elements you like and which you don’t.


Tile Design As A Focal Point

Using tile in a bathroom is a practical move but it can also be a style statement all its own. For example, this bathroom is relatively simple aside from its combination of subway tile and patterned tile floors.

Making tile your motif also provides you with a world of options to consider, like material, shape, size, color, and finish. This way, you can truly customize your tile for a bathroom that doesn’t feel like a copy-cat but instead, unique to you.  


Fall For Bathroom Vanity Designs

New bathroom designs look into fun and creative ways to make their vanities pop. You can go in many directions with this concept — from a classic marble-topped vanity to an ultra-unique one like the live-edge wood vanity featured in this bathroom.

When choosing the vanity for your bathroom, the most important element to consider is space. Generally, small bathrooms look better with slim, low-profile vanities, while large bathrooms can handle bulkier ones.


Consider Japanese Bathroom Design

When it comes to interiors, the Japanese style is all about simplicity, fusing form and function, and incorporating elements of nature. This makes it a favorite amongst design buffs and what’s more, it’s readily achievable using some basic know-how.

Take this bathroom, which uses clean lines, a bamboo shower mat, and a set of orchids to set its vibe. Other elements classically used in Japanese design include stone, sliding doors, natural fibers, and earthenware.


Use A Bathroom Design Tool

With bathroom design tools, a new bathroom design era has entered the picture. These handy companions allow anyone to plot out their floor plan, materials, and finishes as if they were a professional. Though, just as with every tool, there’s some disparity in quality between them.

If you’re really serious about design or you’re starting from the ground-up, you may want to consider a paid tool like Bath CAD. That said, there are also plenty of free tools available like RoomSketcher, which allows you to create a 3D visualization of your bathroom based on its actual measurements.


Give Your Shower Design Some Love

A relaxing shower is a pure and simple pleasure, so why not make it extra special? If you have the space and budget, you can go all-out and create a walk-in shower with a bench and even an additional bathtub.

Or you can simply attach a shower head that creates a gentle rain effect for a more luxurious experience. 


Create A Simple Bathroom Design

New bathroom designs don’t have to be complicated, so if you’re a “less is more” kind of person, consider a simple bathroom design. It feels fresh and minimalist but certainly not sparse, thanks to the plants scattered throughout and the touches of warm color.

You can create your own fuss-free bathroom by focusing on two or three elements of your design and leaving the rest as simple as possible.


Go With A Luxury Bathroom Design

If you’re going to go luxe with only one space in your home, you certainly won’t regret making it your bathroom.

Of course, with its marble bathtub, gold tile, and Grecian style bust, this bathroom is quite an extreme example of the category, but you don’t have to jump into the deep end to achieve a luxe look. Instead, you can simply use a combination of polished finishes, a stately light fixture, and a set of ultra-soft towels. 


Make It Match With Designer Bathroom Sets

Matching bathroom sets can truly tie a design together and can be looked at as one of the final touches to consider. Typically, a bathroom set includes a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and anything else you would normally keep on your bathroom vanity.

That said, you can take the concept a step further by matching other elements as well, like the finishes on your faucet and mirror frame, and doubling-up on your light fixtures.


Consider Different Types Of Bathroom Designs

Many cultures own a distinct interior style and some are so popular, they’ve become a regular part of the design vocabulary.

That said, it’s helpful to know what the general types of bathroom designs break down into. For example, there’s Scandinavian, bohemian, Victorian, farmhouse, and Mediterranean, just to name a few. This bathroom emulates a Moroccan aesthetic, which is particularly known for its use of ornately patterned tile, saturated colors, and arches. 


Treat Small Bathroom Designs Differently

Small bathrooms present a set of unique challenges, but they also have some advantages over larger bathrooms. So here’s how you can maximize your design.

To address its drawbacks, make all decor in your bathroom as slim and compact as you can. Think frameless mirrors, wall sconces, and smart storage options.

To play up the small space's advantages, have a blast mixing color, pattern, and texture because no matter how loud your design gets, the limited space balances it out.  


Opt For A Timeless Bathroom Design

Trends live on the opposite side of the spectrum as timeless bathroom designs, but how that’s defined is different for each person. What’s more, what is now considered timeless was at one point a trend, so the category is constantly evolving.

This bathroom features plenty of natural elements like plants and rattan, and also uses a neutral color palette, making it a lovely example of a timeless design.