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13 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Originally contributed by Stacey Nash • last updated 4/5/2021

Modern bedroom designs take the best of what’s “now” and incorporate it into an irresistible bedroom style. A bedroom with Modern sensibilities has clean lines, well-edited accessories, and pieces that bring meaning to the space.

The look started with Modern art, but today also includes pieces considered to be contemporary. Since most people mix and match their design styles, Modern can mean different things to different people.

We’ve put together some Modern bedroom design ideas to inspire a bedroom that encompasses the best of what’s sleek and new. How will you make this style your own? 


Cool Gray Flooring And Textiles

Вахтбович Максим

Cool grays and neutrals continue to bring a powerful design punch but especially in a modern bedroom design. Modern is all about design with purpose. Grays feel cool, collected, and calm.

This bedroom keeps accessories to a minimum but offers everything you need in a contemporary bedroom—a comfortable bed, nightstands, and a comfortable place to read a book. Add floor to ceiling gray curtains and even the light takes on a calming cast. 


Warm Woods

Вахтбович Максим

Cool colors may be modern, but warm woods on the floors and walls can be modern too. Warm woods glow with natural color, visibly creating a cozy space. It’s the perfect way to make a modern bedroom feel welcoming.

This bedroom gets bonus points for hidden storage. Even a paired down modern bedroom needs a place to store clothes, shoes, and other necessities. 


Medium Tone Floors With White


Many modern bedroom designs revolve around single tones and colors, but Modern can blend tones too. Mix cool and warm by using medium tone wood floors with white walls.

It’s a blend that keeps a white space from feeling too sterile or institutional. Midtones easily transition between cool and warm, so you use a greater range of colors as you move from room to room. 


Mixed Woods

Joseph Greve

Dark tones on the floor look gorgeous with a light-toned bed frame. Modern design readily embraces variety in wood tones.

Unify woods in different tones by looking for wood grains of a similar scale or woods that both fall on the mid-toned side of light or dark. Mixing woods is a step away from matchy-matchy but keeps the bedroom unified and simple. 


Minimal Meets Sophisticated

Hector Falcon

Modern design has its roots in art and beautiful functionality. While it fully embraces minimalism, you can pair that with an opulent, sophisticated piece or two.

In this bedroom, the lamps definitely say luxury, and the artwork brings another layer of sophistication but keeps colors to a minimum. 


Upholstered Headboards


Tall or short, it doesn’t really matter because upholstered headboards are replacing wood and metal. Their natural softness adds inviting luxury while making the bedroom look and feel cozy.

They’re also more comfortable to lean against while reading or watching TV in bed, contributing to functional, livable luxury.


A Wall Of Windows

刘 强

Everyone’s looking for ways to bring the outdoors in, and that’s exactly what a wall of windows does. The natural light floods the room, creating a seamless transition to the outdoors.

You’ll also need to make sure you have window treatments that let you control natural light both for privacy and so you can sleep in complete darkness.

With modern design’s simple take on decor, layered window treatments can become a billowing frame for the great outdoors. 


Welcome Back Pink


Pink has become 2021’s latest neutral, bringing a sense of romance to modern design. Dusty hues keep the room from feeling sickeningly pink, especially when paired with earthy tones of mustard, green, or brown.

It’s also a great pick to add a touch of color to a white space, where it almost blends in but not quite. 


Geometric Rugs

Sonnie Hiles

Geometric patterns hearken back to modern design’s artistic roots. Some geometric patterns keep the eye guessing, but this black and white rug grounds this bedroom.

The eyes can’t help but follow the pattern, giving the bedroom a sense of movement in an otherwise simple space. Basic black and white with a few pops of color feel modern, simple, and comfortably livable. 


Going Green

Julie Aagaard

Green is one of modern bedroom interior design’s shining stars. A deep, moody forest or emerald green in the bedroom definitely brings a sense of drama and romanticism. With otherwise simple furnishings and accessories, it makes color the focal point of a modern bedroom.

Green in all shades is seeing a resurgence. Even olive and lime are popping up in bedrooms. However, use those bright shades sparingly. They can overstimulate the eyes just when you need to calm the mood for the evening. 


The Multi-Functional Space

Medhat Ayad

The days of single-use spaces are coming to an end. Every room in the house is on the hook for extra functionality as more families work and learn from home.

Modern designs may keep things simple, but there has always been a focus on functionality, too. Simple lines, sleek drawers, and seamless transitions between furniture pieces make this modern bedroom a high-function wonder. It’s got just the right blend of art, clean lines, and functionality for a modern space.  


Sconce Reading Lights

Mark Champs

Get rid of nightstand clutter by mounting a sconce on each side of the bed as a reading light. Keep in mind what your goals are when picking the sconce style and shade.

Sconces can focus the light toward the bed or spread it throughout the room. Either is fine as long as you end up with the intended light effect. 


Old World Charm

Sincerely Media

Old world charm in a Modern bedroom — yes. Today’s modern style is about mixing and blending different aesthetics and designs.

If you have a collection of antiques, a few well-placed pieces in the bedroom could be the perfect touch to otherwise modern sensibilities. Antiques often bring earthy tones, textures, and fabrics, which can ground a modern design that’s feeling a little cold.