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14 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 2021

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Modern bathroom design ideas can be anything from putting a spin on a classic concept to pulling together a truly eclectic look.

As a result, you’re completely unhampered by rules, which can be either revitalizing or completely terrifying, depending on how you like to plan and design.

This guide is meant to channel all that creative energy you’ve got percolating, providing you with both inspiration and practical tips so you can nail down the look you want.


Bohemian Ease

A bohemian styled interior feels light, natural, and intriguing all at once, making it an eternal favorite in modern design ideas.

Take this bathroom, which combines an eclectic collection of items and an earthy color palette. You can emulate the bohemian vibe using a few design principles but that said, part of the fun with this style is that it can be taken in many different directions.


Green Scene

Plants certainly imbue a space with both a sense of beauty and aliveness, but they also have a positive effect on our health. They clean the air we breathe and have even been shown to calm our mood and boost our immunity.

What’s more, plants can blend into nearly any of the modern bathroom designs listed here.

Just be sure to choose a plant that will thrive in a humid environment.


Whimsical And Free

As an adult, taking the time out to draw a bath and luxuriate in a heap of bubbles feels like a downright treat, so why not play with this concept and add a touch of whimsy to your design?

The flower cloud, bubblegum pink bathtub, and black swan figurine in this bathroom feel like they’re straight out of a fairy tale.


Industrial Chic

The industrial aesthetic has a deconstructed, stripped-down vibe that stands out among modern bathroom design ideas.

If this appeals to you, it’s useful to know some basics on how this style is put together.

Industrial design is all about exposing the structural elements of a space, so exposed pipes and beams are common to see. Other components that are often considered essential to this style include the use of natural finishes and a neutral color palette.



A monochromatic color palette is an ultra-stylish way to give your design a distinctly modern vibe. What’s more, because you’re not focused on complementing multiple colors, going monochrome frees you up to play with elements like shape, size, and pattern.

Don't forget that monochrome doesn't mean black and white, but simply "one color," so you could go bold with different shades of a rich blue, for example, too.


Concrete Jungle

Using a concrete finish in your bathroom has a minimalist feel that allows you to tailor the rest of your design as you’d like.

For example, you can use live edge wood details and white linens to set a Scandinavian mood like this bathroom, or liven things up by installing a vertical garden.



Japandi blends Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. Its use of clean lines, natural light, and a neutral color palette make it a great option amongst modern bathroom design ideas.

The best part about hybrid styles is that you can easily tilt your look into either category, depending on which design feels more your vibe.


Trendy Terrazzo

Terrazzo is made from a base of either epoxy resin or concrete, with flakes of marble, quartz, or other materials to create its colorful effect. It’s been around the block in the design world, but recently it’s made another come back.

If this style appeals to you, the epoxy resin terrazzo is the best fit since it’s more water resistant than the concrete variety. 



Lighting has a major impact on the overall look and feel of a space and modern bathroom designs often feature it as a primary element.

From the style of your light fixture and its placement, to the temperature of your light — whether it be cool- or warm-colored — you can really get creative.

For an ultra-modern touch, consider lighting that adds a subtle glow, like the mirror in this bathroom.



With its ornamented details and refined extravagance, the Victorian style goes against the simple, clean lines that are typically associated with modern aesthetics.

As a result, designing with a Victorian sensibility is modern in its own right. To emulate this concept in your bathroom, opt for patterned wallpaper, elaborate furniture, and consider a clawfoot tub essential.

If the price of a new clawfoot is outside your budget, check your local salvage yards for a vintage one you can refinish instead.


Moroccan Mood

Moroccan interiors are known for their use of ornate patterns and sensual touches like tropical plants and scented candles.

If this sounds like your ideal style, recreate it in your bathroom by focusing on creating a statement with your tile and using an intense yet earthy color palette.



Modern bathroom designs that take a fresh perspective on water flow can transform the whole vibe of your space.

Take this bathroom, which has a low-profile shower head mounted on the ceiling — it’s a small detail that makes a big impact.

Other examples of this theme include installing multiple shower heads, elevating your bath on a platform, or embracing an open shower concept.


Down To Earth

Design that bridges the gap between interiors and exteriors is a great way to ground us amidst our busy, modern lives.

This bathroom uses adobe walls, subtly finished faucets, and unstained wood to set its tone. If you jive with this concept, you’ll also want to consider incorporating elements like natural light, other organic materials like rough-cut stone, and decorative items like indoor plants and clay pots.



Using a mix of intense, vibrant colors is a great way to update the look of an otherwise simple bathroom.

This bathroom mixes a bold blue tile that’s offset by orange details, but you can also explore this concept by using splashes of patterned wallpaper and even colorful houseplants, like the polka dot begonia.