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11 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Christian Mackie

If there’s anywhere in your house that should feel like a sanctuary, it’s the master bathroom. It’s a private spa where you can wash away your stress.

Finding the right design, materials, and color combinations can make all the difference. Take a look at some of our favorite master bathroom remodel ideas to get the wheels of creativity turning.

Whether your style is boho or modern, we’ve found inspiration to take a builder-grade bathroom from boring to extraordinary. 


The Cool, Breeze Bathroom 

Ronda from Batchelors Way

Cool and breezy, light and airy — they’re all words that can come together for a truly stunning master bathroom.

The aqua and white color scheme in this bathroom hints at vintage, but with a contemporary edge. Colors create a feeling and set a tone, so make sure you know what you’re going for. If your master bath is on the small side, this bathroom’s color scheme would serve as excellent inspiration. 


Continuous Tile

Jon'Nathon Stebbe

Water always presents a problem in the bathroom. If you want a fuss-free bathroom, try continuous tile that extends straight into the shower.

This look unifies the space and makes for easy cleaning. This master bath’s classic subway tile creates a timeless appeal, however, this look works for other types of tile, including patterned and colored designs.


Marbled Walls

Christian Mackie

Marble is a simple, though sometimes pricey, way to add luxury. However, marbled walls don’t need much more than quality fixtures to feel opulent and sophisticated.

Your initial investment will go a long way for the look of the bathroom. You can match the walls to the floor for a seamless look or break things up with a smaller floor tile pattern.

If marble is out of your budget, tiles made of other materials like ceramic are often made to look like marble yet come at a more affordable price.


Floating Vanity

Filios Sazeides

Floating furniture takes up just as much space as traditional pieces, but the floor space underneath lets light pass through, making it feel modern, open, and airy.

You can potentially use that underneath space for storage baskets or bins, too.

Floating vanities are typically smaller than standard models, so they’re fun to pair with a floating shelf or wall-mounted toilet to give the bathroom a clean, futuristic feel. 


The Home Spa

Jean van der Meulen

Home spas have risen in popularity for good reasons. A gentle color palette and clean, zen-like lines give this type of bathroom a calming appeal.

Coordinate the room with large wall tiles, a freestanding tub, and a freestanding glass shower.

Each piece collaborates but on its own offers a place to luxuriate. Add a tub shelf and you’ll have a place to rest a book or your phone while you enjoy music or quiet time. 


Herringbone Tile

Christa Grover

Why did herringbone tile ever go out of style? It’s classy, fun, and adds personality to the bathroom. The grout in this bathroom enhances the herringbone pattern, but you can keep it subtle with a lighter grout that closely matches the tile, too.

The budget-conscious may want to keep this tile pattern to the shower only, but you can really make a statement by using it on all the walls, or even the floor. It works best with thin tiles rather than wide, but if you’ve got a huge master bathroom, even large tiles can rock a herringbone pattern. 


Say It With Hardware

Room for Tuesday

A change of hardware can completely alter the way the vanity and storage affect the room. This bathroom features vintage-inspiration with clear handles to keep it from feeling dated.

It blends perfectly with the gorgeous blue, white, and black color palette. While we’re focused on the hardware in this beautiful bathroom, take a gander at the amazing floor tile.

Here’s a bathroom designed to be different but with a nod to times past. You can use modern pieces to stay current with your master bathroom remodel ideas but still pay homage to the architecture of the home or a time period you love. 


Freestanding Tub And Chandelier

Sara D.
Sincerely, Sara D.

Master bathroom remodel ideas can be a little bit out of the box and use features more common to other rooms. A bathroom with a chandelier definitely feels more luxurious and sophisticated.

Coupled with a modern freestanding bathtub, it's a nod to clawfoot tubs of the past but with a modern edge. Wainscoting and subway tile round out the list of the materials, giving this bathroom a custom look with a vintage-inspired vibe.


Wainscot Vanity

The Refeathered Roost
Home Talk

Wainscot started way back in the 16th Century as a way to hide damaged or decaying walls. That’s certainly not the case now. Today, it’s more often associated with grand English manors.

Prefabricated wainscoting or even DIY wainscoting elevates the bathroom from a functional space to a grand retreat. This design draws the eye to the gorgeous vanity, creating a focal point that also expands the height of the room. 


The Boho Farmhouse

Erica Van Slyke
Designing Vibes

A little bit farmhouse and a little bit boho, this bathroom mixes styles to fit the aesthetic and personality of the owners.

Mixing and matching is all about creating balance. The tile and shiplap bring the farmhouse to the bathroom However, the woven lampshade and textiles add the boho chic.


Wallpapered Bathroom

Hydrangea Treehouse

Wallpaper opens the door to almost limitless pattern options when it comes to your master bathroom remodel ideas. This design uses an Asian-inspired ocean theme that blends perfectly with the gray and white color palette.

However, the muted colors keep it from getting psychedelic and overpowering the eyes. Adding wallpaper to the master bathroom can completely change how it looks and feels.

Choose a modern vinyl or washable wallpaper to ensure it can hold up to the moisture a bathroom produces.