Suburban house painted entirely bright pink leaving no wall, frame, eave or shingle unpainted

Man's Dream Of A Bright Pink Home Is Upsetting His Neighbors

Originally contributed by Ali Carroll • last updated 1/18/2021

Somewhere right now in the Creekside subdivision of Pflugerville Texas there is a man happily enjoying his bright pink dream home. Disgruntled neighbors peer out of windows and grumble over the eyesore as they pull down shades and ruminate over how best to file a lawsuit.

Luckily for Emilio Rodriguez, he’s done his homework. Before starting out on his grand pink vision, Emilio and his girlfriend made sure that when they bought the house the Homeowner’s Association didn’t have jurisdiction over the area. According to Emilio, even if HOA were to establish themselves now, their home would already be grandfathered in and protected from legal recourse. 

Having been the victim of a car accident at only four years old, Emilio was paralized from the waist down. Undergoing dozens of surgeries throughout his life, Rodriguez says that, “When I have to do medical stuff I can look up at the pink house and it kind of calms me down a bit”. 

Adorned with tattoos rich in sentimentality, the paint color was inspired by a design on his left forearm of a pink tongue dangling out of a grey skull. Starting in mid-January, two months after purchasing the house, Rodriguez began to paint. 

Covering walls, eaves, frames and shingles, almost everything inside and outside the Rodriguez house is now a bright bubble-gum pink. After spending $10,000 on paint to-date, Emilio says he’s not at all finished. He plans to expand to the door, driveway, fence and lawn, as well as adding further pink accents to his wheel-chair and filling up the remaining free space left on his body.

Neighbors gawk and claim that on top of not fitting in with their pleasant mountain view neighborhood, the jarring house color is also lowering the resale value of their properties. In response to this, Emanual Alvarado who lives a few houses down advises his neighbors “- to be open-minded because, you know, I think you should invest energy into being unique, being yourself, and not let yourself be suppressed by what society thinks is normal.”