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8 Luxury Modern Kitchen Designs

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Jean-Philippe Delberghe

There's something about modern kitchens that are just really cool. It's probably all of the clean lines, and the industrial accents, and the minimalist elements incorporated into the designs, but they're all so amazing in their own way.

And there's really no wrong way to go about achieving that modern look.

If you're all about living a luxe life, then you may be looking at luxury modern kitchen designs. Luckily, these design ideas combine both luxury and modern style, making them the perfect inspiration for your next kitchen renovation. So check them out here.


Luxury Wooden Kitchen

Elle France

Though one thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about luxury modern kitchen designs is smooth, metallic surfaces, there's something to be said about a modern kitchen that incorporates a lot of wood and textural elements.

The combination of wood grain on the cabinets and the clean lines of the doors in this kitchen look amazing, especially paired with that concrete floor and white countertop. The brick wall in the back is a good indicator that this kitchen is going for an industrial angle.

That makes it look more like the kind of modern kitchen you'd find in the back of a super upscale restaurant. You'd probably feel like a five-star chef cooking in a kitchen like this.


Ultra Modern Luxury Kitchen

TLC Interiors

If there's one thing this luxury kitchen has a lot of, it's space. All of the dark cabinets and the wood incorporated into the island pair super well with the lighter gray countertops and flooring.

The space is already huge, but the contrast of dark and light make it seem that much larger, which is impressive in itself. The whole thing looks like it has more than enough prep space, and the storage is absolutely unbelievable.

Probably the most luxurious part of this kitchen is the fact that the backsplash is made of continuous marble, which definitely isn't cheap.


Gorgeous Luxury Kitchen Design

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Though this kitchen may be a bit more on the traditional side, it still has a lot of modern elements that make it feel extra luxurious. The sheer amount of variety in the cabinetry, for one, makes the space look and feel huge.

And that giant range hood is a really nice touch; not only is it a functional piece, but it looks especially good with the rest of the luxury modern kitchen design.

The beautiful island with its marble countertop that extends over the edge in a waterfall style is probably as sturdy as it is incredible. The whole kitchen has this expensive look and feel to it, and the fact that it's so large probably means that it is.


Luxury Kitchen With Modern Glass Accents


This kitchen is absolutely unreal. The beautiful marble countertops and backsplash look perfect and seamless, and the colors in the stone match so well with everything else in the design.

The texture along the island, as well as the molding incorporated into the wall panels and ceiling, make the space feel so luxurious, like an ultra expensive hotel. The glass cabinets are definitely the showstoppers, though, especially the one suspended over the island.

It really brings the wow factor into this room, but it also subtly showcases how high the ceilings really are. And the fact that it has so much room for different wine and drink glasses gives this kitchen yet another thing to show off.


Modern Luxury Kitchen With Marble Island

Sub-Zero, Wolf, And Cove

This kitchen is really cool. The way it uses so many different colors in its design, and yet it all works so well together, is simply impressive. One wall has cabinets made out of dark wood, while another one has white cabinets and a marble backsplash.

It even has marble accenting along the range hood cover, which makes it feel so clean and interesting. And in the middle of this kitchen is a gorgeous island made with grey marble counters surrounding the whole thing.

It's probably the most segmented yet cohesive kitchen on this list, and every single element exudes luxury modern kitchen style. Though there are a lot of textured elements, it still maintains a level of minimalism as well.


White Modern Luxury Kitchen

Humphrey Munson

This kitchen has a lot of clean lines and white cabinetry, which make it feel contemporary, yet ultra luxurious. The brass accents along the faucet, lighting, and hardware, feel just a little bit vintage, and yet propel this kitchen straight into the 21st Century.

And of course, the contrasting kitchen island helps to ground this space and make it look huge, or bigger than it already is. The tall pantries next to the fridge are a really nice touch, too.

The floors in this kitchen look really neat, too, since they're tiles that almost have a light wood feel to them, all arranged in a subtle herringbone pattern.


Small But Luxurious Modern Kitchen

This kitchen is definitely smaller than the other ones in this list, but you can't deny how beautifully modern it is. There are a lot of dark elements to it: the dark wooden cabinets, the dark marble countertops along the back and the island, the dark stools, and even the dark appliances.

Yet, it doesn't feel closed off in the slightest, and that's probably because of the amount of lighting, and because of the light wood floors and white walls surrounding the entire kitchen.

This just goes to show you that even if you don't have space for a huge kitchen, you can still incorporate luxury modern elements into a fantastic design.


Luxury Kitchen With Undermount Lighting


This kitchen successfully incorporates contrasting colors into its design without making the whole space seem too busy. There are definitely larger kitchens in this list, but this one feels huge thanks to its tall cabinets and even taller ceilings.

The black island that stands in the middle doesn't make the space feel too dark, in fact, it helps to lighten everything up. Though, that's probably because of the masterfully-placed lighting along the bottom of the cabinets, which help to make the entire kitchen feel bright.

Along with those beautiful circular lights hanging from the ceiling, there's enough light in this luxury modern kitchen that you'll never get lost in it.