White bungalow farmhouse building plans with front porch and attic

10 Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Designs

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Country Farmhouse Southern
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Searching for your forever home can be a daunting task. You may find yourself venturing to open houses and scouring showhomes, only to realize what you want isn't on the market. Instead, your dream dwelling is waiting to be built from the ground up.

This may seem like an even more intimidating endeavor but we have good news: you don't have to be an architect to design a home when there are plenty of building plans on the internet.

Much like the 10 low-budget modern three-bedroom house designs we've curated below.


Modern Two-Storey Three Bedroom House Design

Country Farmhouse Southern
Family Home Plans

With a total of 1999 square feet, this charming home features three bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a two-car garage. The two-storey structure is also complete with a gym, media room, and optional attic storage.

Sound like the perfect house for you? The PDF building plans are available on Family Home Plans for under $1300. Included in the PDF are the floor plans, window and door sizes, and electrical information.


House Plans Modern Three Bedroom Two Bath Designs

Lynn M. Hannaman
LSU Ag Center

The building plans for this three-bedroom, two-bath home may not be as thorough as the previous dwelling. But where this design makes up for it is in its price — absolutely free.

The drawings for the 1,164 square-foot house, dubbed The Chesterfield, can be downloaded on the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center. The four-page PDF features floor plans, cross-sections, and a construction checklist.


Simple Modern House Design

Modern Style Garage
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If this home isn't the epitome of a modern design, we don't know what is. The dark exterior and sloping roof are both striking features that make this dwelling a truly unique structure.

But it is the second-floor balcony and art loft that take the concept to the next level. Can't you just picture yourself cozying up on the balcony with a hot chocolate in hand on an autumn evening? We sure can!

And if you do too, you can get your hands on the distinct building plans for just over $1000. These include the electrical layout, exterior elevations, and construction details.


Low-cost Two Bedroom House Design

Farm House
North Dakota State University

Who said three bedrooms had to be a necessity? Perhaps, a two-bedroom house may work better for your living situation. This sweet farmhouse dwelling features all the amenities as the previous homes.

We're talking a spacious kitchen, grand living room, and charming front porch. What differentiates the home from the others is, of course, the loss of a bedroom.

But for what the place lacks in a third room it makes up for in large, open spaces and ample closet space. It's a comprise that certainly pays off.

You can download the free building plans from the North Dakota State University (NDSU) website.


Low-Cost Modern Bungalow House Design

Country Farmhouse Southern
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Maybe a square, two-storey home isn't exactly what you pictured for your forever home. Perhaps a single-level dwelling is more up your alley. All three bedrooms and two baths are located on the main floor in this set of plans.

Another bath and bedroom can be created just above that in the bonus room loft. The quaint home is also complete with a two-car garage and cozy front porch. It's such a lovely addition!


Modern Ranch House Designs

Renovation Headquarters

The ranch home is similar to a bungalow in that both are single-stories. Where they diverge, however, is in the ranch's elongated, low-pitch roof. This is a distinct feature in the building plan of this modern ranch house.

The free PDF, available on Renovation Headquarters, is comprised of floor layouts, room elevations, and foundation details. What's isn't included in the drawing is the garage building plans.

This is because the ranch home lacks a garage. And in lieu of that is a convenient car port that is connected to a back porch by a pair of storage units.


Modern Duplex House Design

Multi-Family Plan
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With a total of 3406 square footage, this chic duplex makes living inches away from your neighbor so worth it. Both sides of the unit feature an identical layout.

That is three bedrooms on the second level, living room and kitchen on the main, and basement on the lowest. The large structure also comes equipped with two single-car garages on either side of the units.

The building plans for these side-by-side homes are available on Family Home Plans. A PDF file costs $1,570, making the drawings one of the most high-priced low-budget modern 3 bedroom house designs on the list.

But do keep in mind that included in the file are the thorough floor plans, electrical locations, and stairs details, among others.


Three Bedroom Modern House Brick Design

Farm House
North Dakota State University

Here's another single-storey, three-bedroom home that's just as cozy as it is functional for family living. The dwelling, which only has one bath, features a brick exterior. This design is a classic bungalow staple that adds ample charm to the contemporary house. 

But that's not all the structure has to offer. It also a loft storage area that can be easily converted into a media room, art studio, or even fourth bedroom. There are so many options!

You can download the free PDF building plans on the NDSU website. There you'll find a plentitude of other housing plans that are just as detailed.


Low-Budget Modern Three Bedroom House Design Floor Plan 3D


Now, let's say you've combed the Internet for hours. And with no luck, you remain just as you started — empty-handed. As much as it may be tempting to close your device, don't sulk in your despair just yet.

If you have yet to find a design for your perfect dwelling, then perhaps it's time to create your own. Become your own architect your dream home with an online 3D home design program.

TinkerCad is one such software that allows users to literally build a structure from the (virtual!) ground up. Be sure to check out Instructables for the complete tutorial of designing a home on the free program.


Layout Low Budget Modern Three Bedroom House Design


Okay, maybe designing a 3D model of your home isn't for everyone. Luckily, other options exist — like creating a 2D layout in Microsoft Excel.

The spreadsheet software is commonly used as just that, crafted spreadsheets used to organize data. But one Internet user saw a different use for the program. They used the computer application to create detailed floor plans.

The plans feature accurate scaling in which four cells are equivalent to one square foot. As well as partitioned areas that are all labeled and colored.

Sure, the plans may not be as detailed as the low-budget modern three bedroom house designs above. However, the layouts are a great start to bring your forever home to life. For all the crafting details, be sure to check out Instructables.