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7 Living Room Paint Ideas With Accent Wall

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Your living room is your sanctuary. It’s where you watch TV, play on your phone, read books, and hang out with family and friends. It’s a place to have fun, but it’s also a place to relax. So when you go to decorate your living room, you really want to do something that captures what it’s all about. 

That means painting your living room a nice color that goes with your style. It means finding that color (or lack thereof) that really speaks to you, and reflects the relaxing atmosphere you want to surround yourself with. But it doesn’t mean you have to make it boring.

When painting your living room, consider a nice accent wall. These can really elevate a space and make it feel truly unique and personal. And a living room is a perfect place for an accent. So check out these accent wall painting ideas to get inspired for your own living room.


Off-White Living Room With Blue-Gray Accent Wall Paint Idea

White is in, and it probably will be for a long time. But having white walls doesn’t have to mean only having white walls. And even if you go with white, you don’t have to go with, like, white-white. 

This living room is really nice because it has the brightness that white walls bring, but also allows for a little bit of color. The off-white walls don’t look out of place against the white ceiling and molding, especially with the blue accent wall. That wall is truly a star. 

A blue-gray color like that one is definitely trendy right now, so it won’t be a bad look in any space. And hey, if you don’t like it, just repaint it. It’s only one wall, after all.


Beige Living Room With Muted Green Accent Wall Paint

Another really trendy color nowadays is green. Pretty much any green under the sun looks good in any space, but we really dig the muted green in this living room. It looks super nice, especially against that beige-ish color on the adjacent wall.

Darker, bolder colors are generally great for accent walls. They give a lot of interest and intrigue to a room without making it seem too dark or closed off. Having white or light walls with a darker accent would definitely look better than the other way around, since the light colors will help make the space feel more open.

And while that beige-ish color isn’t one you see very often in living rooms these days, it’s definitely working well with that green. It gives the whole room a vintage feel, but also keeps it in the 21st Century. 


Off-white Living Room With Bold Green Fireplace Paint Idea

Who said an accent wall has to be a whole wall? Well, the name may imply that, but it doesn't have to be the case. Sometimes the accent portion could be part of a wall, or technically not the wall at all. And in this instance, the accent isn’t exactly on the wall, but it’s still working.

Here’s another really great example of implementing a bold color in a bright living room. The deep green along the fireplace molding looks so nice and regal. But there’s just enough of it to keep the whole space from looking too dark. This green has a bit of blue to it, too, which gives it a bit more body, and keeps it nice and bright.

This kind of color would look so good in pretty much any living room. And this kind of application would work with a bunch of different fireplace layouts. It’s definitely really important to experiment with color. Don’t be afraid to try something bold.


White Living Room With Pink Accent Wall Paint Color Idea

Bold doesn’t always mean dark. Sure, we tend to think about deep, rich, jewel tones and dark neutrals when we think of bold, but there’s another possibility there. Pink. That’s it, just pink. Pink may not be the best choice for an entire room, but as an accent wall like in this living room, it works perfectly.

Pink tends to come across as girly, especially since we have a habit of only putting it in little girls’ rooms. But pink can work in literally any space. A shade of pink like this one looks great in a living room because it’s soft and a bit neutral. There are definitely bolder shades of pink out there, but sometimes the mere act of painting something pink can be kind of a bold statement, if only because it’s not something we typically see in a living room.


Pure White Living Room With Deep Green Accent Wall

Green is definitely going to be a popular paint color this year. Shades of deep, forest green are going to take the decor world by storm. And for good reason; they look so good in pretty much any space, as long as they’re used correctly.

The juxtaposition of the pure white walls and the deep green accent work so well in this room. It gives it this natural, minimalist feel; it’s the kind of room that could and should be adorned with as many indoor plants as possible. In a room like this, deep wooden furniture would look so good against both wall colors. This is truly such an amazing wall painting idea.


Off-White Living Room With Green-Gray Accent And Bonus Tree Mural

Some open concept houses and apartments don’t have a very good separation of space. In rooms like the one above, the living room and dining room may blend in together. But with some clever painting techniques, you can separate that space like a pro.

This room is so cool because rather than have an entire feature wall, it has a feature section on the wall. That green-gray color is another trendy shade of green that we’re all talking about. And the way that it’s being used to separate the living room and dining room is genius. There may not be any walls, but the space feels separate.

And of course, we can’t get over that beautiful tree mural. It’s probably a decal or wallpaper, which would be super easy to implement, and looks pretty good in that space, too.


White Living Room With Bold Charcoal Accent Paint And Wallpaper Design Idea

Now this is super cool. The accent wall in this room has a bump out, either for structure or because of a fireplace that used to be there. And it was used so well in the overall decor of the room.

The white living room has a dark, charcoal gray accent wall. But along the bump out is a strip of colorful wallpaper that matches the charcoal paint. It looks so cool and cohesive. It really shows how easy it is to mix and match both paint and wallpaper in a single space. There’s no limit to how you can decorate a living room if you use different techniques to dress up your accent wall.