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7 Living Room Paint Ideas

Originally contributed by • last updated 5/17/2021

Shiraz Khan

Every once in a while, we all feel the need to update our living space. The easiest way to do that is, of course, to repaint the room. Though it can be a time-consuming process, there's nothing better than being able to see your room in a brand new light once it's all done.

Of course, picking out the right color can be somewhat of a chore. Figuring out what will go with your style as well as current trends isn't as easy as it may seems.

Luckily, we've compiled a list of beautiful living room painting ideas that will inspire you to perfect your own space.


Blue-Gray Living Room Paint Color

In 2021, cool tones are in. Painting your walls with something soothing, like this blue-gray tone, will keep your sitting room on trend for years to come.

It's a nice neutral color, meaning that it can be paired with a lot of different furniture and accent colors. Plus, it brings a lot of color to your walls without making the space seem too closed off.

This would look great in a lot of spaces, but it would especially be wonderful in a smaller living room. Lighter colors let more light in, meaning your space will look a little bigger. That's probably why cool tones like this one are so popular these days!


Green-Gray Living Room Wall Color

Just like the cool blue-gray tones that have been appearing in countless homes, green-gray hues are also here to stay. Just like its blue counterpart, green-gray is fairly neutral, meaning you can repaint your living room without having to completely replace your furniture.

It's also light enough to keep your room from looking too dark or claustrophobic. Again, this look would go really nice in a smaller space, or one that doesn't have a lot of natural light.

But, those of us out there with open concepts or an abundance of windows would still love the way this living room paint idea would look on the wall. And there are so many styles that would work with it, too!


Warm Toned Living Room Wall Paint

Though the cooler neutrals are king right now, let's not discount a nice warm gold or yellow hue. Yellows can be a bit harder to work with; if you're not careful, you could end up making your house look like the inside of a banana — unless that's what you were going for, then all the power to you!

But if you choose right, you could have a unique-looking living space that we'd dare anyone to try to hate. A nice, warm yellow will definitely stand out, especially in comparison to all of the blues and greens out there.

It may not be quite as versatile as other living room paint ideas, but it will still go well with all sorts of different kinds of furniture or designs.


Blue And White Living Room Paint Idea

In contrast with the light, airy colors that many people adore having on their walls, bolder, darker colors remain popular as well. A nice navy blue has never hurt anyone, especially when it's paired with white molding and furniture.

The contrast between the dark paint and the light accents makes for a visually interesting room. If you're too afraid to commit to that dark color, or you have a smaller living room and don't want the space to feel too dark, then you could use it as an accent color.

In this room here, the navy blue accents the white wainscoting, which actually take up most of the wall space. You get the boldness of the dark tone, with the brightness of the white molding. You really can have it all.


White Living Room With A Teal Accent Wall

Even with all of the colors in the rainbow, some of us prefer to have simple, white walls in our spaces. That's perfectly okay. But having white walls doesn't mean having all white walls.

You can still bring some color into your sitting room. There are plenty of great living room paint ideas out there to try, but probably the simplest way to get that color in there is with an accent wall.

Accents can be dark and contrasting, or they can be light, like this teal one here. This is such a great way to add a color that could potentially be too bright to paint an entire room with, all while keeping the paint from overwhelming to the space. Plus, you still get that nice pop of color you're after.


Pink Accent Living Room Wall Paint Idea

You can really do whatever you want with an accent wall. Seriously, you can use any color you want, and that includes pink. Though many of us still think of pink as a color reserved for little girls, that couldn't be far from the truth.

Pink can be used anywhere, and it can be paired with so many other colors and different styles. It looks great. Take this pink accent wall, for example. It's soft and inviting, yet bright enough to be eye-catching.

It's a true focal point for the space. A pink wall would go really well with minimalist designs, since it's not an overly imposing color — unless you're thinking of hot pink or fuchsia, which is a totally different story.


Bold Green Living Room Wall Paint

Though it's true that you may need to be a bit careful when opting for darker, bolder wall colors, that doesn't mean you should avoid them entirely.

This dark green color definitely makes a statement, and when paired with the earth tones in the chair and wooden furniture, it has such a natural feel to it. The room has been decorated in such a way that the green doesn't feel too dark at all.

The white couch, accents, and photos, all help to create contrast and keep it from feeling too closed off. It just goes to show you that, if you know what you're doing when it comes to decor, you can really make any living room paint idea work.

This feels like a great idea for anyone who's looking to add a little adventure to their home.