A laundry room with white appliances and lightly colored walls.

6 Laundry Room Paint Color Ideas

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Thistlewood Farms
Thistlewood Farms

The laundry room isn’t a space we usually associate with decor. Laundry rooms are for storage; they’re where we clean our clothes, keep cleaning supplies, and store things we don’t have room for anywhere else. Sometimes your laundry is even in a dingy corner of the basement, a space you hate visiting. 

But that doesn’t mean a laundry room can’t be nice. It is, after all, a multi-purpose room when it comes down to it. And just as every space in your house does, your laundry room deserves to look as beautiful as it can.

And really, it’s surprising what a coat of nice paint can do for a space. Sometimes that’s all you need to revamp your whole decor. So check out these laundry room paint color ideas to help you transform your own space.


Small Laundry Room With Neutral Gray Wall Paint Color

Every laundry room is different. Some are big, while others are small. If your laundry room only has room for the essentials — a washer, dryer, and maybe a couple of shelves — that’s perfectly fine. You can still make that space shine for whenever you need to use it.

A really great way to add a bit of style to your laundry room walls is to paint the walls a nice, neutral color. Whites and grays work really well, especially in smaller rooms. You don’t want something that’s going to be too dark or overpowering.

This white laundry room with a gray accent wall works really well because it’s a good balance between light and dark. Accent walls are a really great paint idea for pretty much any space since they add just enough color. And in this case, it was a good call. 


Laundry Room With Faux Wallpaper Paint Idea

There are a lot of really cool ways to paint walls to make them look like they have wallpaper on them. This laundry room wall looks absolutely stunning with the pops of black along that white wall. The faux wallpaper look gives it a bit of color and texture, but is again not too overpowering.

This is another really great, subtle idea to add design in your laundry room. Alongside the wooden shelves, the paint gives it a really nice, almost rustic feel. And if you have decor like this in other parts of your house, this could be a great way to continue the design. And again, it’s a really simple painting idea to do. It takes about as much effort as painting the wall, but the results are vastly different.


White Laundry Room With Green Painted Molding

White really does make sense in a laundry room, since these rooms are typically fairly simple. But white doesn’t have to be the only color in yours. There are so many other colors that can work in a laundry space if they’re used correctly.

The combination of white and green is simply fantastic. Not only through the colors themselves, but through the addition of molding, too. This would be a really great idea if you have molding around other parts of your house, since it would tie everything together. 


Large Laundry Room With Off-White Paint Color

Thistlewood Farms

As we all pretty much know at this point, white walls make for bright rooms. But you can still have a bright room without using pure white. There are plenty of off-white options out there that will give you the brightness of white, but with a little hint of color. 

The walls in this laundry room are so fresh and clean. And they’re just ever so subtly off white. It works really well in a space like this that doubles as a mud room, since it allows for a lot of light to come in and really make the space feel large. But that doesn’t mean it would only work in a larger laundry room.

Realistically speaking, we don’t all have large laundry spaces to work with. But we don’t need to have them feeling too closed off all of the time. A bright, off-white color would work in any space that needs a bit of brightening up, but could still use a little bit of color in there.


Large Laundry Room With Green-Gray Wall Paint Color Idea

This laundry room feels too good to be true. It’s just so large and spacious, and it’s beautifully decorated to boot. This is definitely a great idea of what to do when you have a lot of space in your laundry. 

That trendy green-gray color definitely isn’t going away anytime soon. And this room shows that it can work pretty much anywhere, not just in a living room or bedroom. Painting all the walls the same color works really well in this room, probably because of all of the white and black. The black counters and white cabinets really help to bring out the green color of the paint. And the plants are an added way to compliment that color. 

All in all, this is the kind of laundry room we’d all wish we could have. And though painting your entire laundry room one color may make it feel a bit closed off, a color like this one would work really well because it’s so soft. 


Laundry Room With Gray And White Colors Along The Walls And Paneling

This laundry room is absolutely adorable! The fact that it has a lot of gray doesn’t make the space seem too dark; in fact, it actually does the opposite. That gray feels so clean and modern, and works so well with the white accents. 

This is another laundry space that has a simple panel design along the walls. This works really well because it gives the room a little bit of texture, but doesn’t do too much. Molding in a laundry room isn’t totally necessary, but it’s always a nice little touch.