A spacious kitchen with a large, multifunctional, wood-top sit-in kitchen island.

6 Kitchen Island Plans

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House By The Bay Design
House By The Bay Design

These six DIY plans showcase the style and functionality of a kitchen island. If you’re renovating your kitchen or simply need a change or addition to your existing kitchen, you will definitely find some inspiration through these plans.

Even in a smaller kitchen, there are benefits to having a kitchen island. They maximize space and add storage, seating, and an additional area for food preparation. Whether you make them to match your existing kitchen cabinets or paint them to create contrast, they will also give your kitchen a more finished and high-end look.

The six free DIY kitchen island plans in this article will show that there’s something for kitchens of every size and style, all without breaking the bank.


DIY Kitchen Island From Scratch

Woodshop Mike
Build Something

The sleek finishes and modern butcher block countertop make this an on-trend option for a DIY kitchen island plan. It houses multiple drawers for storage, including one for garbage and recycling receptacles.

The free plans for this DIY project detail how to make it from scratch, including what tools you will need, what kind of wood to use, and the dimensions for each piece. This kitchen island will definitely take more than a little elbow grease, but every step is clearly laid out in the downloadable diagrams, making it as straightforward as it can get. There is even a video tutorial for an extra perspective.


DIY Kitchen Island On Wheels

Jen Woodhouse

This kitchen island was designed to be a functional centerpiece in the kitchen. Its painted design and butcher block top make it modern with a little bit of a rustic flair. Since it’s on wheels, it can be positioned to any part of the kitchen for any use. It has open racks that give it an airy and spacious feel, all while maintaining storage space.

This DIY kitchen island plan can be found in a free PDF file which gives step-by-step instructions on measuring and assembling. Not only is it easy to follow, but the end result will be well worth it.


Repurposed Cabinet Kitchen Island

Classy Clutter

The white countertop and navy cabinetry of this kitchen island make it ultra-modern and stylish. It actually uses individual premade cabinets that have been assembled, painted, and fitted with a countertop. Assembly is easy and a bit quicker than making it completely from scratch, and you can achieve a more custom finish.

While this kitchen island’s DIY plans rely on store-bought cabinets, meaning they don’t give exact measurements for each step, they show the process in a very detailed way. The fact that the cabinets are premade means that you can adjust them to whatever cabinet size you need for your kitchen.


China Cabinet DIY Kitchen Island Plan

Joanne Diamond
Home Talk

This kitchen island is incredibly custom, made from the bottom of an old china cabinet and a solid wood door. The detailed finishes on the cabinet doors and the use of solid wood for the top give it a nice, rustic look.

It’s a relatively easy way to not only upcycle old furniture, but build a new piece for your kitchen as well. Though this DIY idea does not come with detailed plans or blueprints, it serves as inspiration for similar projects using old furniture.


Prefab Cabinet DIY Kitchen Island

House By The Bay Design

Though this kitchen island looks expensive, the power of DIY makes it much more affordable. Using prefab kitchen cabinets, this island boasts a great deal of space for prep, storage, and seating. It also has space for an electrical plug, meaning you can use small appliances on its surface.

Plus, this island is quite large, making it perfect for when you want to occupy a large space on a much smaller budget.

This DIY kitchen island plan includes precise measurements, diagrams, and plenty of images to make the process as simple as possible.


DIY Custom Kitchen Island

Domestic Blond
Domestic Blonde

This DIY kitchen island has a microwave shelf, modern finishes, and an upscale look, all while being budget-friendly. It relies on finding deals and putting together a mishmash of different cabinets, but assembly is not terribly difficult or time-consuming.

The tutorial for this island has steps, measurements, and materials all detailed within and even contains a few tips on finding money-saving solutions to achieve the more expensive finishes.