Kitchen Island Ideas Sleek And Clean Design DIY

14 Kitchen Island Ideas DIY

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Lucy Call
Style Me Pretty

From messy baking with the kiddos to intimate, romantic wine nights, your kitchen island goes through a lot.

That’s why when it comes to planning the design of your island, there’s a lot to consider. Should your space be solely for food prep, or do you want an overhanging countertop to function as a breakfast bar?

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you’re not alone. Thus, we’ve gathered the very best DIY kitchen island plans to show the heart of your home some love. 

Ranging from all-out marble to minimal butcher blocks, explore the crafty designs below!


Marble Waterfall Island


Used as backsplash, floor tiling, and sleek countertops, marble has long been a classic stable in the kitchen. But the grained rock is taken up a notch with this dreamy marble waterfall island.

Pair the bar with simple wooden stools and you’ve got a multifunctional space built for both early school mornings and clinking glasses of chardonnay with friends. 


Industrial Butcher Block

Jen Loves Kev

Even if your kitchen is on the larger side, sometimes going big and luxurious isn’t the right option. A minimalist island can bring the wow factor while allowing other elements in your cooking area to shine as well.

This narrow kitchen island, for instance, is crafted out of a pre-cut butcher block and iron piping. The result is an industrial unit that complements the existing wood and iron aesthetic of this chic space.


Hidden Pull-Out Table

Lewis & Weldon

Perhaps one of the most unique kitchen island ideas in this list, this elegant island is the space-saving kitchen hack you never knew you needed.

The white cabinetry of the unit not only matches the rest of the built-ins that run the length of the cooking area, but it also hides a discreet pull-out table.

The custom legs of the wooden piece are equipped with hidden casters allowing the feature to slide out for additional food prep or entertaining space. And when you’re done, the unit slides back in seamlessly. 


Zest Up Your Current Island With Wallpaper

Burritos and Bubbly

Want to spice up your kitchen island but don’t want the hassle of an entire renovation? Use wallpaper! Yes, you read that right. Applying a layer of wallpaper to the base of your existing island can make the entire unit feel refreshed.

Plus, depending on the type of wallpaper you pick, you’ll be able to add both a pop of color and texture to your cooking space!


Ditch The Rectangle

O'Neil Industries Inc.

The classic rectangular kitchen island isn’t always the best option for every kitchen. Peculiar shapes — like oblong, diamond, or hexagon — can maximize the most countertop space for your cooking area.

And if that’s not convincing enough, the lone-standing unit will surely be a statement piece talked about during family get-togethers!


Go Vintage

Midcounty Journal

Who said kitchen islands have to look brand spanking new? Repurposing older, distressed furniture into the island of your dreams can be exactly the rustic charm you’re looking for in your kitchen.

Be sure to embrace every nick and dent that has a unique story to share. 


Experiment With Color

Lauren Chorpening Day
Design Sponge

Painting the base of your existing kitchen island can update the heart of your home without the need for a complete reno.

This island features a sleek waterfall countertop that meshes with the surrounding white cabinetry. To break up the monochromatic look, the base of the peninsula is painted olive green.

The pop of color is subtle enough to add interest to the space without being overbearing. 


Upcycled Bookshelf Island

Little Glass Jar

Have an old bookshelf lying around? With this simple DIY, you can transform your existing shelving unit into a narrow kitchen island fit for even the tiniest of kitchenettes.

With a fresh coat of paint and a stained slab of wood, the result is a farmhouse chic statement piece with plenty of open shelving space.

For more storage capability, consider installing hooks on either side of the feature to house utensils, lighter cookware, or even hanging herbs. 


Kitchen Island Bench Duo

This multifunctional kitchen island is a seamless two-in-one food prep and dining area. One side features a sleek sink with plenty of counter space and storage.

The other is a half-moon bench built into the rectangular unit. The clever design is a perfect way to unify larger kitchens and makes cooking meals — then demolishing them in minutes — a total breeze.


Headboard Paneling Island

Domestic Blonde

Using headboard paneling on a cabinet base is among the clever DIY kitchen island plans makers are loving. Not only is the material relatively inexpensive, but it’s also an easily paintable material.

That means you can be experimental with the design of your island. From avant-garde to monochromatic minimalist, the aesthetic options are endless! 


Ikea Cabinet Island

House By The Bay Design

Crafting a kitchen island from scratch can be a big project to take on, so it’s a no-brainer that DIYers turn to simple and budget-friendly cabinetry from Ikea.

Building the island around an Ikea cabinet base and a small bookcase shelving unit is a simpler alternative that yields a stunning result.  


The L-Shaped Island

Bob Narod
Gilmer Kitchens

An L-shaped island is the kitchen island idea that keeps on giving. The countertop side of the island is placed conveniently near the kitchen range and oven. It's the perfect setup for a stylish, yet functional food preparation area.

The other is an oak waterfall table that’s elevated slighter higher than the marble counter side. Whether used as a breakfast bar or rustic table for entertaining, this wood addition is a unique feature to any kitchen.


Shutter Island

Beyond The Picket Fence

Unfortunately, this shutter island doesn’t come with Leonardo DiCaprio. But what it does offer is a moveable food preparation table perfect for even the smallest of kitchens.

With upcycled shutters on either side of the island, the gaps between the wooden panels can be used to hang magazines, wire baskets, and even hanging potted plants.


Two Layer Island With Extendable Table


Two-tiered kitchen islands are a popular choice among homeowners and designers alike. But when your kitchen is on the smaller side, sometimes you have to get creative.

Behold this extendable countertop island that pulls out to the length of a full-sized square dining table. While this project may seem to be more of a challenging build, the DIY, by husband and wife duo of Minimotives, is actually quite simple and super budget-friendly.