Grey Kitchen Floor Tile

14 Kitchen Floor Tiles Designs

Originally contributed by Stacey Nash • last updated 5/3/2021

The kitchen floor takes serious wear and tear through the course of a normal day. It has to be durable while acting as the foundation of your kitchen style.

Set the right tone with a kitchen floor tiles design that’s deliciously gorgeous but strong enough to endure dropped water, pots, pans, and food. Take a look at a few of our favorite inspirational tile kitchen floors. 


Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns


The layout pattern in this kitchen floor makes an elegant statement all on its own. Play with tile layouts until you find something that accentuates the architecture, room size, and overall feel for which you’re looking.

A unique tile pattern like herringbone, stacked, or Versaille (pictured) creates movement and visual interest in what could otherwise be a boring space. 


White Kitchen Floor Tiles

Vecislavas Popa

When you imagine floor tiles, you might get trapped in thinking small. Tiles come in all sizes, and these large white ones create a stunning definition of kitchen space. White’s clean, fresh feel works perfectly in this modern, minimal space.

The white tiles stand in contrast to the living room’s warm wood but add light to the entire room. These white tiles also make the kitchen feel far more expansive than its footprint suggests.


Grey Kitchen Floor Tiles


Grey can hide dirt and debris better than either white or black. The hue modernizes the color palette while, at the same time, the staggered layout pattern brings a traditional feel.

These large tiles work perfectly in this large open kitchen. Match the tile size to the kitchen size. Smaller tiles work better in smaller kitchens, but in a big kitchen, they can be too busy.


Black and White Kitchen Floor Tiles

Max Vakhtbovych

We already know tiles don’t have to be the same size, but varying colors in creative patterns make a mark too. This black and white tile design leans heavily on the white, using the small black tiles for definition and visual interest.

A monochromatic kitchen floor tile design complements a modern style, pairing well with different words while keeping the overall feel sleek and modern. 


Faux Wood Kitchen Floor Tiles


Hardwoods aren’t always the most practical in the kitchen. However, these days tiles can mimic any number of materials, including woods of all grains and colors.

Faux wood tiles are made to look like planks, fooling the eye while bringing the warmth of wood into the kitchen. They’re enough to fool a discerning eye, yet resist spills and water better than wood ever could. 


Earthy Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

Jorge De Jorge

The earthy feel of terracotta tiles ground the kitchen and help it feel a part of the surrounding architecture and landscape. Their rough texture enhances the rest of the kitchen’s rustic design.

However, terracotta tiles aren’t always this rough and rugged. You can get that red, earthy warmth in a smooth tile that’s easier on the toes, too. 


Large Plank Floor Tile Design Ideas


Here’s a kitchen floor tile design that plays with shape and scale. The rectangular shape borders on a plank that’s usually reserved for wood or faux wood tiles. Larger planks are also used for natural stone like slate, granite, and marble.

Get the look of those same natural materials with tiles that make the kitchen look sophisticated and luxe. 


Vinyl Tile Floor Designs

The Gold Hive

Try vinyl tiles, and save money without sacrificing appearance. Vinyl got a bad rap in years past, but today’s vinyl looks and performs much better than the avocado green and mustard yellow of the '70s.

Ashley from The Gold Hive designed this pattern and installed these tiles one at a time for a one-of-a-kind kitchen floor. If you’re willing to work out the design and put in the sweat equity yourself, vinyl tiles can keep cash in your bank account while elevating your kitchen. 


Bold Pattern Floor Tile Ideas

Angele Kamp

Tile patterns turn the entire floor into a water-resistant work of art. From arabesque and art deco to Mexican or handcrafted, the number of tile patterns available keeps expanding.

Patterns have a distinct flavor, so choose one that complements the kitchen’s design without overpowering it. You’ll have to balance the scale and colors with the rest of the decor. However, a well-chosen pattern can make you smile every time you cook. 


Checkerboard Floor Tiles Designs


A tile checkerboard adds a retro flair while loudly defining the kitchen space. Bright and bold, this kitchen floor tile design belongs in an adventurous kitchen. It pops with a few eclectic pieces, bright colors, or a fully monochromatic color palette.


Marble Kitchen Floor Tiles

Max Vakhtbovych

Marble tiles in large sizes add luxury and sophistication to the kitchen. There’s no faster (and sometimes expensive) way to make the kitchen transition from functional to beautiful.

Of course, if the real deal is out of your price range, save a little cash with faux marble tiles made of porcelain. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference and your pocketbook will thank you. 


Brown Kitchen Tile Ideas


The color of the earth brings a warm, rich tone to the kitchen. This beautiful open floor plan looks stunning with a natural, rustic floor tile that feels like a part of the surrounding landscape.

The otherwise clean, modern aesthetic doesn’t fall on the stark or institutional side because the tile gives it a relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere. 


Black Kitchen Floor Tiles


Black isn’t too dark for the kitchen. In this gorgeous, modern kitchen, the black and gray tile elevates the look from functional to refined.

It’s a stunning new take on the monochromatic kitchen, letting the white walls and countertops reflect light while the tile absorbs it. A kitchen that’s bathed in natural light won’t feel blinding with this floor tile design. 


Hexagon Kitchen Floor Tiles


Hexagon tiles are a fun way to change up the kitchen. The grout lines keep the eye moving, and hexagons add an element of whimsy and playfulness that leans more toward casual.

This kitchen design pairs warm hexagon floor tiles and a subway tile backsplash with cheery white cabinetry. The mix of cool and warm with differently-shaped tiles creates visual interest and a light-hearted feel in a kitchen with little natural light.