Kitchen with cubby shaped cabinets.

11 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

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Choosing a kitchen cabinet design is no easy job. There are endless options. So how do you begin to decide? If you’re doing a full kitchen renovation, the sky is the limit when it comes to design. If you’re updating existing cabinets, you can play with color or hardware. 

Begin by deciding what styles you love or hate. Then, decide how you need your kitchen cabinets to function — drawer pullouts, open shelves, etc.

The fun starts once you put all of your needs and wants together. Whet your appetite by looking through inspiring spaces with various kitchen cabinet designs.


Colorful Beadboard In The Kitchen

Christa Grover

Kitchen cabinets with beadboard doors will always be a classic design. Even if you only do a few with beadboard and leave the other doors with a smooth finish, you’ll have added a dash of cottage, coastal, or country style.

Beadboard doesn’t always have to be white — color is important in the kitchen. This kitchen feels like one big warm hug thanks to the abundance of teal beadboard against buttery cream walls. 


Open Lighted Kitchen Cabinet

Fran Hogan

When you look at this small, yet open and airy kitchen, it almost appears that the entire wall is all glass.

Instead of closing up the space with a closed-door cabinet, they opted for a brightly-lit set of vertical shelving to house glassware.

There’s plenty of closed cabinetry in other places in the kitchen, such as the drawers beside the barstools.


Reclaimed Wood Cabinetry

Chastity Cortijo

You can’t get any more natural and organic than having kitchen cabinets made from reclaimed wood.

But rustic can still be refined. Though reclaimed wood cabinets are farmhouse- and eco-friendly, adding color or a contemporary lighting fixture into a kitchen with reclaimed wood cabinetry modernizes the space. 


Kitchen Cabinet Designs With Hidden Appliances

Aaron Huber

If an ultra-streamlined kitchen is your vision of perfection, you’ll want to consider cabinetry that hides large and small appliances. White beadboard cabinetry hides two large refrigerators in this all-white kitchen.

The vertical lines in the cabinetry and the hardware create a soothing and smooth look to the eye. Open shelving breaks up the continuous expanse of white cabinetry. Even though the white cabinets hit the top of the ceiling, the kitchen still feels open and airy.


Curved Kitchen Cabinets

Barry D.

Mid-century modern furnishings made curves vogue until they gave way to more linear looks. But it’s making a comeback and reaching into the kitchen, as well.

Curved kitchen cabinetry has a subtle touch that softens a kitchen and takes the edge off of kitchen cabinet design. It also adds a unique vibe of vintage glamour and space-age ambiance to a kitchen's design.

The kitchen here has a curved lower cabinet, but you’ll see many kitchens with curvaceous upper cabinets going forward. 


Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Designs 

Sidekix Media

Kitchen cabinet design is anything but bland. Color and drama are the keys to a vibrant eating space and a two-toned kitchen delivers both.

A black-and-white two-toned kitchen offers drama while a blue-and-white two-toned space like the one pictured brings in needed color for a custom look.


Sky High Kitchen Cabinet Design

Sidekix Media

Fill in that space between the tops of your cabinets to your ceiling with more meaningful storage space instead of leaving it to catch dust.

Note the placement of horizontal hardware on the ceiling and lower cabinets which contrasts the vertical hardware on the upper wooden cabinets. 


Furniture-Like Cabinets

Sergei Sushchik

This kitchen’s dramatic wall of flowing cabinets looks smooth, streamlined, and barely causes any visual disruption. Behind those flat-paneled cabinet doors with their minimal hardware is tons of hidden storage space. The monotone wood facade makes the cabinets appear more furniture-like.


Pop Of Cabinet Color

Kam Idris

Dip your toe into the world of colored cabinets by painting one unit a contrasting hue from your other cabinets. You might like the option if you’re determined to have an all-white kitchen, but still want a lively spark of color — maybe even to match a range in a vibrant hue.

Other ways to bring in subtle pops of color to your cabinets: replace doors with glass-fronts or eliminate the doors on a couple of cabinet to display colorful pottery or glassware.  


All Open Cabinet Design

Mike Welch

Open shelving in kitchens is a classic way to add more space, but it’s become increasingly popular today as homeowners want to showcase kitchenware collections and art, or simply have easier access to dishes without having to open clunky cabinet doors.

If you’re not a fan of open shelving, consider that it will force you to keep your kitchen organized, streamlined, and clean versus cramming your cabinets full of sometimes forgotten items.

You’ll also find that your kitchen feels and appears larger because you’ve made the space open and airy by taking away cabinet doors.


Happy, Yellow Kitchen Cabinetry

Megan Markham

Whether you love contemporary or country, sunny yellow kitchen cabinetry can brighten up your day. Bring a smile to your face with all yellow cabinets or temper it with sparkling white tiled walls and countertops.

Or try lemon yellow cabinetry hand-in-hand with sky blue accents to make your kitchen the happiest one on the block.