Kids bedroom with bunk wooden bed, teepee, stands, carpet frames and toys.

Kids Room Paint Ideas

Originally contributed by Mackenzie Stratton • last updated 3/29/2021

When designing for your kid’s room, you have the green light to toss minimalism to the wind in favor of something fun and free. After all, kids love to color outside the lines, so why not get a little extra creative? 

That said, kids are also infamous for behaving rather — ahem — carefree so you may be comforted to know there are ways you can kid-proof your paint job. 

As with any room in your home, it’s smart to decide on your décor first since you can always customize your paint color and design, whereas you don’t have much flexibility in terms of the former. This guide is here to act as your fairy godmother for kids room paint ideas, complete with inspiration and practical tips.

A Creative Collage

If your kid likes to craft, why not gather an array of stencils and paint a collage on their wall with them? It’s a fun, easy way to imbue a room with some character. This image features a collage made with various flowers, plants, and a raincloud, but you could also get inspired by a safari theme or a cityscape.

Rainbows and Butterflies 

Childhood is a fun and whimsical stage of life and kids room paint ideas should reflect that. Enter the hand-painted rainbow, which you can customize to fit the palette of colors your kid prefers. You can also get creative and replace one of the bands of color with a pattern, like the rainbow portrayed in this image.

Lovely Landscapes

If your kid has an adventurous spirit or just simply loves the outdoors, consider painting a landscape on a wall in their room. What’s more, it doesn’t necessarily require a lot of artistic skill. For instance, the accent wall in this image depicts snow-capped mountains that feel reminiscent of naïve art.

Starry Night

The best kids room paint ideas create a space that encourages both play and imagination. The star-stenciled wall in this room emulates this concept perfectly and is complemented by a playful light fixture and a treehouse inspired bed frame. You can go for a simple and straightforward look or something more intricate like a constellation pattern.

Draw a Diagonal

Painting a diagonal line on your kid’s bedroom wall is a great way to create a visual frame and add intrigue to the space. The lilac colored swath in this room is overlaid with floral decals for a fun and feminine vibe. Balance out your design by installing a shelf or hanging plants on the unpainted portion of the wall.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are a timeless pattern and what’s more, you can have a lot of fun customizing their size, shape, and color. For example, the polka dots featured in this room range from burnt sienna to peach and have a hand-painted appearance. Though if you want a more perfect shape, consider using a stencil.

Animal Prints

Painting animal prints with wall stencils is not only stylish but also a great way to save money because it’s often less expensive than wallpaper. Think of a dalmatian, leopard, giraffe, or a sparrow print like the accent wall in this photo. You can keep the rest of your kid’s room décor minimal or mix patterns for a bolder look.

A Simple Stripe

If you’re looking into kids room paint ideas that will last as your child matures, consider painting a simple stripe. That said before you slap on your paint recall the rule of thirds, which explains that visually, the eye is drawn to compositions split into three equal parts. As a result, it’s often best to paint either one or two-thirds of your accent wall.


Want to bring a dash of the outdoors, in? Go for a forested look, which you can recreate by using a range of stencil patterns, including birch, bamboo, and evergreen. Then, fill the rest of the space with décor that reflects this natural vibe, like woven baskets or fuzzy, furry rugs.

Sunny Days

Consider painting a sun on your kid’s bedroom wall, using its natural endpoint to create a horizon line. It’s a simple way to brighten up the space and what’s more, you can riff off the theme by using a variety of light fixtures. For example, the room in this image uses a disco ball and a woven lampshade, but you can also use colored bulbs or string lights.

Stickers and Stencils

Using high quality wall stickers allows you to change the look of your kid’s room without damaging your walls, so they’re great to mix with a painted design that you’re more set on. For example, this room uses stenciled stars near the ceiling with wall stickers near the bed, which can be swapped out with other nature inspired images or more abstract patterns.


Kids room paint ideas don’t have to be complicated to stand out. Take this room, which makes its statement with a simple scalloped pattern, complemented by a spotted wallpaper and an added splash of color to the molding. To create a scalloped shape, trace only half of a circular stencil or follow this tutorial, which calls for painter's tape and only a few more tools.

Painted Ceiling

Consider painting a pop of color on an unexpected surface, like the ceiling. You can drop down the color to cover part of the side walls like the room in this image, paint all four walls and the ceiling in the same color, or simply paint the ceiling and hang wallpaper on the walls. Just be sure to paint your ceiling before you tackle your remaining walls since drips and smudges can happen.

Layered Look

Layering colors of paint over one another is a simple way to add dimension to your kid’s bedroom walls. To create this look, apply just one layer of each paint color because otherwise, the blended color won’t show through. You’ll also want to make sure that your background wall is subtle in color, like cream, beige, or light gray.