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Indoor Jungle Inspiration For The Passionate Plant Parent

Originally contributed by Amanda Naccarato • last updated 2/22/2021

Being a plant parent is no easy job, especially when you've taken on the task of nourishing many potted babies at once. 

Now take all that time and effort and quadruple it; that's what it would be like to cultivate your own urban jungle. 

Sure, it may be a lot of work, but the reward can be like no other. With the right amount of patience, care, and boldness, you can turn your home into a striking green oasis much like the ones below.


Bohemian Nook With Plenty Of Greenery

Is there anything better than filling a tiny corner of your home with greenery? The answer is absolutely not! Just take a look at how the array of plants in this boho-style living room adds both a pop of color and texture. 


Take A Leaf Of Faith

There's no shortage of foliage in this light and airy living room stuffed to the brim with plants of all shapes and sizes. 

And can we talk about that gorgeous large window that provides so much sunlight to all this growing greenery?!


Breathe Fresh Air Into Your Dining Room 

Sure, this dining room may have more plants than seating, which may lead some to believe the area is way too busy. 

But for us, the room is perfect the way it is: bursting with life — literally! Plus, get a load of the structural elements in this space that add yet another interesting feature to the room.


Curate The Urban Jungle Of Your Dreams

Calling all plant lovers! This stunning indoor jungle overspilling with all sorts of greenery is the boho haven you didn't even know you were looking for. 

Can't you just imagine all that purified air you'd be inhaling!


You Can Never Have Enough Greenery

Okay, serious question: how many plants in a bedroom are too many? Do you draw the line at five? 10? Enough to fill an entire indoor greenhouse? 

Yup, you read that right! This bedroom has so much greenery packed into the large, open space that a greenhouse was required. How fun!


Paint And Plants Make Quite The Duo

There are many reasons homeowners incorporate foliage into their homes, such as promoting air purification, boosting productivity, and even fulfilling aesthetic purposes. 

While the latter may not entirely be the motivation for the greenery in this bedroom, it's certainly undeniable how stunning the plants are in bringing the space together.


The Boho Sunroom That's Greenery Galore

If this isn't the definition of an indoor urban jungle, we don't know what is. The balance of all the earthy tones with the differentiating shades of green is a heavenly combination that we're so here for!


Flora Entertainment Center

Don't have a partner to binge your favorite television series with? 

Plants can make the perfect company in lieu of human interaction. Just take a look at all the foliage encompassing this media console and tell me you don't feel loved.


Bathe In The Company Of Your Plant Companions

If you had the option to relax in the tub surrounding by an abundance of your potted pals, would you soak the opportunity up? 

We sure would! Plus, you finally won't feel guilty for using all the hot water since the plants are benefitting from the steam too. It's a total two-for-one.


 So Much Foliage, So Little Space

Overcrowding any space of your home with decor may well be a home design faux-pas, but we think we can let that rule slide for this bedroom with lively greenery bursting at the seams. 


Carry Plants Throughout Your Entire Space

So far we've seen indoor plants contained to one specific space in a home, like the living room, bedroom, and dining area. But you don't have to limit the amount of greenery in your dwelling to one room. 

Rather, you can create cohesiveness in your entire home by displaying foliage throughout different parts of your space. Just note how well the design works for this pair of open-concept living rooms.


Greenery Staircase

Even stairs could use some plant love every now and then!


 Make Use Of Existing Structural Elements When Displaying Plants

If you got it, you might as well flaunt it, right? Right! 

And that's exactly what this plant lover did by arranging her plethora of foliage above and around her exposed structural beam. It's such a clever idea that makes her dwelling radiate in greenery.


 There's So Much Greenery That You Have No Choice But To Take a Shelfie

Just because your collection of flora is confined to a shelf doesn't mean you fall outside the parameters of indoor urban jungles. 

Rather, house plants can be arranged in whichever way feels right to your home. Let your greenery hangs loose for all to see or keep them primp, proper, and totally instaworthy — you make the call!


 Arches And Tropical Plants Are So In Right Now

We don't know what we love more about this living room, the gorgeous arched entryway, or the excessive number of plants nestled in terra cotta pots! 


 Spruce Up A Window Sill

Who would've thought vines would make the perfect addition to a kitchen window? Well, this interior designer sure did, making their space pop with bright leaves, tulips, and daffodils. 


Showering Is Better When It's Together

Showering in the companying of greenery is always a good idea, for both you and your plants friends!


 Plants Make Everything Greater, Even Working From Home

Studies have found that incorporating plants into a workspace can increase productivity up to 15 percent. 

So take this as your sign to fill your home office with as much flora as possible and create your own workplace jungle.


 Bring Some Organization To Your Foliage

If the above image was a bit too overcrowded for you, then perhaps this decluttered workspace is more up your alley. There is still plenty of plant life to keep both your spirits and productivity high.


 Up In The Air

Hanging greenery suspended from the ceiling really helps emulate the urban jungle ambiance. Aren't these plants so dreamy, especially in combination with the string lights and paperback novels?


 Big Plants For A Tiny Home 

We don't know about you, but this small kitchen overrun with greenery is giving off some serious tiny home vibes. 

And what better way to feel close to nature than living off-grid in a mini home filled with growing foliage?