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11 Impressive DIYs For Your Bathroom

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Taylor Beach

The bathroom may not always be your favorite room, but that doesn’t mean it has to look bad or boring. If you want to redecorate your bathroom without spending thousands of dollars on a total overhaul, then you’ve come to the right place. As tempting as it can be to write off your old bathroom, there’s so much you can do without going out and buying all new hardware, mirrors, or vanities. And there’s even more you can do if you’re willing to put in some DIY work.

By adding a bit of decoration or finding inventive ways to jazz up the more functional pieces of the bathroom, you can turn your room into something you’re proud to show guests, or even just use yourself. Here are some great ideas that you can do yourself or just use as inspiration to build your dream bathroom without breaking the bank. 


Ocean Stone Bath Mat

Tattooed Martha

It goes without saying that a bath mat is an essential part of any bathroom. They provide a surface for you to dry off on that keeps you from being directly on the bathroom floor, and they can add a decorative touch to the room as well. But instead of going for a standard bath mat, why not try one made with stones?

Tattoed Martha has a great tutorial on how you can turn any old rubber mat into one that not only looks nice but will withstand water and provide a non-slip surface too!


Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

Cherished Bliss

One fairly easy way to step-up your bathroom decorating game is to give your mirror a new frame. There are plenty of options out there for bathroom mirrors that already have nice frames on them, but it’s totally fine if you want to go out and make a customized frame for yourself. Cherished Bliss has a tutorial on how you can add a beautiful, rustic frame to your bathroom mirror.


Tile Your Bathroom Mirror Frame

The Stoneybrook House
The Stonybrook House

If you want to have a sophisticated mirror frame but don’t love the look of wood in the bathroom, you could always try tiling your mirror instead. It’s actually quite easy and, as long as you get your measurements right, doesn’t require cutting any tiles whatsoever. Check out the tutorial at The Stoneybrook House if you want to try this out for yourself.


Spray Paint Your Shower Fixtures

Bless'er House

Do you want to change up your bathroom shower fixtures, but are too afraid to mess up the plumbing by switching them out? Would you rather not spend a fortune on something that does the same thing, but just looks a little nicer? There’s a surprisingly easy solution: just spray paint your fixtures. Bless’er House has a tutorial on how to do just that, and while it does take a bit more effort, you’ll save a lot of money and have something that’s totally you.


Add Some Storage With A File Box

Dream Green DIY

Keep the clutter and the cords off your sink by adding some storage. Even if you have a lot of bathroom storage already, it may be difficult to find places to keep thinks like hair dryers and irons handy. Luckily, the fix won’t cost too much, and can be installed in a breeze. 

Check out Dream Green DIY’s tutorial on how to create a hanging storage compartment using a file box and some Command Hooks. It’s super simple and versatile, and you can stick the box to any area that would be most convenient for you!


Make A Vanity Tray With Feet

Homey Oh My

Another simple way to elevate the design in your bathroom while keeping your clutter to a minimum is by adding a tray to your vanity. You can put any decorative or functional item on it, and the legs give it a sophisticated flair while keeping everything clean. You can find a tutorial on how to make this tray on Homey Oh My.


Use Baskets As Towel Shelves

Making Lemonade

Wall storage is seriously underrated. It doesn’t take much to make your bare bathroom walls look nice while giving you extra space to store things. Take this idea, courtesy of Making Lemonade. Grab some woven baskets, place them on the wall, and you have the perfect spot to store towels that are ready to use. The beachy look of the baskets is sure to give your bathroom a clean, airy feel.


Add Some Shelving To Your Toilet Paper Holder

DIY Show Off

A toilet paper holder is a very, very integral part of any bathroom. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Attaching a shelf to your toilet paper holder is a little thing you can do that would make a huge difference. You could use it for a teensy bit more storage, as decoration, or even to put your phone or tablet. And it’s not a terribly difficult process. Check out DIY Show Off for the full tutorial.


Make A DIY Towel Holder Out Of Rope

Greco Design Company

A towel holder by the sink isn’t a must have, but it sure is a nice-to-have. They’re easy enough to by, of course, but why not try making one?

This towel holder is a super cool way to keep a towel on hand that’s anything but traditional. Using a bit of rope, some effort, and the tutorial from Greco Design Company, you can make this for yourself. It would be an especially stylish piece if you’re going for a nautical or beachy theme in your bathroom.


A DIY Ladder For Over The Toilet

Jenna Sue
Jenna Sue Design

Now this is an idea that’s sure to impress your guests (and yourself, for that matter). The wall behind your toilet is generally an excellent space to add a few shelves or a storage unit, and you can make something super nice that ties the room’s décor in perfectly with a little DIY magic. If you’re into that rustic, farmhouse style, adding a ladder shelf will definitely do wonders. You can follow along with the tutorial on Jenna Sue Design to learn how to make this for your own home.


Use A Stencil To Pain Your Floors

Cutting Edge Tiles

Applying paint to floor tiles may sound strange, but it’s actually quite possible. Plus, it can give your tiling amazing designs without having to sink time and money into replacing them. Cutting Edge Stencils on Hometalk has a tutorial on how to use a stencil to create unique patterns on your bathroom floor, including how to seal the paint so that it can withstand regular use.