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14 IKEA Kitchen Design Ideas

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Daniela Gisin-Krumsick

Kitchens are the heart (and stomach) of the home, which makes their design a huge project. If you’ve priced your dream kitchen, you’ve probably experienced the sticker shock of kitchen cabinets and countertops. IKEA kitchen designs offer an affordable alternative.

IKEA’s online kitchen design studio lets you customize the cabinets to fit your existing space. While their aesthetic leans toward minimal, IKEA kitchen design brings flexibility and hands over creativity to you.

So you can create a space that’s functional and sophisticated, if that's more your style. Everyone needs a little design inspiration, and these IKEA kitchens provide plenty of it. 


The IKEA Farmhouse Kitchen

A Piece of Rainbow

IKEA’s look tends to lean toward modern or minimal, but with the right countertop, hardware, and sink, you can have a full farmhouse kitchen. This kitchen’s butcher block countertops and white cabinets say simple and farmhouse.

The addition of gold hardware keeps it from going too far to the country side of design, adding the right blend of sophistication 

The stainless steel farmhouse sink really completes the look. It all comes together in a modern take on a classic style. 


Custom Hardware

Neat n Tiny

IKEA cabinets don't come with their own hardware. On the one hand, that means more work for you. On the other, it lets you combine their kitchen cabinet options with any hardware you want.

Customize the cabinet/hardware combination to fit your style and color palette. This kitchen’s white and gold combination looks luxe and welcoming all at the same time. 


Dark And Dramatic

Christ Love Julia

Dark cabinets bring mood and drama. Here, they’re paired with white concrete countertops that prevent the kitchen from feeling too heavy.

Some people fear that dark cabinetry will make the room feel stifled and small. That’s not a problem here. The gold hardware has a vintage-y vibe, and it works well with the butcher block island that also happens to bring the natural warmth of wood. 


Cool And Breezy

Northern Nester Owner
Northern Nester

White on white on white makes this kitchen feel like a cool breeze is blowing through. The silver hardware blends beautifully with the whites for a kitchen that’s bathed in cool, relaxing tones.

Once again, that classic white subway tile creates a timeless appeal. This kitchen also sports an eat-in dining room table instead of an island for a comfortable, country feel. 


Simple Black And White

Daniela Gisin-Krumsick

We’ve seen a lot of white with hardware and farmhouse details, but what about simple black and white? A hardware-free kitchen in a monochromatic palette works well for those who love a modern, minimal design approach.

The cabinetry almost melds into the wall so that light keeps moving throughout the space. That leaves the black countertops to grab the attention. It’s basic, yet anything but boring. 


Fun Storage Options

Dinh Ng.

There’s never enough kitchen storage. Ever. IKEA’s designers believe in convenient storage that works within whatever space you have. The flexibility of IKEA’s designs lets you take advantage of otherwise unused vertical space.

No room for pans? No problem—hanging racks with as many S-hooks as you want provide a solution. Need your knives off of the counter? Magnetic strips it is. 


Blue Tile With IKEA Cabinets

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A blue stacked tile backsplash lets the white IKEA cabinets pop. This kitchen also features a touch of farmhouse style with open shelving. That open shelving gives the dreamy blue tile plenty of space to take center stage.

White on white works for some, but sprinkling in a fun colored backsplash gives the kitchen extra design appeal and a touch of personality.  


Slightly Off-White

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White isn’t the only neutral worth considering. Off-white cabinets have a similar clean feel, but add a warmth with color.

They’re complemented in this example with a pure white countertop that brings richness to the cabinets. This neutral palette straddles the line between warm and cool, but when paired with natural wood open shelving, it falls on the warm side while staying airy at the same time. 


Cool Gray

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Gray is the perfect cool neutral if white isn’t for you. Simple, sleek cabinet doors keep the kitchen minimal yet functional. Don’t forget the under-cabinet lighting to brighten the kitchen and light your way through meal prep. 


Small And Multi-Use

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Not every kitchen is grand and spacious. IKEA kitchen designs are perfect for small (or tiny), multi-use kitchens. This kitchen’s small footprint is hardly noticeable.

The white and black IKEA cabinets extend into an adjoined breakfast counter or homework space. Of course, it could function as extra food prep space too. The backsplash continues through the eating area, tying it all together. 


Mobile Island

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Islands (we’re talking HUGE islands) are one of the latest design trends, but kitchens with a small footprint make a mammoth-sized island a no-go. This IKEA kitchen has a cart island that adds mobility and the warmth of wood.

It’s perfect for extra storage and food prep, and there’s something to be said for mobility. Move it to the end of the counter or closer to the kitchen table when working on a project. It has the flexibility to make the kitchen work for you.  


Dark Wood Fronts

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These dark faux wood fronts give a warm sophistication works in kitchens large and small (in this case, small). It’s perfectly paired with a light backsplash so that all light keeps bouncing around the room.

IKEA has cabinet fronts for lots of different design styles. Hardware or no, you’re likely to find something that complements and fully utilizes the available space. 


Herringbone Backsplash

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This herringbone backsplash has the traditional appeal of subway tile but in a tile pattern that gives the kitchen something extra special. Why do we like it with IKEA cabinets?

You can splurge on the tile and save on the cabinets, but the kitchen still looks amazing. These cabinets are like design chameleons that can either take center stage or create the canvas for other design elements. 


Knobs And Pulls

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IKEA kitchen design ideas aren’t always about every piece coming from IKEA. Sometimes IKEA offers the perfect finishing touch. In this kitchen, it’s the hardware.

Hardware makes a subtle but important impact on the overall look of a kitchen. You can splurge on lighting or cabinetry and save a bundle with one of IKEA’s gorgeous hardware options.