A butcher block island made out of an Ikea dresser.

6 IKEA Furniture Hacks

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IKEA Hackers
IKEA Hackers

This should go without saying, but everyone loves Ikea. Their furniture is versatile and inexpensive. You can do a lot with a lot less. That’s probably why it remains such a popular place to buy furniture and accent pieces.

But their furniture doesn’t always work for what you need it for. Luckily, since Ikea furniture happens to be so versatile, they can be worked into a load of different projects.

That’s where hacks come in. It’s so easy to transform their furniture into something that will work for you and your style. Check out these cool Ikea hacks that use furniture in different ways.


Rattan TV Credenza Ikea Hack

A living room kind of isn’t complete without a credenza. Even if you have your TV mounted to the wall, the credenza is still pretty necessary. For one thing, it fills what would be an otherwise empty space. It also allows you to store things, like your receiver or game consoles. Of course, you probably didn’t need us to tell you that.

Since a credenza is going to have a place in your living room, you might as well make it one that’ll be unforgettable. This credenza, for instance, is a beautifully refinished Ikea furniture piece that looks anything but ordinary.

Everything here works so well. The white base, the brassy legs, and the netting along the doors. It gives it this vintage vibe, while also resembling rattan a little bit. It’s definitely the kind of statement piece that would look really good in a minimalist room.

It’s pieces of furniture like this one that show how easy it is to transform furniture. This is definitely an Ikea hack to keep in the back of your mind for later.


Cat Litter Box IKEA Hack

Jules Yap
IKEA Hackers

We seriously love cats so much. And if you love cats too, then you probably know the joys of having one (or many) in your home. But there are downfalls to being a cat owner, too. Like their stinky, unsightly litter boxes that never look great no matter how often you clean them.

But it’s not the end of the world. If you don’t love the look of a litter box (and who does?) then just camouflage it. It’s a lot easier than you may think. You’d just need an appropriately sized shelf with a door.

This Ikea unit-turned-litter box is kind of a must for cat owners. It gives you a nice piece of furniture that blends in with the rest of your decor. But the best part is that your kitty can still do its business without you having to see all that litter all over the place.


Ikea Lack Table With Built-In Planter Hack

IKEA Hackers

Those Lack side tables you can get from Ikea? They’re pretty nice, albeit somewhat basic, but you can't beat the price. If you like how they look, then that’s great. But you can always spice them up just a little bit more. We seriously would’ve never thought to do this with any table we own.

You just need to cut out part of the tabletop and install a planter box. Then, you put in soil and plants of your choice (succulents probably work best). It’s probably a bit more complicated than it looks, but it’s still a really simple concept. And it looks so great!

Seriously, with such a simple upgrade, this table looks completely different. And there’s still plenty of surface space on the top to place drinks or books or whatever else you may have. Plus, you get plants. As we all know, you can never have too many plants.


Giant Grid Mirror Ikea Hack

Those seriously huge grid mirrors you may find in stores or restaurants would look great in a residential space. The only problem is, they’re really expensive. If you aren’t afraid of a little DIY, though, then you can make a grid mirror of your own. You just need a board and some Ikea mirrors.

It takes a bit of measuring and patience, but this isn’t a super difficult task. It would save you so much money, too. So the work you put in would definitely be worth it. And really, there’s nothing better than having a custom piece of furniture that you made yourself.

The end result is something that looks a little bit rustic, a little bit industrial, and a little bit modern. Really, this thing could fit into any style. It’s kind of ridiculous. You could even paint the frames to help it fit in even more with your decor (if that’s even possible).


Hemnes Sideboard To Kitchen Island Ikea Hack

IKEA Hackers

Kitchen islands are really handy. If you can fit an island in your kitchen, you may want to get one. Of course, cabinetry and countertops are expensive, so that can be a bit of a deterrent. But there are plenty of ways to get around the high cost of kitchen fixtures.

This beautiful kitchen island is made out of a Hemnes sideboard from Ikea. It has a beautiful coat of paint on it. It also has a really nice butcher block countertop. Butcher block can be inexpensive if you know where to buy, plus it has the added bonus of being a surface you can cut on.

This is definitely a great alternative to buying a kitchen island. It’s also something you can really customize and make your own. It’s another really great Ikea furniture hack to keep in mind in case you ever need it.


Light Up Your Ikea Shelf Hack

IKEA Hackers

Sometimes the simplest furniture hacks are the most effective. This Ikea shelf isn’t fully transformed, but it does have a nice light in it. It sort of doubles as a lamp and a display, which is honestly pretty cool.

It shouldn’t be too hard to fit some LED lights into an Ikea shelf. If you do that, then you’ll have something totally unique, even if it isn’t a full departure from the original look. And as always, you could take it a step further by using different colored lights. Or maybe you could paint the shelf a different color. Really, even simple concepts can be elevated further.