Shirts hanging on hangers in an armoire with hats on a shelf above.

How To Repurpose An Armoire

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When it comes to upcycling projects, vintage armoires are a classic. Armoires are exceedingly versatile in that they can be transformed to suit an array of storage requirements.

Not only that, but their vintage aesthetic adds a touch of charm and personality to a space that can’t quite be replicated by modern furniture.

We’ll show you some fantastic ways of how to repurpose an armoire. This way, you can revamp aged furniture to meet modern needs!

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Kitchen Pantry

For many of us, we never seem to have quite enough storage space in the kitchen. Between food, herbs, spices, oils, pots, pans, dishes, bowls, cutlery, appliances, you name it, we often don’t have a place for everything we need, culinary-wise.

Rather than installing new cupboards, which can be expensive (if we even have the room), antique armoires create great kitchen shelving pieces.

Just place the armoire wherever you have room, even if it’s not in the kitchen, and put whatever you can’t fit in the cupboards on the shelves!

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into Toy Storage

For those who have little ones running around the home, you’ll know that with little one’s come an abundance of toys.

Perhaps, like us, you don’t want to continually look at all the toys scattered across the carpet, day in, day out. Especially if there’s a piece of Lego waiting to be embedded in your foot.

Enter the armoire. With its many shelves, there’s plenty of room for toy storage in an armoire. It also has the added benefit of looking great while simultaneously helping to keep the chaos at bay.

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Gardening Shed

Who says the armoire has to stay inside to serve a purpose?

That’s right; an old armoire may be the optimal way to store your gardening tools, watering cans, pots, and even soil.

When taking a piece of indoor furniture to the great outdoors, you will need to do some preparation. But it’s quite easy.

Merely apply a sealant on the armoire to protect it from the elements. While you’re at it, maybe try painting it that funky color you’ve always wanted to try.

Your plants will thank you because now, with a great new prep space, you’ll probably be spending a lot more time out with your flora friends!

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Linen Closet

Towels, sheets, and accent pillows not in use need a home too. An armoire could be the perfect solution!

Start by painting the old armoire to match your current decor. We’ve fallen in love with the use of chalk paint on vintage furniture. You can then add some extra personality by upgrading the hardware or even refinishing the existing knobs and handles.

From there, simply fill the armoire with all your linens that aren’t currently in use. It’s a gorgeous way to keep things fresh and arranged in a way that you can always find what you’re looking for!

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Craft Supply Station

You may need a lot of tools and materials, depending on your crafting preferences. Or maybe you’re searching for a place your yarn and crochet needles can comfortably call home.

It’s not just the shelves of an armoire the are great to store these items, but the doors, as well.

Installing pegboard on the back of an armoire’s doors suddenly gives you a space to hang scissors, brushes, tape, whatever you need.

When you’ve finished a project for the day, know that all your tools and materials are all stowed away in one convenient location.

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Changing Table

Nursery, meet armoire. Armoire, meet nursery. When designing that comfortable space for infants, vintage armoires can do a world of wonder.

The shelves can act as storage for diapers, bibs, bottles, blankets, you know, baby things. However, the uses don’t stop at storage.

Get really creative by removing some of the shelves and replace them with a changing table that can be opened and closed as needed. 

While we’re on this trajectory, paint the armoire a cheerful color to match the rest of the cozy nursery. You can even line the changing station with lovely wallpaper or fabric.

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Shoe Closet

For the footwear-fanatic, this is a wonderful option. 

Having an armoire dedicated to your shoes frees up closet space. It also can be a beautiful way to showcase your boots, heels, sandals, and everything in between.

The shelves even help make it easier to find the footwear you’re looking for, as everything will be on display.

The vintage look of old armoires is also an ideal companion for the fashion-conscious, pairing nicely with Adidas and Jimmy Choos alike!

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Bar

While you may not need your very own speak-easy-inspired bar, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to want one. Come to think of it, why want when you can have!

If you love to entertain and often find yourself whipping up refreshing cocktails for your guests, then a bar may be the perfect addition to your home.

Armoires are perfect for this purpose.

Customize the shelving to accommodate your glassware and choice bottles, and display your collection of finer wines and brandies with your visitors.

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Desk/Workstation

Working from home, but don’t exactly have the whole ‘where does everything go’ part figured out yet?

Move some of the shelving around in the armoire to create a desk with plenty of room for your computer, printer, books, paper, and your other work essentials.

This nifty upcycle has the added benefit that when the workday is over, you can simply close the doors and not think about work. Work-life balance!

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Hallway Closet

Have you ever said this to one of your guests, ‘may I take your coat,’ and realized you had nowhere to put it? Think again!

By installing a closet rod inside an armoire, you’ll quickly have a place to hang coats other than haphazardly piling them on the bed.

Armoire closets aren’t just suitable for when you have guests either. They’re perfect for mudrooms, and general everyday use, too.

Especially if you opt to remove the doors and turn the lower shelves into a bench. Like magic, you’ll have a place to lace up your shoes as you head out the door.

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Vanity

The pleasure of having a dedicated space to get ready in the morning cannot be overstated. Particularly if your home is a little more hectic during the wee hours of the morning than you’d prefer.

By removing the top and bottom shelves, keeping the middle one as a table, an armoire can become your dream dressing and makeup space.

Install a mirror above the table section, and acquire a chair that can be tucked into the armoire to keep the oasis to yourself when the doors are closed.

Hooks and floating wall shelves can easily hold makeup, jewelry, and any other morning essentials.

How To Repurpose An Armoire For Pet Supplies

We love our animal friends, and that often means buying their favourite treats, food, toys, collars or whatever else.

We may not have any concerns when it comes to spoiling our pets, but perhaps we need some help when it comes to the storage department.

The remarkable thing about armoires is their ability to hold things. A lot of things. So whether those include big food bins or cat scratching posts, an armoire has you covered.

Oh, and the doors can keep curious little noses out of the snack bowl that seems to suddenly vanish when you forget you left it out.

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Laundry Area

Laundry rooms are about utility. There’s no doubt about that. We need them to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful!

And even if you can’t envision them as beautiful, they can, at the very least, be well organized. Organization is simple with an armoire in the laundry room: all your detergents, dryer sheets, and linens in one place.

If you want to take the armoire repurposing one step further, transform it into a laundry hamper, as well. Or, how about a fold-out folding/ ironing table? There are so many options!

How To Repurpose An Armoire Into A Birdcage

Not all pet owners fall into the dog or cat variety. In fact, many swap fur for feathers!

For all the bird owners out there, this armoire upcycle is a must-see. By replacing the doors with wire, this piece of furniture is seamlessly converted into a bird sanctuary.

There’s just something so ornate about using a vintage armoire as a birdcage. It really fills us with a sense of wonder.

The curves present on antique armoires are reminiscent of 19th to early 20th-century bird cages in the most phenomenal way!

If you have any creative ideas on how to repurpose an armoire, we’d love to hear them!