a bed set covered with hotel collection bedding

Hotel Collection

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Shelby Gleba

Replacing your bedding with a fresh new set every now and then is an easy way to help transform the entire style of your bedroom. The same can also be said about fresh new linens in the bathroom. If you’re looking to take your design choices to the next level and replicate that Five Star feeling at home, a top notch hotel collection series might be just what you’re in need of in the bathroom and bedroom. But, buyer beware, as not all so-called Five Star collections live up to their luxury namesake.


The term hotel collection typically refers to sets or collections of more luxurious, higher quality bath and bedroom linen products. The term is borrowed from the lavish designer bath and bedding products often associated with Five Star hotels. Bedding sets, bath linens, and bathrobes in these collections often have higher thread counts and softer fabrics. As a result, they are considered to be more comfortable and stylish than their less expensive counterparts. Various brands use the label on their premium series as part of their overall line-up of bath and bedding products. However, they often come with varying degrees of quality and in a wide range of prices, as there are no standards or regulations around the use of the term.

What’s The Best Hotel Collection Series?

Five Star hotels around the world are revered for their luxurious bathrobes and ultra-comfortable bedding so it’s no wonder people rush out to buy similar series at more affordable prices. However, the materials used in these luxury sets might not be all you’d expect for the price tag you pay:

  • With high quality, typically comes a high price tag — and the same is mostly true for the best hotel collection bedding and bath linens. However, many top brands have lower-tiered series that offer similar premium collections at reasonable prices, which can be found through most big retail chains.
  • Be careful when buying products that are labelled, “Hotel Collection.” If you’re looking for high quality bedding and bath supplies, be sure to verify that you’re purchasing the real deal — either from a reputable seller or in-person.