DIY accent in home office with floating shelves

14 Home Organization Hacks

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Karen Schravemade
A House Full of Sunshine

Picture this: your kitchen is overspilling with pots and pans, your bedroom closet looks like a tornado blew throw it, and you seriously can't remember the last time your garage saw sunlight underneath piles upon piles of junk.

If this imagery struck a chord, you may be suffering from a common condition — functionally dysfunctional home organization. Luckily, there are plenty of remedies shared all over the internet to help eases the symptoms.

We've curated only a few of the best home organization hacks sure to help guide you on the right track and transform your dwelling from all-out chaos to structured bliss.


The Command Center Kitchen Organization Hack

Jules YAP
IKEA Hackers

What's better than a command center that helps keep your entire life in order? A command center discreetly built into kitchen cabinets for practical organization that can be hidden away with ease.

The unit is complete with a variety of crafty organizing solutions, like a DIYed corkboard, laminated pockets for storing bills and receipts, and weekly meal plans. How genius!


A Handy Pegboard Shed Organization Hack

Seb Tech DIY

Long gone are the days of losing small tools to the dark abyss in your backyard shed. Instead, keep all your pliers, screwdrivers, and measuring tapes neatly organized on a modern pegboard.

Individual plywood boxes were crafted for each tool and gadget to ensure that every item has its own designated area on the board. This way you'll always find your hardware supplies in the last spot they were placed.


A Rolling Cart Nightstand is the Perfect Bedroom Organization Hack

Homey Oh My

Whether your bedroom is spacious or as tiny as a walk-in closet, all sleeping areas could use an upgrade in the storage department every now and then. And what better way to do just this than by turning a rolling cart into a chic nightstand much like Amy of the Homey Oh My blog did.

Each layer of storage allows for a ton of possibilities — think plant displays, book shelves, and even housing for chunky blankets.


Double-Duty Rod Closet Organization Hack


Boost the storage capability in your closets with this DIY double clothing rod. The project uses a wooden dowel that's suspended from the wall-mounted rod with chain links.

This additional dowel functions as a lower rod, perfect for hanging boots, purses, hats, and plenty of other accessories. Talk about a genius home organization hack!


Baskets Shelves: One Of The Most Clever Bathroom Organization Hacks

Making Lemonade

Tired of spending an entire day cleaning your bathroom only for towels, toilet paper, and all sorts of washroom supplies ending up misplaced within a few days? Us too! But fortunately, Carrie of Making Lemonade offers a crafty solution — create DIY shelves with baskets mounted to a wall.

The baskets, which take up zero floor space, allow for effortless storage of rolled-up towels, stacks of toilet paper, other toiletries, and even hair and makeup products.


The Prettiest Pantry Organization Hack Around

KC Coake
Real Creative Real Organized

Organizing your kitchen pantry can be both functional and chic with this super simple labeling hack that helps keep your baking supplies and non-perishable items in order.

Using a Circut cutting machine, vinyl adhesive, and transfer paper, KC of Real Creative Real Organized was able to adorn tin canisters in cursive lettering. And the result was nothing short of practical and pretty!


A Pallet Garage Organization Hack

Using one large pallet that measures six feet in length, or two regular-sized pallets secured together, you'll be able to create this lengthy garage storage that effortlessly houses all your gardening tools.

The unit is mounted to a garage wall to ensure the structure doesn't tip over. It's one of the simplest home organization hacks on the list that's so effective.


Hidden Storage Makes The Best Small Space Organization Hack

Agata Dimmich

Living in a small dwelling often requires homeowners to get crafty when making the most of their limited square footage. And one way to do this is by creating storage units that can be fitted underneath larger furniture.

Take, for instance, this slim storage unit on wheels that fits underneath a sofa when not in use and slides out when needed. The DIY tray can house all sorts of small items that would otherwise take up space out in the open like books, TV remotes, and blankets.


A Super Simple Basket Refrigerator Organization Hack

Samantha Pregenzer
Simply Organized

Plastic baskets, which can be easily purchased at a dollar or bargain store, were all it took to keep Samantha Pregenzer's freezer neat and tidy.

The founder of Simply Organized placed the baskets on both the top and bottom shelves of her pull-out freezer for brilliant storage that can easily be duplicated in an upper fridge.


This Clever Craft Room Organization Hack

Francesca Stone
Fall For DIY

An over-the-door shoe organizer is typically used as just that — a shoe organizer that's suspended on the backside of a door. But Francesca of Fall For DIY decided to get creative when it came to the functionality of her organizer.

She used the hanging storage units to house all her crafting supplies. The clear pockets hold all sorts of materials, like yarn, paint, brushes, and tape. How genius of a home organization hack!


The Chic Accent Wall Home Office Organization Hack

Karen Schravemade
A House Full of Sunshine

Is your home office looking dark and dingy? Perhaps, it's time for a little facelift. And by facelift, we mean a super functional accent wall complete with spacious floating shelves and chic wire baskets.

This is precisely the makeover Karen of A House Full of Sunshine applied to her office and the results are nothing short of breathtaking. Have a look!


A Clothing Rack Is The Handiest Clothes Organization Hack in Sight

The Merry Thought

A DIYed wooden clothing rack is not only super practical for a bedroom that lacks sufficient closet space, but it's also aesthetically pleasing.

Isn't this minimalist, open wardrobe absolutely stunning? We sure think so! And if you do too, be sure to visit The Merry Thought for the complete project.


A Vintage Hanger Jewelry Organization Hack

All Things Beautiful

Why tuck all your jewelry away when it could instead be flaunted for all to see! Using a wooden coat hanger, fabric cut into small pieces, a clear sealer, and cup-hooks, you'll be able to create this vintage mounted wall display that's just as functional as it is chic.


The Nursery Organization Hack That's A Total Lifesaver

Rachel Humiston
I'll Have Coffee

Being a new parent is far from an easy task. That's why creating a nursery that's easy to navigate and equipped with all the necessary supplies is so essential.

Installing a functional shelving unit onto the backside of a closet door is one way to do just that. All the diapers, bibs, and blankets— among other baby products — will then always be an arm stretch away when you need them.

Although it may be one of the simplest home organization hacks on the list, its effectiveness is undeniable!