Photo of bedroom that's mostly white, but with pops of bright, pastel colours.

14 Girls Room Paint Ideas And Colors

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Girls room paint ideas aren’t always so easy pick out. That said, there are a few tricks to make things easier.

First, make sure to buy your decor so that you can choose a paint color that will tie it all together.

Second, decide on how you want to paint your walls because this has the potential to change the mood of your room. For example, do you want a single coat of color or do stripes or a sponge-painted effect appeal?

This guide will provide you with both inspiration and practical tips on color so you can nail your girls room color palette. 


Warm Gray

Gray doesn’t have to be cold and uninviting; if you use a warm hue and accent it with soft decor, you can design a bedroom that will last as your child matures.

Start with a hue like Gossamer Veil by Sherwin-Williams. 



For girls room paint ideas, navy is a great choice for making the rest of the room pop. Try a hue like In The Navy by Sherwin-Williams and balance its depth with funky forms and bright accent colors.

You can also use light to set the mood, so try using colorful string lights or unique light fixtures.  


Rose Gold

Rose is classically feminine but this hue's slightly peachier tint provides an updated feel.

Start with the paint color Romantica by Benjamin Moore, and then bring out its warmth with metallic decor, like a golden-framed accent mirror.


Warm Beige

Beige can be blah but it can also be beautiful. To ensure your girls room feels like the latter, opt for a warmer hue of beige like Medici Ivory by Sherwin-Williams.

You can take it from boho to minimalist, depending on what decor you prefer.


Soft Mint

A soft mint manages to be both light and funky, so it’s a great hue to try different painting techniques with, including ombre, stripes, or playful blotches.

Go for something like Green Aqua by Behr, and for the rest of the room, focus on bringing the vibes back down to earth by incorporating a wicker chair, pieces of driftwood, or a geometric-patterned rug.



Lilac is both dreamy and sophisticated, so it carries well through many stages of style. Soft shades of brown, gray, and green go excellently with a shade like Dusty Lilac from Behr.

If you’d like to keep things simple, paint just one wall in your chosen shade of lilac. If you want to make a bolder statement, paint all four walls in lilac and layer a decal on one of the walls.


Forest Green

Forest green isn’t an stereotypical girlish color, but it can be super stylish in a girls room, nonetheless. The super-power of this hue of green is that it’s easy on the eyes and merges well with soft design elements like plush blankets or woven baskets.

To achieve this look, pick up Yukon Green by Benjamin Moore.


Blush Pink

When it comes to girls room paint ideas, blush pink may seem like an obvious option. But what makes it contemporary is how and where you use it in a room.

You can paint your ceiling with a shade like Innocence by Sherwin-Williams, while using a simple pattern on the adjacent wall to counterbalance it.

That said, make sure to tie both walls together by mounting a few pieces of artwork that incorporate similar colors and patterns.


Burnt Sienna

Sienna is a natural pigment that, in its raw form, is an earthy yellow. But when heated, it becomes a red-brown.

As a result, its hue ranges greatly and if you’re interested in painting it on your walls, Emotional by Sherwin-Williams is like Goldilocks — that is, not too yellow and not too red.

Burnt sienna looks great with earthen and adobe-inspired decor, so try incorporating clay pots or Navajo-style rugs.


Citrine Yellow

Citrine yellow is both versatile and easy on the eyes. It looks lovely with muted colors, like sage green or a heather gray.

A shade like Lemon Grove by Benjamin Moore has a rich, yet balanced feel. This color would look great painted as stripes, but if you opt for this, just remember to balance them visually and anchor them to a window or shelf.   


Emerald Green

Classic girls room paint ideas certainly don’t include jewel tones, but emerald green is both bold and feminine.

Start with Poseidon by Sherwin-Williams and see where your preferences land you — you may want to create a luxe look by incorporating metallics and textures like velvet, or you may want to lighten the look with whimsical wall art.


Seafoam Blue

A color like Green Wave by Benjamin Moore is reminiscent of seascapes, so it combines beautifully with creams, grays, seashell pinks, and well, any color you’d find on the beach.

You can avoid making your room feel like a beach cottage cliche by updating the painting technique you use for your accent wall, such as geometric shapes.



Black is always in style, it’s just a matter of how you compliment it.

Try using a rich, not-quite black, like Greenblack from Sherwin-Williams, and tie it together with understated, fresh decor, like patterned linens and bright green houseplants.



A creamsicle-painted wall is a real treat for the eyes since it plays beautifully with light, making a room feel spacious and cozy at the same time. U

se a hue like Ice Cream Parlour by Behr and play up the vibe by using a nearly monochrome color palette. Though, if a sense of contrast appeals to you more, both teal and bright pink fair well.