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8 Girls Room Paint Ideas

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Erik Mclean

So the time as come for you to paint your daughter's bedroom. Whether she's a toddler, child, or teenager, you'll want to give her something that she'll cherish for years to come.

It can be a bit hard to narrow down exactly what she would want on her bedroom walls, and what can grow with her.

Depending on how old she is, the final decision may be your daughter's alone. But these girls room paint ideas will at least help you get started on figuring out what direction she wants to go in.

Whether it's the more traditional pink, or a somewhat out-of-the box idea, there's bound to be something here for every girl.


Little Girl Room With A Painted Accent Mural

This girls room is bright and inviting, with its white walls and colorful furniture. But the most eye-catching part is definitely the floral mural painted on the pink accent wall in the back of the room.

It's cute, fun, and just whimsical enough to appeal to a young girl, but it's also fairly neutral, and would last your daughter quite a few years before she'd decide she's outgrown it.

It's actually nice enough that it wouldn't look out of place in an adult's bedroom, either. This is definitely a great idea for longevity, since it doesn't necessarily feel tied to a certain age group.


Geometric Accent Girls Room Paint Idea

There are, of course, plenty of other ways to incorporate an accent wall in to your daughter's room. Using a bit of tape and even more patience, you could paint a geometric pattern across one wall, using a few different complimentary colors.

What's really cool about this accent, tough, is the fact that it extends just a bit out to the adjacent wall. It doesn't just stop at the end of the main wall, which makes it even more interesting to look at than it already is.

This definitely has a bit more of a funky vibe that would probably appeal more to older girls and teenagers, but it could still work in a nursery or a room for younger girls. 


Teal And Polka Dot Girls Room Paint Idea

This bright, airy room is just too adorable! That teal wall is stunning, and it looks so good next to the white wall with the pink polka dots all over it.

The polka dots may be a bit too tedious to try and paint by hand (and frankly, there are probably plenty of wallpapers out there that can achieve the same effect), but it's definitely a great option for an accent wall. Or, it could even be the main room color, with the teal wall as the accent wall.

Either way, it's going to look amazing. This kind of room would be absolutely perfect for a baby girl or a toddler, but it could definitely still work for older girls too.


Teal And White Striped Painted Girls Room

There are definitely a number of colors that would work well in your daughter's room that aren't pink. While pink is a color traditionally associated with girls, even the girliest of them all can appreciate the other colors in the rainbow.

This teal, for instance, has a bit of a beachy feel to it, especially in the way it's been implemented on the wall. The top chunk of wall is white, while the bottom chunk is teal, making it almost look like an oceanic horizon.

Of course, this can still be paired with pink furniture and accents, but a color like this would be enough to stand on its own, and could probably last until your daughter is ready to leave the nest.


Pink And Gray Painted Little Girls Room

Pink and gray seem like a bit of a natural pair. Pink is, of course, a bit more soft and feminine, while gray is neutral and a bit more versatile. Paired together, they play off each other and create something that's both complimentary and contrasting.

The way it's done in this room is phenomenal. How the pink cuts through the otherwise gray walls at an angle, paired with some gold stars and other accents, looks really cool. It's definitely a more unconventional take on what we perceive to be girly. But it's still, so cute, too! This could definitely work for girls of all ages.


Gray And White Girls Room Paint Idea

Gray on a bedroom wall looks great on its own, no pink needed. You can still create a cool accent feature, though, like tis one here that uses white shiplap. It's very neutral, and could probably look just as good in a boy's room, too.

Since we know that pink and gray make a great team, pairing gray walls with pink furniture will make your daughter's room shine. But for the girl who hates pink, this kind of wall paint idea would be perfect, too. Just swap in a different accent color.


Girls Room With Painted Border

What's really cool about this color is the fact that it's a neutral, brownish tone, but it still has a hint of pink in it. This would age really well alongside your daughter, or would be great for the kid whose taste has matured, but is still your little girl.

The little border along the top that leads to the white that adorns the rest of the walls looks like it wouldn't be too hard to do as long as you have the right stencils. This is seriously such a nice, subtle color that's sure to appeal to a lot of girls, and the style is fun but timeless.


Baby Girl Room With Light Pink Painted Walls

The perfect nursery for your baby girl doesn't have to be overwhelmingly pink, but if you want to keep the theme, then try for something lighter and subtler.

A light pink that's almost white will give your girl's room a bit of color without it seeming too overwhelming. And it'll look so good with other pink tones as well.

Really, you could repeat this kind of style with other colors, using a light, almost white color on the wall, and darker, more pronounced colors on all of the decorations. The possibilities are endless!