Organization bins in a drawer that are holding cultery.

14 Genius Storage Ideas To Organize The Whole House

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Organization isn’t always simple. It’s so easy to throw something in a drawer or put your clothes in any available part of your closet, without even giving it a second thought.

But there are so many organization hacks and tricks out there that make it so much easier keep things in their proper spot, all while eliminating the headaches you may endure from trying to find something in a sea of clutter.

Check out all of these incredible storage ideas that not only keep clutter to a minimum, but will also help you stay organized.


Labeled Storage For Small Hardware Parts


Small bits like nuts, washers, bolts, and screws can be a pain to keep organized, especially since they end up looking so similar that you may have a hard time distinguishing between sizes at a glance.

A storage system like this is a true lifesaver for anyone who doesn’t want to fish through a pile of hardware bits every time they’re needed. Plus, since each bit is divided by size and dimension, it makes it so much easier to find exactly what you need.


Organization For Bracelets And Necklaces


If you have a lot of bracelets and necklaces that you wear often, then having a place to keep them organized but within reach is probably important. As it turns out, there are plenty of clever ways to store them.

This Reddit user had the idea to use bathroom towel rods that stick on to the wall to keep it all on display without any of the tangled mess. 


A Closet Organizer That Hangs From The Closet Rod

The Whitmor Store

This closet organizer is super cool because it attaches to the closet rod. Theoretically, you could put it anywhere that it would fit along the rod, meaning it will not only provide a good amount of shelving for bags and shoes, but it will also create a divider within your closet. So partners' clothing could be more easily separated.


Hide Wires When There Aren't Any Nearby Outlets


Sometimes, you can’t have outlets where you want them, so you’ll have to run extension cords to certain areas of your space. But that doesn’t mean they have to be visible.

This Redditor figured out a way to hide wires along the trim in their space, making them blend into the design and keep wires where they need to be without being in the way.


Keep Your Containers Neat And Tidy

There’s no shame in having a messy drawer full of containers. But there is a better way to store them that doesn’t involve throwing them in the drawer willy-nilly. Even a simple organizational scheme like this will do wonders.

Organizing containers and lids by size and shape will probably let you keep more of them in the drawer then a disorganized mess would, anyway.


A Good Spot For Earrings


Like other kinds of jewelry, earrings can be finicky and create a big mess if you don’t organize them properly.

This Redditor used a mesh backing on an empty picture frame to keep all of their drop earrings on display, and out of a messy drawer. It’s also kind of a cool decorative piece.


A Cool Spot For Hair Tools

This bathroom drawer has a spot for hair dryers, straightening irons, and other hair tools. This is so cool because it helps keep them out of the way or from getting lost in a sea of other products like hairbrushes or styling tools.

You can keep cords out of the way all while keeping your bathroom countertops neat and tidy.


Get A Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

Dorel Living

If you want to stop yourself from keeping too much clutter on top of your coffee table, you could consider getting one with storage built in.

This will allow you to put things away but not out of reach and have a nice and neat tabletop that only has what you really need on it. There are plenty of them out there with a top that lifts to reveal hidden storage.


Dividers For Office Storage


A good way to make use of big, empty drawers is to add some smaller dividers in them to keep the drawer from getting too cluttered.

Having each cell customized to be the right size for anything you’d need – from office supplies, to batteries, to knickknacks – will make it so much easier to find what you need, when you need it. 


Hanging Pots And Pans Storage

Pots and pans are among the most annoying kitchen items to try and keep organized. Stacking them doesn’t always work as well as you’d hope, especially since you’d have to dig through a bunch of pots and pans to get to the one you want to use.

But hanging them? That right there is a total game-changer. Who knew such a simple idea would be so effective? 


Custom Closet Shelving

There are so many different ways to organize a closet. You can even take it on as a DIY project, for example by crafting your own custom closet shelves.

These DIY shelves show how easy it is to create space for your clothes, bags, shoes, and whatever else you may want or need to keep in your closet. You won’t have to worry about having trouble finding an outfit when your closet is organized like this!


Add Extra Shelves For More Storage


If you already have shelves in your closet, there’s no reason not to add more. Sometimes the shelving space is too large, and you don’t end up using all of it.

So, adding an extra shelf or two within an existing shelf will help you double the amount of space you have for bins, baskets, or other small items. That way not an inch is wasted.


Labeled Storage Containers For Cables And Electronics

Smaller electronic components like SD cards, hard drives, and cables, can be so annoying to sort through each time you want to use them.

Organizing them in clearly labeled bins will doubtlessly keep them from getting tangled or lost in a sea of other components.

They’ll also have the added bonus of keeping dust off, which can be extra annoying for electrical parts.


Custom Cutlery Organization


Although utensil divider inserts are useful for most people, they don’t always provide the customization you may want to organize all of your cutlery.

As it turns out, you can get nice-sized bins from the dollar store that will give you more room for more utensils, and let you organize them the way you want.