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12 Garage Storage Ideas That Will Help You Tidy Up Your Space

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Kevin Wolf

Garages are where we store our cars. They’re also where we store holiday decorations, sports equipment, gardening and power tools, and whatever else we don’t want inside the house. Sometimes, a garage is a hangout space or a workshop as well. Whatever we use our garages for, they need to have some sort of organizational scheme, or else it’s no fun for anyone to be in there.

If you want some ideas on how you can tidy up your garage, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out some amazing ways to keep your garage neat and organized. 


Opposites Attract

Mother Daughter Projects

Magnets are great for small tool and hardware storage because they can keep things out of the way while still keeping them within reach. Having things hanging from nothing but the pull of two opposing poles is also really neat visually. A storage unit like this is really cool because it keeps everything in place but also has a shelf on top for more small item storage.

You can check out how to install magnetic storage for your small bits and bobs over at Mother Daughter Projects.


All-In-One Workshop

Modern Builds

If you want your garage to become your workshop, then you’ll need some sort of workbench. A project like this one not only gives you the workbench you need, but it has enough storage to keep your space clean and organized. It has room for larger tools and equipment, but also some overhead storage to keep things you may not need constantly.

Check out the tutorial for this workbench and storage unit over at Modern Builds.


Closed Cabinets

Tidbits Cami

The best part about cabinet storage is the doors. Keeping tools, equipment, and other items stored behind closed doors keeps them out of sight, but not necessarily out of mind. If you’re not a fan of open-faced storage, then a larger cabinet unit will be the perfect way to give you that clean, organized feel.

You can find the full tutorial for this garage storage cabinet on Tidbits.


Slats And Slats

Lemon Thistle

A slat wall is a great way to utilize wall space and keep larger tools and items organized without having to rely on larger shelving units. You can attach hooks to the slats at any height, and they can hold things like shovels or other gardening tools so that they’re easy to reach, but also not falling over one another on the garage floor.

Check out how this slat wall unit was installed at Lemon Thistle.


Pegboard Perfection


Pegboards are great for open tool storage because they let you see exactly what you’re working with. Like a slat wall, you can move peg hooks around to maximize the efficiency and storage capacity, but you’re probably not going to get away with hanging anything that’s too heavy. That being said, they make for great installations over a workbench, where you’ll probably want all your tools at hand.

See how this pegboard storage unit was made over on Remodelaholic.


French Cleats

Crafted Workshop

In the same vein as slat walls and pegboards, French cleat storage allows you to hang tools and equipment from your garage wall. They’re typically designed to be pretty sturdy, so they can handle pretty substantial loads. Also, they just look so nice and clean, and like other kinds of wall storage, they can easily be customized to fit different items.

Check out Crafted Workshop’s French cleat tool storage tutorial on Instructables.


Overhead, Out Of Mind

Her Tool Belt

It probably goes without saying that garages are typically pretty tall. They at least have to be tall enough to accommodate garage doors, which have to accommodate entire vehicles. So, that means there’s plenty of room on the ceiling of your garage to install overhead storage. You’ll need a stool or step ladder to reach that kind of storage, of course, but it will keep things off the floor.

Check out how Her Tool Belt made this overhead garage storage shelf


Rustic Garage

Funky Junk Interiors

Garages may be mainly used for storage, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also look good. If you’re into rustic, farmhouse décor, you may like the idea of using old pallets and reclaimed wood to make beautiful storage units for your garage. It’ll all be fully functional, of course, but it’ll have a lot of personality as well.

Check out Funky Junk Interiors for more inspiration on how to make a rustic, upcycled garage workshop of your own.


Horizontal Bikes

Her Tool Belt

As garages are a great place for vehicular storage, you may be using yours to store bicycles. It’s important to keep your bikes stored neatly, partly because it’s easier to retrieve them when you need to, and partly because the other alternative is having a pile of bikes on the ground, which nobody loves dealing with. A simple storage rack will easily solve this organizational nightmare. 

Check out the plans for a bike storage rack on Her Tool Belt.


Vertical Bikes

Crafted Workshop

If you’d prefer to have a bit more room on the ground in your garage than what a regular bike rack would allow, then you may want to think about a hanging bike storage unit. It’s a bit more effort getting the bikes up and down from the racks, but you’d actually free up a lot of space this way. Plus, it’s not a terribly difficult project to undertake.

You can get Crafted Workshop’s plans for this bike rack on Instructables.  


Upcycled Workshop

Thrift Diving

Old storage cabinets can always be reused in other places, like for example, in your garage. Upcycling and repurposing old furniture is (obviously) much cheaper than installing an entire store-bought storage unit, and if you already have some old furniture laying around, then you already have most of what you need. 

Check out Thrift Diving for more information on this upcycled garage storage project.


It Spins!

Woodshop Diaries

Pegboards, shelves, a cabinet door, and it spins. This project is a seriously cool, space saving, flexible storage unit that holds so many different kinds of tools and equipment. And it spins. It gives you a lot of storage space, making everything easy to reach. 

Woodshop Diaries has the tutorial for this storage unit. And if you’re as impressed by this as we are, you’ll definitely want to check it out.