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Fuzzy 'Bear Claw' Succulents Almost Look Cute Enough To Cuddle

Originally contributed by • last updated 3/29/2021

Rainier Ridao

Succulents come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes when the stars align, those shapes include ones playfully dubbed 'Bear Claws', or in some cases 'Bear Paws'.

Whether that name makes you think of a fuzzy bear or a soft donut, Bear Claw succulents are extremely cute.

It's easy to see why these adorable succulents are referred to as claws when you first see them. With their curved green leaves and brown-tip points, they look like two little fluffy bear paws trying to reach for the sky.

With the scientific name of Cotyledon Tomentosa, the Bear Claw succulent originates in South Africa and is a part of the Crassulaceae family.

Known for their chunky, fuzzy green leaves, they have pointy claw-like tips, with a bright, vibrant flower.

Not all succulents flower, but when they do, it's pretty gorgeous. The Bear Claw flowers are orange and shaped like little bells. They bloom in the Spring and thrive best with six hours of indirect sunlight.

There are a few key care tips, but for the most part, these cuties are pretty relaxed. They aren't frost-tolerant and will most likely die if temperatures hit below 30° F. Because of their South African origins, they prefer a combination of sunshine and shade throughout the day.

Bear Claw succulents enjoy having their roots watered but need to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot and other diseases. In the Winter, their moisture retention is even stronger, so they'll need even less water than they do in warmer months.

While Bear Claw succulents can benefit from some succulent fertilizer for growth during the warmer months, they don't need it to thrive. Like many other succulents, they do well without any feedings.

It's also easy to propagate Bear Claws to form new plants! Some leaves or cuttings from the base of the plant will do the trick, then it's important to ensure that the cuttings are placed in a sunny spot to promote root stimulation.

Bear Claw succulents are fairly easy to get ahold of. If you can't find them at any of the stores in your area, there are a variety of online sellers that sell Bear Claw plants. Amazon, Etsy, and other retailers sell them for as low as $3 a plant!

As most succulent lovers can attest, collecting these amazing plants is infectious. So, if you haven't tried growing Bear Claws yet, it may be time to add them to the lineup!

Let us know what you think of Bear Claw succulents in the comments, do you think you'll be buying one for yourself? Buying two? Five? Six dozen? Three giant rooms full of Bear Claw succulents? I don't know how many is too many, but I do know for sure that one isn't nearly enough.