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12 Free Standing Tub Bathroom Designs

Originally contributed by • last updated 4/7/2021

Max Vakhtbovych

As more people create home spas, free standing tub bathroom designs have exploded in popularity.

These aren’t your one-size-fits-all kind of bathtubs. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they all offer a deep, relaxing bathing experience.

A little inspiration can go a long way in creating the bathroom of your dreams. Take a look at a few of our favorites to get the wheels of creativity turning.


Free Standing Soaking Tub On A Pedestal

Max Vakhtbovych

Why not call attention to the luxury in your home? This free standing tub bathroom design features a gorgeous blue tile cascading from the ceiling to the floor.

It almost looks like a waterfall with the tub as the pool at the bottom. It’s beautiful, luxurious, and relaxing all at the same time.

Neutrals throughout the rest of the bathroom let the tub steal spotlight.


Free Standing Tub In A Corner

Chastity Cortijo

This tub offers deep soaking but doesn’t eat up square footage. If you have a bathroom with limited space, a free standing tub in the corner still gives you the luxury feel without getting crowded.

This design also features a beautiful view and natural light that lets you relax while you soak.


Copper Free Standing Soaking Tub

Shawn Ang

Step outside the box with a gorgeous, copper free standing tub. Copper gives the bathroom an antique air as it develops a patina over time.

Copper has what’s considered a “living” finish. Scratches will darken and fade into the patina as time passes. This type of bathtub continues to change, develop, and evolve as the decades pass, adding a distinct character to the room.


A Free Standing Tub Design That’s Grounded In Nature

Quang Nguyen

The natural plank on this bathroom’s wall accentuates the stunning blue floor tile, creating a visual oasis. Yet, the room’s star stands (free) on an island in the middle.

Everything about this bathroom feels natural, yet the design carries a distinct freshness. Free standing tubs give you an opportunity to play with a visual story so you can escape from the stress of the outside world.


Claw Foot Tub Bathroom Design

Luis Ruiz

Vintage doesn’t get any better than a claw-foot bathtub. This free standing beauty screams character, vintage, and old school class.

Tucked into an alcove, it’s a step back into a time where life was slower and the pressures of modern life didn’t include social media or mobile phones.

Clawfoot tubs create contrast in a modern bathroom or a full-on trip to the past in a historical home.


Free Standing Tub Bathroom Designs With A Change Of Shape

Joanes Andueza

Ovals aren’t the only shape in which to soak, and this one lets you float on a pond in the privacy of your own bathroom.

A round tub gives the bathroom a different and distinctly modern feel. It doesn’t hurt that this bathroom has a gorgeous view.

Don’t be afraid to play with tub shape when you’re adding character to your bathroom, but think about how that shape will function.

If you only need a soaking tub, round square, or rectangle doesn’t really matter. However, if you’re thinking about something like a free standing tub shower combo, think about how that shape will affect how it functions as both.


Free Standing Tub Bathroom Designs That Play With Light And Dark


Maybe a free standing tub doesn’t add all the drama you want in your bathroom. Play with the clean lines and white color by pairing (and highlighting) the tub with dark tile.

This type of bathroom carries a warmth and coziness that really lets you sink into your bath. The scale of the tile solidifies the glamorous but relaxed feel of this bathroom.


A Free Standing Tub That’s Front And Center

Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Freestanding bathtubs need very little to call attention to themselves. This model stands front and center in an otherwise stark bathroom, yet the room feels anything but institutional.

The simplicity makes it a true escape from the overstimulation of the outside world. This type of design is for the minimalist who craves sophistication and luxury.

You can keep it ultra bare, like this one where even the towel rack looks like the barest of essentials.


Free Standing Tub Bathroom Design That's Loud And Proud

fran hogan

If your style is a little more eclectic (or eccentric), a free standing tub that’s a play on the usual shape might be what you need.

This model keeps the oval shape but features bulging sides ready to burst. Tubs that stray from the norm make a definite statement.

Take a little time to decide what you want your bathroom to say about you. Then, look for a free standing tub that puts the exclamation point on your home retreat.


Free Standing Tubs With An Edge

Max Vakhtbovych

Give yourself a little extra space for a book or drink by picking a free standing tub with a lip. This model accentuates the oval shape that’s mirrored in the furniture.

You can use this type of tub to magnify shape, or let it add an element of design in an otherwise quiet and neutral bathroom.

The lip limits how closely it can sit next to the wall, so make sure you’ve got the space for this stunning design.


Free Standing Soaking Tub With Simplicity

Rene Asmussen

We won’t say any more about the sophistication of a free standing tub. However, this model and the setting go to show that elegance and simplicity go hand in hand.

Don’t assume that your bathroom needs fixtures and finishings that will break the bank. There’s something to be said for working with the architecture and setting of your existing bathroom.

Use the free standing tub to accentuate everything the layout and structure have to offer. 


Free Standing Tub Bathroom Designs In The Eaves

Max Vakhtbovych

You can tuck a free standing tub almost anywhere, including under the eaves. This model leaves space around the tub itself, which helps the bathroom still feel open and airy.

It’s also yet another example of placing a tub where you can take advantage of the natural light. Soak while watching the stars, in a summer storm, or in the bright light of the day. Skylights also add an element of privacy that other bathroom windows don’t.