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12 Fence Decorating Ideas For Your Beautiful Home

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Crafting Cheerfully

It may only be the mere beginning of spring, but it's never too early to start daydreaming about your summer adventures.

Picture family cookouts, relaxing under the sun, and exploring the beauty nature has to offer.

But with all of this extra time spent outdoors, you may start to notice that your backyard could use some major help in the decor department.

Luckily, there's an easy way to do just that, and it revolves around one backyard staple — a privacy fence.

Below you'll find 12 creative fence decorating ideas that are super simple to put together and come with a minimal list of materials you probably have at home.


Write A Quote On Your Fence

Santa Mariah Deposit
Depósito Santa Mariah

What better way to add a personal touch to your backyard than by penning an inspiring quote on your fence! Consider either writing your chosen message by hand or enlisting the help of a stencil.

Whatever your choice, just grab a paintbrush, dip it in a fun tin of paint, and let your creativity take over.


Recycle And Hang Old Metal

Fine Craft Guild

If you'd prefer your fence decor to exude an eclectic charm this DIY will definitely be up your alley. Using old metal (You probably already have some laying around your home!) cut into squares, you'll be able to effortlessly decorate your fence in a vintage collage of contrasting metallic panels. It's so creative!


Make Rainboot Flower Pots

Rosina Huber
Rosy ~ Posy

Here's a clever way to repurpose the rain boots your kids have grown out of — turn them into crafty planters. Simply plant your fave flora in the boots with drainage holes drilled into the soles.

From there, all that's left to do is secure the collection of footwear to your fence with either nails or cup hooks.


Make Croc Flower Pots

Nikki Fotheringham
Green Moxie

Now let's say you don't have any rain boots available, what do you do then? Well, the answer is to use whatever you have on hand, like old crocs.

The foam clogs already come with holes for super handy drainage so all you'll have to do is fill them up with your greenery of choice and hang them on your fence. Can't you just picture how colorful your garden will be? We sure can!


Hang Empty Picture Frames

There Was A Crooked House

This nifty interior design trend of creating a collage of empty frames looks just as great in your yard as it does in a living room. The pretty straightforward project can be DIYed in a couple of hours with a handful of items — old picture frames, spray paint, and hooks. It's so simple and lovely!


Hang Old Plates

Manuela Williams
A Cultivated Fence

Have any old decorative plates collecting dust around the house? It's time to take them out of your glass display cabinet and put them to good use. With the help of plate hangers, you'll be able to secure your cute flatware onto a fence.

Imagine how whimsical your garden will look with these elegant additions. For a more unique look be sure to choose plates that are of different sizes and designs.


Paint And Hang Old Clay Pots


There's absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing a more traditional route with a terracotta pot vertical garden. But to take the craft to another level, consider whipping out your paintbrushes and paint cans to breathe new life into those little pots.

By choosing an array of vivid colors, you can create a colorful fence sure to brighten up your entire yard. 


Make Wheel Flowers

Susan Shinn Cesarini
Home Talk

Who would have thought hubcaps could make the sweetest fence decorations? Well, one nifty DIYer did and shared her lovely wheel cover flowers for the internet to marvel at.

The crafty project involves three simple steps: cutting the outer rim off a wheel cover, spray painting the inner hubcap in a bright color, and then securing it to a fence.

Once installed, use paint to draw a green stem under the rims. It's such a simple DIY that looks adorable in any backyard.


Hang Up Colorful Bags

Ooooby Growers Network

Even chic purses can be turned into charming DIY garden accessories! Begin by poking holes into the bottom of your chosen bags. From there, add soil and plant your green pals.

Hang the purses to the fence with cup hooks and your chic planters are ready to help your flora grow. And if you don’t have any bags on hand that you're ready to upcycle, consider picking some up at any thrift store — the funkier, the better!


Use Wooden Crates

Goods Home Design

Not sure what to do with the collection of old wooden crates overtaking your yard? Here's a clever idea, suspend them on the fence. By doing so you'll create chic shelves perfect for housing all sorts of greenery.

When securing the boxes in your garden, be sure to play around with their placement — we're talking horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal alignments. Don't be afraid to let your inner Picasso out!


Decorate Your Fence With Flowers

Chris Olsen
Chris H. Olsen

Here's another flowery fence decorating idea! Floral decoration perfect for sprucing up any backyard fence. Chris of the Chris H. Olsen blog shares his crafty process of transforming bare store bought metallic flowers into bright blooming petals with the use of spray paint.


DIY Cardboard Butterflies

Crafting Cheerfully

Aluminum foil, cardboard, wire, permanent markers, stone gems, and hot glue were all it took to create these adorable cardboard butterflies that elegantly adorn a plain wooden fence. For the full instructions, be sure to visit Crafting Cheerfully.